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If you’re someone who is passionate about photography or maybe you’re finding your new camera confusing, you’re stuck on Program or Auto then you’re not really getting the most out of your camera. So wouldn’t it be great to have the confidence to shoot manual and create shallow depth of field. Photography is far from just being able to manually use your camera. You need imagination and an eye for what creates harmony in an image. Camera basics are all the same no matter how complicated the camera might seem. These photography courses in Melbourne help unravel that confusion or help unleash your creativity. Photography and creativity can sometimes be very frustrating. You might know what you want to achieve but you just don’t seem to be making progress. And that’s where this list of best best Photography courses in Melbourne, Australia can help.

Great professional photography grab your both individuals and corporate interest, and say something about how professional your photographic skills are. In one way or another photography courses in Melbourne will help you achieve your photography goals.



The Basic & Creative Digital Photography short course in Melbourne is designed for people wanting to improve image quality and creativity when taking images of their travels, family, friends, special events, or just having fun. Starting with the basics of photography and digital camera techniques, we then take you through the practical uses of light, metering, composition and subject expression. Essential to your learning development are the practical photo assignments which you will complete at home and then have reviewed at the start of your next lesson. A maximum of 12 students per class allows you to receive more individual feedback and hands on assistance which is vital to the the improvement of your photos.

Course Duration: 10 weeks – one class per week 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Class Size: 12 students max

Address: 79 ireland Street, West Melbourne, Victoria Australia


The Career Certificate of Professional Photography is offered by PHOTOIMAGE. A unique course designed to ensure those wanting to be professional photographers are industry ready. Students will gain the skills, confidence and client-based know how whilst producing a high quality portfolio across multiple genres. The course covers both the technical and creative elements of portraiture, fashion, wedding, corporate, product, landscape photography plus more. Starting with the fundamentals of camera technique, the course then continues onto creative lighting, composition, design elements, digital workflow and image enhancement, all with the focus on meeting client briefs. Learning in a small class size provides students with a supportive environment where they are able to get more assistance and feedback. This enables students to reach a higher level of image quality at a faster rate plus feel that their individual needs are catered for. During the course, students are provided with the opportunity to gain valuable industry links and networking.

Course Duration: 2 years – part time

Class Size: 12 students max

Address: 79 ireland Street, West Melbourne, Victoria Australia


The Creative Portrait & Flash Photography short course is designed to extend your knowledge of light with creative portraiture and uses of your external camera flash. This course is suited to those who have completed the Level 1 Basic & Creative Digital Photography course or who have a sound understanding of working with Manual settings on their camera. Essential to your learning development are the practical demonstrations and exercises in class, followed by photo assignments which you will complete at home and then have reviewed at the start of your next lesson. Improve your flash understanding and control, enhance your lighting skills to create mood with ratios, shadows and different lighting styles as well as key portraiture techniques. This course will also introduce you to studio lighting and image workflow for quality image printing.

Course Duration: 6 weeks – one class per week 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Class Size: 12 students max

Address: 79 ireland Street, West Melbourne, Victoria Australia


There is quite an art to creating the perfect landscape composition and this course will get you to the best photography locations. Can you imagine the satisfaction of being surrounded by your own images in your home? this course will teach you how to create these images.

Course Duration: 1 day

Class Size: na

Address:  1/100 Lorimer Street Docklands


Learn how to capture those perfect food moments! In this photography course you will learn – and practice – camera angles including bird’s eye, front on and macro, lighting tricks, choosing the correct lenses, camera settings, and editing techniques for your food photos.  You will practice different styles including rustic and contemporary looks, focussing on the photography techniques that get the best results.  This course commences in the studio then provides the opportunity to practice using real dishes ‘on location’ at The Lincoln Hotel, Carlton, Melbourne.

Course Duration: One day – 6 hours – 9:30am to 4:30pm

Class Size: NA

Address: 440 Elizabeth Street, Level 8, RMIT Building 88, Melbourne


This Melbourne Landscape Photography by Mark Gray Gallery has been designed by International Award-Winning photographer Mark Gray. Suitable for complete beginners through to serious amateurs, you will learn the skills required to capture professional quality landscape photos. Students are escorted around Melbourne in a mini-bus and taught essential photography skills while visiting stunning shooting locations at the best times of the day. This Landscape photography course workshop is limited to only 6-8 participants. This ensures everyone gets plenty of 1 on 1 tuition at each location.

Course Duration: 10 hours – 1 day

Class Size: 6-8 participants max

Address: 65 Main Street, Mornington – Victoria, Australia.

MASTER OF ARTS PHOTOGRAPHY by Photography Studies College

The Master of Arts – Photography is flexibly designed to embrace and adapt to change whilst providing a stable base that establishes a platform for a personal and detailed exploration of photographic culture, theory and most importantly, practice. The program creates a framework for students to produce a significant volume of practical photographic-based work with an informed approach to its production and a critical awareness of contemporary modes of presentation and distribution.  The program’s low-residency delivery model is designed around intensive blocks of study over an 18-month period that caters specifically to practicing photographers, graduates, professionals, curators, and artists seeking the freedom to pursue their own work within a structure that provides contextual support, critical guidance and ongoing and regular feedback from nationally and internationally recognised practitioners and experts.

Course Duration: One Year – Full time

Class Size: NA

Address:65 City Rd, Southbank , Melbourne.


Photographs of people, places, things and events — that convey meaning and context — are the lifeblood of online and print communication. Photojournalism is about ‘recording a moment in time, the fleeting instant when an image sums up a story’. Photojournalism isn’t just about seeing the world; it’s about questioning it and yourself in the process. This course, suitable for those with no photographic experience, will teach you to see as a ‘citizen journalist’. It prioritises image-making over photographic technique, and includes a hands-on documentary assignment.

Course Duration: One day – 4 hours – 1:pm to 5pm

Class Size: NA

Address: 440 Elizabeth Street, Level 8, RMIT Building 88, Melbourne


Join Cam Cope, Australian Travel Photographer of the Year 2014, for this 3 day workshop for enthusiast photographers and travellers. You will explore elements of style as well as approaches to build skills when shooting in unfamiliar places, and consider practical, legal, ethical and philosophical themes for travel photography. You will also learn how to build successful narratives/sequences, and self-publish or pitch your work to media. Your learning will be accelerated via shoot and review sessions – sharing and evaluating your images will be central to the learning method.

Course Duration: One day – 6 hours – 9:30am to 4:30pm

Class Size: NA

Address: 440 Elizabeth Street, Level 8, RMIT Building 88, Melbourne


The Melbourne Zoo Photography Workshop is best for beginner to enthusiast photographers and covers a wide range of topics from composition to simplified settings. If you’re an Auto Mode junkie this is a great chance to graduate to Program Mode and for those more experienced photographers a great opportunity to move to your next set of manual modes. One of the highlights of running this workshop at the Melbourne Zoo is that is gives us plenty of diversity with our subjects allowing for experimentation with settings, different lighting and an introduction to macro photography. Best of all this half-day workshop is limited to a small team of just 6 participants, so there is plenty of personalised attention relevant to your specific camera model and experience. The Melbourne Zoo Photography Workshop includes your entry into the zoo, notes on the topics covered and I encourage you to bring your smart phone along as well in case you would like to record miniature tutorials specific to your camera.

Course Duration: One day – 3 hours – 9am to 12pm

Class Size: 6 participants max

Address: Elliott Ave, Parkville, Melbourne

A quote from the 2017 AIPP Epson Victorian Commercial Photographer of the year…

“Simplicity, impact and emotion are the 3 key elements for outstanding Photography”


  • For finding an unbiased opinion on photography gear I like to pop along to DP Review. The information in there is very factual, and its a great site to go to get some good information on photography products available.
  • Another informative site is The Luminous Landscape. It has been around for a long time but has some wonderful information.
  • For photography inspiration 500px has some amazing portfolios and great images to stimulate the creative juices. One of my top fav sites, in fact I feel it displays the best images in the world is As a photographer I will often spend hours in my down time viewing the work here. There is some amazing bodies of work from some of the most talented photographers around the globe.
  • If you have some equipment which needs repair. Camera Clinic are very good.
  • If your in the market to purchase equipment here are some of the stores I recommend: Kayell Australia Michaels Digidirect



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