Find below the top 10 most searched food recipes in Google Australia 2024. The most popular food recipes in Google Australia 2024.

The top dishes Aussies want to cook in 2024 list.

Written by Mau, a Senior Food Marketing Specialist at eDigital.

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So what recipes do Australians search the most in 2024?

Find below the annual “The most-searched recipe” list in Google Australia.


Have a try and cook one of these popular recipes Aussies search in Google Australia during 2024.

10. Guacamole recipe

9. Burger recipes

  • Burger patty recipe
  • Burger sauce recipe
  • Burger bun recipe
  • Burger seasoning recipe
  • Burger steak recipe
  • Homemade burger recipe
  • Mushroom burger recipe
  • Vegan burger recipe
  • Veggie burger recipe

8. Pesto recipe

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7. Fish recipes

  • Fish and chips recipe
  • Beer batter fish recipe
  • Fried fish recipe
  • Baked fish recipe
  • Cod fish recipe
  • Tuna fish recipe
  • Steam fish recipe
  • Curry fish recipe
  • Batter for fish recipe
  • Fish pie recipe
  • Fish taco recipe
  • Fish curry recipe
  • Fish cake recipe
  • Fish soup recipe
  • Fish sauce recipe

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6. Pizza recipes

  • Homemade pizza recipe
  • Taco pizza recipe
  • Veggie pizza recipe
  • Vegan pizza recipe
  • Pizza dough recipe
  • Pizza sauce recipe
  • Pizza base recipe
  • Pizza dip recipe
  • Pizza marguerita recipe

5. Pasta recipes

  • Spaghetti Bolognese recipe
  • Pasta salad recipe
  • Pasta carbonara recipe
  • Pasta pesto recipe
  • Tuna pasta recipe
  • Mushroom pasta recipe
  • Vodka pasta recipe
  • Feta pasta recipe
  • Seafood pasta recipe

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4. Rice recipes

  • Fried rice recipe
  • Spanish rice recipe
  • Rice pudding recipe
  • Egg fried rice recipe
  • Coconut rice recipe
  • Rice and beans recipe
  • Rice chicken recipe
  • Rice for sushi recipe
  • Rice Mexican recipe
  • Rice bastami recipe

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3. Beef recipes

  • Beef stroganoff recipe
  • Beef stew recipe
  • Beef and broccoli recipe
  • Beef stir-fried recipe
  • Roast beef recipe
  • Mongolian beef recipe
  • Korean beef recipe
  • Italian beef recipe
  • Stew beef recipe
  • Curry beef recipe

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2. Bread recipes

  • Sourdough bread recipe
  • Banana bread recipe
  • Zucchini bread recipe
  • Garlic bread recipe
  • Pumpkin bread recipe
  • Naan bread recipe
  • Bread pudding recipe

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1. Chicken recipes

Chicken recipes are the most popular recipes searched on Google Australia in 2024.

  • Butter chicken recipe
  • Roast chicken recipe
  • Curry chicken recipe
  • Parmesan chicken recipe
  • Fried chicken recipe
  • Stir-fried chicken recipe
  • Chicken noodle salad recipe
butter chicken popular food recipe in Australia

butter chicken popular food recipe in Australia. Photo: @getcurried.

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10. Curried sausage recipe
9. Donut recipes
8. Laksa recipes
7. Anzac biscuits recipes
6. Negroni recipes
5. Lamb shank recipe
4. Dahl recipe
3. Tzatziki recipe
2. Hummus recipe
1. Gnocchi recipe

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  • Rocky Road recipe
  • Egg salad recipe
  • Mash potato recipe
  • Fish tacos recipe
  • Minestrone recipe
  • Macaron recipe
  • Buttercream icing recipe
  • Crumpet recipe
  • Salmon patties recipe
  • Jaffle recipe
  • Lamb stew recipe
  • Chicken noodle salad recipe
  • Roasted lamb recipe
  • Ezy sauce recipe
  • Brussels sprouts recipe
  • Thai chicken satay curry recipe
  • Creamy ricotta gnocchi recipe
  • Thai chicken satay curry recipe
  • Butter sauce fish recipe
  • Alfredo pasta bake recipe
  • Drunken chicken recipe
  • Mongolian beef stir fry recipe
  • Non-yeast pizza recipe

How does this list compare with last year?

The top 10 most searched recipes on Google Australia in 2023

10. Chicken noodle salad
9. Mongolian beef stir-fry
8. Creamy ricotta gnocchi
7. Spaghetti Bolognese
6. Butter sauce fish
5. Laksa
4. Chicken and mushroom alfredo pasta bake
3. Non-yeast pizza
2. Roasted lamb
1. Thai chicken satay curry

The top 10 most searched recipes on Google Australia in 2022

10. Lamb stew
9. Buttercream icing
8. Egg salad
7. Fish tacos
6. Jaffle
5. Salmon patties
4. Mash potato
3. Drunken chicken
2. Ezy sauce
1. Dahl

Offering downloadable recipe guides or cookbooks in exchange for email sign-ups can be a valuable lead-generation strategy.

This allows you to build a list of engaged subscribers for future marketing efforts.

The top 10 most searched food recipes on Google Australia in 2021

10. Tzatziki recipe
9. Rocky Road recipe
8. Minestrone soup recipe
7. Brussels sprouts recipes
6. Lamb Shank recipe
5. Negroni recipe
4. Anzac biscuits recipe
3. Curried sausages recipe
2. Guacamole recipe
1. Gnocchi recipes

If your business sells food products or kitchen equipment, sharing recipes that incorporate your offerings can drive sales and promote your products in a subtle, non-intrusive way.

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Remember the food recipes that trended during the pandemic in 2020?

The top 9 most searched food recipes on Google Australia in 2020

9. Dalgona coffee recipe
8. Banana bread recipe
7. Anzac cookie recipe
6. Macaron recipe
5. Crumpet recipe
4. Donut recipe
3. Spaguetti Bolognese
2. Beef Stroganoff recipe
1. Sourdough bread recipe

Recipes often have cultural and regional significance. Sharing popular recipes can help your brand connect with specific cultural groups and tap into their culinary traditions.

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Australian Food marketers know popular food recipes resonate with the general public, making them a great way to engage with current and potential customers. People are more likely to be interested in content that features recipes they’re already familiar with or curious to try.

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