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We have used our own SEO knowledge to grow our website audience from zero visitors to 1.5+ million visitors a year, making eDigital one of the top 5 most visited Digital Marketing websites in Australia.

Mau, our Senior SEO Specialist is one of our top Best SEO Consultants in Sydney who can help your website generate better rankings and organic traffic through specific, tangible and proven SEO strategies.

Mau.  is also a Certified Google Ads Professional and SEO Moz Certified specialist.

Some of Mau’s SEO consulting projects included:

  • Getting top SEO rankings for the most popular global education portal:
  • Increasing SEO traffic for one of the most used Car rental websites in Australia: Thrifty
  • Optimising SEO content and SEO strategy for former News Limited website:, the most visited home improvement website.
  • Generating millions of extra SEO visits for the most visited real estate website in Australia:
  • SEO Optimising NSW Government websites such as Land and Property, State Parks, Caravan and Camping and some others
  • The most visited Australian Athletic shoe e-commerce website: The Athlete’s Foot.
  • Some of our SEO clients are in the following Sydney industries: Financial brokerage, real estate, wedding venues, retail fashion retailing and e-commerce, Interior Design, Charity, Restaurants, Hotels, Digital Agencies, Audio Visual, B2B, Health and Fitness, events.


The best SEO consultant you can find in Sydney or any other city in the world will not only have the technical knowledge to help you increase your SEO rankings but also understand the most important ranking factors search engine takes into consideration when ranking websites.

most important SEO ranking factors 2017

most important SEO ranking factors

Some suggested names for the best SEO consultants in Sydney include:


The search term “SEO Consultants Sydney” (plural) and “SEO Consultant Sydney” ( singular) are important terms to rank for SEO Consultants based in Sydney. These ranking positions of these terms can demonstrate to clients how best white hat SEO practices can get a relatively new site – – into the first page in a fierce and competitive industry to get rankings.

However, there is more to it than just ranking for the term you think your business should rank for. In this specific example, the term “SEO Consultant Sydney” is:

a)  not a “high volume” term (just 90 searches last month in Australia – According to Google Ads keyword tool)

b) it is just one of the other key relevant terms an SEO consultant might want to rank for.

b) Possibly might not generate as many conversions ( prospective clients ringing us asking for Sydney SEO packages).

This SEO Consultant Sydney article is one of some other SEO articles we have published to establish whether Google Australia will rank this article for “SEO Consultant Sydney” searches on Google Australia.

Would this optimised SEO Consultant Sydney page be enough to be ranked on Google Australia for the “Sydney Consultant Sydney” search phrase? ANSWER: Yes!

With so many changes with the latest Google Panda and Mobile updates and latest Back Links updates from Google; ranking positions rely more and more on quality content and not just buying links pointing to your optimised pages.


Our business (as yours) cannot rely on just one term to get traffic. Generally, a planned SEO content strategy that publishes “meat” that Google would love to eat is key!.

For this testing exercise then how do I ensure I am creating enough meat? 

In the next few days I will also publish pages that optimise for the terms:

  • SEO Packages Sydney
  • SEO Consultant Salary
  • SEO Job Description
  • SEO consultant Philippines
  • SEO Services Sydney


As this is a BASIC TEST to check whether this Blogspot page can actually gain great Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP’s) for the term “SEO Consultant Sydney” keyword research using free tools ( tools you can also use) was used to come up with the above terms we will be creating pages for. 

Basic keyword research. Step 1: I looked into the Google Ads keyword tool and find relevant terms.
“SEO Consultant Sydney” relevant, related terms – Google Ads keyword tool
Step two: I used what Google Instant is already telling me is popular.
“SEO Consultant Sydney” – Using Google Instant Search Insights

So, who is ranking for the search term “SEO Consultant Sydney” by the 7th August 2013?

Sydney SEO Consultant” results – Firs Page – 7th August 2013 – Google Australia

As seen above, none of those ranked sites was for eDigital pages!

But is it really worth the effort trying to rank this page for the term “SEO Consultant Sydney“?

According to the Google Ads keyword tool, the “SEO Consultant Sydney” term had 90 searches last month ( July 2013). That might be quite a few searches if you sum up the volume for the other 5 searches we are optimizing for and get around a 2% conversion I am looking at a gain of 5-6 clients which I will be comfortable with. Then if I convert these 5-6 clients into a long-term client who engages me for other website SEO packages, SEO consulting or training; eDigital products that are worth on average a couple of thousand dollars, it might then be worth the effort!

In summary, how SEO a website for great Google organic (free) rankings requires an experienced Sydney SEO Consultant, a solid SEO Content Strategy and some testing time.

Popular SEO content:

eDigital can help you conceptualise, plan, develop, run and optimise successful marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales for your brand.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Strategic planning for social media and other digital marketing channels.
  • Online advertising management and optimisation (Search, Display, social media ads and re-marketing).
  • Marketing training: social media training and digital marketing training. 
  • SEO strategy and execution. Including content development (articles, stories, eye-catching and SEO-optimised visuals).
  • Celebrity and influencer marketing campaign strategy. 
  • Brand development. Logo creation, brand personality development and design of marketing materials.
  • Consumer contests/competitions/giveaways.
  • Email marketing. Dip sequence design and deployment. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation. It is also called “path to purchase” optimisation. 

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