The new official Twitter X logo PNG in 2024. The latest Twitter X logo png large and small pixel sizes. The current official Twitter X logo black colour aesthetic.

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Before you start using the latest Twitter X logo, let me tell you something you have probably been turning a blind eye to…

Twitter may not be helping your marketing

  • Your Twitter posts may reach a max of 5% of your followers (if you are lucky). This is a massive issue affecting thousands of marketers in different industries. 
  • You have been trying hard to build an audience with a Twitter handle that you will never fully own. If you have a handle that seems key for Twitter’s interests, it might be confiscated from you. This happened to the @music handle of Jeremy Vaught in August 2023, a creator with 11+ million followers. 
  • You cannot transfer your hard-earned Twitter followers to your own best CRM software.
  • Your customer acquisition costs from Twitter ads are through the roof.

The solution

I can offer you best digital marketing strategy workshop that will help you:


You can use the new Twitter X logo and use it on your marketing materials, website or signature is an effective way to promote your business. The new Twitter X logo is used by designers, marketers and business owners.

The latest Twitter X logo surely is one of the world’s most recognised logos, bringing great brand equity to the company: The new Twitter X logo can easily compete with some of the world’s most popular logos from the top 25 luxury high fashion brands to global media companies’ logos.

The new and latest official Twitter X logo. Click on the Twitter X logo to see it in full size.

new Twitter logo x black png

new Twitter X logo large size black PNG on a transparent background

The new Twitter X logo is much more than the name and the logo — it’s the emotional and cognitive connection Twitter has with its daily users. If you’re at all interested in improving your business branding, book one of our training sessions.


You can promote your business on Twitter by placing the latest Twitter X logo on the following assets:

  • Your website. Add the Twitter logo icon on the header and footer of it.
  • Your printed marketing materials. Add the Twitter logo and your Twitter account name at the back of all your brochures.
  • Email signature. Add the Twitter logo below your email signature so it is easier for your customers and partners to find your Twitter account.
  • Business cards. Print the Twitter logo and your Twitter account handle on your business card.
  • eBooks, White Papers & Reports. Add the Twitter logo and your Twitter account name at the end of all your online resources including eBooks, White Papers, Reports, etc.

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Most marketers use the latest Twitter logo to be added as a key part of their brands’ marketing visuals. Using the right Twitter logo becomes particularly important for promotions on key dates such as Valentine’s Day, Bicycle Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, End of the Year campaigns, January sales, Earth Day, Refugee Day, etc. As people will get bombarded and distracted with hundreds of marketing messages during these celebrations, you should ensure your images that include the Twitter logo look great.

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A well-crafted social media marketing strategy will:

✔︎ Optimise your valuable time
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✔︎ It will increase sales, profit and brand equity

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I guarantee you will never go back to the same old way you were doing marketing. 

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Note: The Twitter branding and designer team discontinued the “Twitter” word from its logo. We suggest you do not use the “Twitter” word as a logo and instead use the “X” icon which now officially represents the social media platform.

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new Twitter logo x black png

new Twitter X logo small size black PNG on a transparent background


On Sunday 23rd July 2023, Elon Musk (Twitter owner) declared that Twitter will be rebranded as X and turned to the site’s community to commission a new logo. “If a good enough X logo is posted tonight, we’ll make [it] go live worldwide tomorrow,” Musk wrote. That night, Twitter user Sawyer Merritt offered up an X logo he no longer needed, which Musk scooped right up.

The unique X logo design seems unique: A chunky, angular line crossing over a thin one.

If you look at the letter “X” in Monotype’s Special Alphabets 4, you’ll notice that it closely resembles Twitter’s new X logo design but it is not the same. 

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The former Twitter bird logo came onto the scene in 2010, but not many people who use Twitter today know that the bird had a name. The bird was named Larry T Bird, with the inspiration being the NBA basketball legend Larry Bird who played for the Bolton Celtics. Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone, being from Boston himself and a fan of the Celtics, picked the name. He has also been on record confirming that the sporting legend was the inspiration.

However, The Twitter logo did not start with the bird, but there have only been a few variants since the first version was done in 2006.

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The first official Twitter logo was a delightful departure from the prelaunch version in the year 2006. Designer Linda Gavin had just a day to create it before the official launch. It was a simple wordmark featuring a unique rounded typeface, with the letters in small caps and no spacing between them. The logo’s focus on simplicity blended in with Twitter’s overall design approach and helped endear users to the website. In the sky-blue colour that’s become almost synonymous with Twitter, this logo lasted four years before the introduction of the Twitter bird.

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The former Twitter bird icon launched in 2010. After four years of the wordmark, the founders decided to add something that would reflect its identity. This was when the bird was born.

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Promoting your Twitter account with the new Twitter X logo is essential for growing your followers on Twitter, connecting with a larger audience and achieving your marketing goals on Twitter. By adding the Twitter logo that links to your Twitter account on your website, app and other digital channels, you make it easier for others to discover you on Twitter. It’s not enough to have a great account; you need to actively get it in front of potential followers. 

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  • Consumer contests/competitions/giveaways.
  • Email marketing. Dip sequence design and deployment. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation. It is also called “path to purchase” optimisation. 

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