Find below the best 6 PR campaign metrics that matter in 2024. The top public relations campaign metrics you should be measuring in 2024.

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The public relations theory tells you to focus on the PR metrics that will reveal the most insights.

But in practicality, PR metrics should also:

  • Help your boss achieve her/his KPIs.
  • Cement some facts you can add to the story to tell when negotiating your next pay rise. This means the metrics you choose have to be directly linked to your KPs too.

The following best 6 PR metrics will also help PR teams get a better idea of which media contacts are performing at a higher level, making it easier to optimise and tighten your database for future PR campaigns.

Note: One worrying report suggests that 82% of PR pros cannot agree on what metrics to analyse to measure the success of their PR campaign. That’s through no fault of their own. Some other research shows that 70% simply don’t have the data and analytics to properly attribute value.


6. Media Impressions

The Media Impressions metric is a straightforward one, but it is also neutral. ‘Shown’ tells you little, but it’s a good start on your PR campaign measurement journey.

5. Engagement

Engagement is one of the best PR metrics for your campaign. It includes shares, likes, saves and comments. The point at which a PR campaign moves from passive to active engagement indicates the content is fulfilling its purpose. But not all PR engagement is equal.

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4. Sentiment

Positive engagement is the prize, but neutral does not imply a failure of messaging. Even negative engagement in a PR campaign is not necessarily bad if it provokes debate or creates intrigue.

3. Brand Mentions

The Brand Mentions metric is an extremely useful metric that can be far more authentic than inbound traffic to a website. Since 96% of people who mention brands online do not follow those brands’ owned channels, there’s a great opportunity to measure it and learn.

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2. Share of Voice

Share of Voice is a measure of a brand’s relative standing and influence within its sector. With the right journalists, writers, bloggers and influencers in your database (or media contact list), and the best PR campaign brief document, SoV should increase over time.

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1. Reach

Reach is a popular PR campaign metric that measures the traffic to your PR campaign landing page (measured in views, repeat visitors, etc.) as well as more tangible metrics such as shopping cart revenue, orders or sign-ups.

It will be impossible to argue that your PR campaign is ineffective if it’s driving revenue.

Challenges measuring PR campaigns

Some PR campaigns are executed in industries (verticals) that have a traditionally longer sales cycle (i.e. B2B) with a greater number of touchpoints from prospect to conversion.

An online advertising campaign can show a straight trajectory from ad placement to purchase but PR campaigns often take a more circuitous route.

Is one more valuable than the other?

Is a one-time-only purchase more valuable than a prospect who has yet to buy, but has shared a story (created by a PR campaign) with their network?

It is a hard-to-answer question.

What we suggest you do is define specific PR campaign goals from inception (PR campaign brief), with the caveat that vast data streams down the pipeline can become overwhelming.

It’s far better to focus on a narrow set of metrics and dig deeper into insights than to scour a bursting dashboard for any spike or curve that suggests success for your PR campaign.

Tip: Also look for new insights about the audience who has engaged with your PR campaign. Can you notice any changes in age, gender, income and other demographics or psychographics for those who engaged with your PR campaign?


Measuring PR campaigns is critical for evaluating effectiveness, demonstrating ROI, identifying success factors, optimising PR strategy, promoting accountability, informing budget allocation, benchmarking performance, driving continuous improvement, ensuring client satisfaction, and guiding strategic PR decision-making.

By establishing clear objectives, defining relevant metrics, and implementing robust measurement practices, you can maximize the impact of your public relations efforts and drive meaningful results.

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