The new Pepsi logo PNG in 2024. The latest Pepsi logo full colour on a transparent background large and small pixel sizes. The current official Pepsi logo full colour aesthetics. 

By Mau, a Senior Logo designer and marketer at eDigital.


The current Pepsi logo PNG full colour on a transparent background.

Pepsi is a brand in perpetual motion, and its 125-year history of meeting the moment meant it was time for its visual identity system to evolve once again.

But how do you introduce the next era of an iconic brand like Pepsi?

By embracing the same challenger mindset Pepsi is known for,

The Pepsi team of logo designers created a new look that connects the cola brand’s storied heritage with the bold vision for what’s to come.


The latest Pepsi logo PNG large size on a transparent background.

new Pepsi logo png

The new Pepsi logo PNG large pixel size on a transparent background

Pepsi has always pushed culture forward, and in taking on its global redesign, the Pepsi brand set out to pay homage to its rich heritage while paving the way toward the future.

But before taking on the first evolution of the Pepsi visual identity in 14 years, Pepsi had to first dive into the brand’s legendary history. From there, Pepsi charted a course toward a fresh logo look and feel that could make its mark the way an iconic brand like Pepsi can.

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Plastic is everywhere! ?️ ? ? ? 
In less than 100 years of production, it has worked its way into every corner of the planet. ?
Despite this, brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Unilever, continue to push massive amounts of single-use plastic into the world.
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The latest Pepsi logo PNG small size on a transparent background.

new Pepsi logo png

The new Pepsi logo PNG small pixel size on a transparent background

Through a rigorous logo design thinking process, Pepsi begin to thoughtfully test and transform the Pepsi type, palette, and logomark.

In designing a modern brand, the Pepsi logo design team also sought to unlock more flexibility for Pepsi to move between physical and digital spaces.

In 2023, Pepsi unveiled the result.

Timely and timeless, the new Pepsi logo and visual identity system are more than a refresh.

Pepsi introduced an electric blue and the black of Pepsi Zero Sugar to our cola’s classic colours alongside a modern, custom typeface that reflects the brand’s confidence.

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Uniting the Pepsi Globe and wordmark across languages and cultures, the revitalised and distinct Pepsi logo design introduces movement and animation into the visual system with a new signature blue and black “pulse.”

Pepsi’s wordmark and globe blend together to take over every touchpoint, from packaging to equipment to fashion.

What is Pepsi?

Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink with a cola flavor, manufactured by PepsiCo.

The Pepsi drink was originally created and developed in 1893 by Caleb Bradham in the United States, and became known as Pepsi-Cola in 1898, before shortening to Pepsi in 1961.

The fresh look and feel of the current Pepsi logo is bigger and bolder in every way.

Grounded in our ambition to create more moments of unapologetic enjoyment, the global Pepsi redesign has attracted the attention of TODAY and Fast Company, among others.

Pepsi’s Chief Design Officer, Mauro Porcini, explains,

“We design our brands to tell a compelling and holistic story. Pepsi is a shining example of a brand that has consistently reinvented itself over 125 years to remain a part of pop culture and a part of people’s lives.”

As the new Pepsi logo and visual identity roll out across the world, this next chapter is just the beginning.


Pepsi logo evolution

Pepsi logo evolution

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The new Pepsi logo is one of the world’s most recognised logos for the good and the bad. The big challenge still exists. How can I feel good supporting a company that pollutes the planet?  It’s a great question shareholders and employees are asking themselves.

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