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Online Reputation Management is the process of managing information that appears on the internet about brands, products and services.

It creates a strong and positive image by managing and influencing online information, opinions, reviews and ratings.

Online Reputation Management (Also called ORM – Acronym or abbreviation) is also about finding opinions regarding a specific company and responding appropriately to it depending on the tone and voice of the information, the person who posted it and the type of content: video, photo, text, other.


  • Build and amplify a very positive public image about a company, its brands, products or services.
  • Avoid a reputation crisis. Did an employee offered really bad customer service and it got recorded and posted on Youtube. This happens a lot and you have to be ready to act.
  • Generate high-quality leads. Your potential customers go online and declare that they want to buy a specific product. By catching such mentions and responding to them, you not only provide perfect customer service, but you are also very likely to attract customers. He is happy because you took care of his needs and answered.
  • Get recommendations from customers. According to podium.com, 93% of consumers say that online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision. Ask for good ones! Encouraging customers to share positive feedback is important. Therefore, when they appear, you need to know about them and respond to them.


  • BRAND24 🔥 POPULAR 🔥 Brand24 is one of the best online reputation management tools. It combines features in gaining social insights, engaging audiences, and detecting sales opportunities. Best features include:
    • You can track and engage online conversations relevant to your business and offers you reach, sentiment, and influence analysis.
    • Many companies from different sizes ( not only enterprise-level) use this tool to identify and analyse online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors.
    • Great tool for monitoring your personal brand or blog.
    • Brand24 gives you instant access to all public mentions on the internet.
    • Offers integration with Slack.
  • Prowly users write about you, you can write to users through the media. Let people looking for information about you find them quickly and easily. The virtual press office built on the Prowly engine will help you. The tool will also help you build a database of journalists and experts and organize the sending of press releases.

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Read > Wimbledon Managing Reputation in Real-Time

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how to grow your ecommerce business guide brand24 online reputatation

how to grow your ecommerce business guide brand24 online reputatation