Photography in Marketing: 10 types of photography used in marketing. Boost your marketing reach & results with these popular photography types.

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As a marketing manager or business owner, you need to include high-quality photography in your marketing to get the attention of your audience. You will learn about the 10 types of photography and how you can utilise them in your marketing strategy.

While there are many factors to running a successful business, brands that are starting out often forget about having creative and effective photography.

In fact, visual marketing is one of the most important facets of marketing success. Without branded images, your most profitable customer segments will not become aware of who you are and why you do what you do.

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With social media, email marketing and display advertising, there are more opportunities than ever to have your brand images seen by millions of interested customers.

But, how do you make sure photography is a key part of your marketing campaigns?

That’s where photography in marketing walks in.

To help you deploy your marketing strategy, let’s talk about the 10 types of photography that exist in marketing. And, how you can use the tips when briefing your photographer to build eye-catching, captivating photography for your marketing.

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Invite your photographer to fully understand your vision for an ad in a specific newspaper/magazine or any specific rules/instructions when delivering the final image. Share with your photographer other images found in other print publications that you believe are great so the photographer has a feeling of the type of images you are after.

Some of the most notable photographic work for magazine covers include portrait photography of celebrities. Sexualised women in ads and in portraits on magazine covers is an issue that you the marketer should be aware of, especially when using young celebrities, influencers or models that are not even the legal age.

Below is a portrait image of singer Miley Cyrus (when she was 15 years old) by popular celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz that generated plenty of controversies as the photo apparently has been sexualised.

Annie Leibovitz Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair magazine cover

Annie Leibovitz Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair magazine cover

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Ensure your photographer is aware of the type of photos and style your brand uses on social media. You might also want to provide examples of your best (most liked- most shared photos) that worked for your social media strategy and objectives.

Cristiano Ronaldo Happy New Year post caption 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo Happy New Year post caption 2020. One of the top 25 sports athletes on Instagram 

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Brief your photographer about the image size and material you will be using when printing on a large scale. Also, you might want to invite your photographer to inspect the wall or area where the photo will be displayed. Photographers might want to check the area and the natural light and ensure the colours will match. Your photographer might be able to suggest the best location and the size needed for your printed large-scale image.

large scale printed photography wallpaper mural nature fall theme

large scale printed photography wallpaper mural nature fall theme

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Specify to your photographer the exact type of product(s) the image will be shown and the size and material (i.e. packaging) where the image will be printed. The photographer might recommend a specific image for the type of size and material you will be printed on.

how to brief a photographer for product packaging

how to brief a photographer on product packaging

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You may want to use a well-produced photo for a marketing flyer, business card, brochure, PowerPoint presentation or for the new version of your media kit. The photographer can offer input and ideas for the right photo to be used on your marketing collateral and/or promotional material. Related: How to write the best media kit and template.

Adweek media kit 2015

Adweek media kit 2015

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“C” level and directors’ professional portrait headshots for annual reports, media releases, company newsletters and investor reports.

Elon Musk corporate portrait photography ceo

Elon Musk corporate portrait photography ceo

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Khaby Lame face portrait black white open hand

Khaby Lame is one of the world’s top 25 most-followed TikTok celebrities –  face portrait – black & white – open hand. Source: Bella Thorne’s Instagram post


A form of commercial photography with a news angle, PR photography is commissioned to create images for a business, organisation or individual’s news usage. These images are used with press releases or for public relations use, helping to enhance press coverage in newspapers, magazines and increasingly on social media platforms.

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You are running an event or your CEO is speaking at an event, you surely will need a professional photographer to ensure you have visual material that you can use later on either for your content strategy, PR or marketing collateral or campaigns.

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You want the best photos of your products to be uploaded on the product pages of your website. This is a common reason to get some new photos. You want to ensure your product appears nicely and people can zoom in to see details. In fashion marketing, for example, potential online buyers want to be able to see all the details of your product. Related: The best fashion marketing campaign ideas.

Visually awkward products can be a challenge for marketers and photographers.

Make sure you are on the same page as to what results from the shooting session you want.

Below is an example of a visually awkward product photoshoot (sneaker/shoe). It seems that the shoe has shrunk but it has actually been designed and manufactured that way.

awkward product photography example - Louis Vuitton LV Archlight sneaker white pink au$1560

awkward product photography example – Louis Vuitton LV Archlight sneaker white pink

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Balenciaga paris sneakers trashed shoes destroyed homeless

Balenciaga paris sneakers trashed shoes destroyed homeless

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Below is an example of a creative product photograph given to media and tech journalists for the global launch of Nothing ear 1 wireless earphones. Two red bugs with black dots mating surely take attention to an otherwise standard photograph.

nothing ear 1 creative product photography

nothing ear 1 creative product photography

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By hiring and working with a professional photographer, you are guaranteed to create images that strike a chord across every marketing platform. Your images will pop up on social media and create intrigue across the pages of your website.

You can experiment with different photography types for your marketing.

When presenting your creative photography brief to a professional photographer, you can request some creative ideas on how to use photography for your marketing campaigns.

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