Photography Brief Example – BabyCenter


photography brief example type photos images babycentre pregnant women

photography brief example type photos images babycentre pregnant women

photography brief example type photos images baby centre pregnant women

photography brief example type photos images baby centre pregnant women


BabyCenter, an online resource for modern moms-to-be,  is looking for authentic images of visibly pregnant millennial women (ages 21-32) in everyday, real world settings.

All submissions must feature:

  • A visible baby bump — all sizes welcome! As long as it is clear the woman is pregnant.
  • Candid moments- not posed or overly staged
  • The models face/head + natural baby bump included in image
  • Realistic settings and scenarios
  • Landscape orientation only

PLEASE ENSURE PHOTOS DO NOT CROP OUT MODELS HEADS IN IMAGES OR SHOW ANY  EXPOSED BELLIES. Photo should not resemble maternity photo shoots, but should be everyday images of pregnant ladies.


Model Releases are required from all models participating in the shoot.

Visibly Pregnant Women

  • Millennials, ages 21-32
  • Diverse ethnicities
  • All body types and weight welcome.
  • Healthy, realistic and photogenic women
  • Might be smiling or have a positive facial expression, but not looking down at bump/holding stomach in an overly posed way
  • Bellies are covered as they would be in normal everyday life

Wardrobe: Modest Contemporary Clothing

  • Can be maternity clothes or comfortable everyday wear.
  • Not overly trendy or luxurious.
  • Gap/Old Navy-type style
  • Clothing should be earth toned
  • Consider wearing clothing that complements  the BabyCenter brand color palette of Blues, Tans, Greens and Oranges 
  • No overly loud or garish colors

Focus should always be on the pregnant woman, but small children, family members or friends may appear in photos if situationally appropriate.


These are suggested scenarios only. Feel free to be creative and use scenarios that show real world examples of pregnant women going about everyday life.

Images might show pregnant woman:

  • Reading on/ using her smartphone
  • Using a laptop or tablet at home or work
  • At the mall
  • Shopping for groceries in a super market
  • Working at her desk in a modern office
  • During her commute to work
  • Hanging around the house alone or with family
  • Writing/drawing/working in her home office
  • In line at a checkout at a store
  • Doing light exercise at home
  • Eating a healthy lunch at work (NO SALAD)
  • At home having a lunch alone or with a friend (NO SALAD)


Real world environments. Backgrounds should be free of calm and free of clutter.


  • In the home: bedrooms/kitchens/living rooms/
  • A modern office
  • At the mall/grocery store
  • On public transportation
  • Public areas like parks or boardwalks


  • Product not required for assignment


  • Landscape orientation only
  • High resolution JPEGs
  • Some color correction is okay, but no vignetting/artistic filters
  • Natural lighting
  • Skew to warm tones
  • No overly staged images


BabyCenter is trying to avoid specific pregnancy stock photography tropes and maternity shoot photos. DO NOT SHOW:

  1. Women with exposed bellies
  2. Women eating salad as a meal
  3. Shots where the woman head is cropped off
  4. Shots of women with hands on her belly in an unnatural way
Also please avoid:
  • Overly posed or staged scenarios
  • Loud or off-brand colors (see sample images)
  • People looking directly into camera
  • Women holding their bellies and smiling
  • Male partners as part of the focus


BabyCenter is a parenting and pregnancy website based in the U.S. (our U.K. site is BabyCentre).They are the largest parenting site in the world, with 40 million parents visiting  every month.

Representing a trusted source of information about the realities of pregnancy and motherhood, BabyCenter photography should have a strong sense of realism. There should be a sense of spontaneity; nothing should appear as if staged. Lighting should always appear natural. Subjects should appear as if they are real people in real situations, while simultaneously portraying a special moment in the journey of “mommyhood.” As a confidence-inspiring mentor, BabyCenter’s photography should be appealing and convey a positive emotional quality, especially when showing stressful situations.


17 Feb 2016


$30 for 3 images

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