The new Minecraft logo PNG transparent in 2024. The latest Minecraft logo small, medium and large pixel sizes. The current official Minecraft logo aesthetics.

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Find below the current official Minecraft logo PNG in different pixel sizes: small, medium and large.

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Find below the current official Minecraft logo PNG small size on a transparent background.


  1. Right click on the logo
  2. Select “Save as”
  3. Viola!
  4. You now have the new Minecraft logo PNG small size.
Minecraft logo PNG small size

Minecraft logo PNG small size – 150 x 26 pixels


Owned by Microsoft, Minecraft remains one of the best-selling games of all time, with over 300 million copies sold.

Three hundred million copies of Minecraft have eclipsed sales of just about every other piece of entertainment media.

To put it in perspective, Thriller, the bestselling album of all time, has sold around 70 million copies.

The bestselling console, the PS2, sold around 155 million units.

Even the second bestselling video game of all time, Grand Theft Auto V, doesn’t even come close to Minecraft’s numbers, topping out at 185 million reported sales.

Minecraft is in a class of its own and will likely remain there for a very long time – or at least until Half-Life 3 comes out.

With Minecraft, kids, teens and anyone can build whatever virtual world they would like. You can build a house, a mountain, a car, etc.

Some people do not like the fact the game makes it normal for people to chop trees for whatever they want to build in the game.

A carbon offset option (if it is already built – pls let me know) where somehow the players have to do something great for the environment to offset every tree chopped during the playing of the game may encourage users to start thinking more sustainably.

But there is some good hope…

Minecraft Sustainable Design Competition, Australia

As part of the World Environment Day celebrations ( in June), 20+ school children in Queanbeyan–Palerang, NSW, Australia, are using Minecraft to re-envision their local community and incorporate sustainable living aspects to embody the idea of living in harmony with nature.

The kids aged 5–17 have shared their creations, at a Queanbeyan–Palerang Regional Council public screening ceremony showcasing the designs with commentary from their creators describing how they presented the World Environment Day theme. Some of these included expanded green spaces featuring plenty of trees and flowers, communal gardens for fresh produce, and buildings with solar panels.

The UNEP’s Playing for the Planet Alliance has enabled the planting of 1+ million trees and engaged 130 million gamers on themes relating to the environment. The 43 game studios that are members and associates of the alliance have committed to including environmental themes in games and embracing a collective shift to sustainability and green energy, among other goals.


Find below the current official Minecraft logo PNG medium size on a transparent background.


  1. Right click on the logo
  2. Select “Save as”
  3. Viola!
  4. You now have the new Minecraft logo PNG medium size.
Minecraft logo PNG medium size

Minecraft logo PNG medium size – 450 x 77 pixels

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Minecraft logo PNG multiple colours

Minecraft logo PNG multiple colours

Minecraft’s Net Zero Challenge: Stockholm

As you may know, Minecraft is already part of the mandatory curriculum in some schools in Sweden, the USA and a few other countries. The Stockholm City Council has taken a step further and is inviting students of Stockholm to design solutions to create a more sustainable city.  The goal is to educate everyone on how we can combat the climate crisis and engage youth in designing and building solutions for climate resilience and action. In the challenge, students are tasked with creating new and innovative solutions that will lower the carbon footprint of the city of Stockholm. Students will explore the city in Minecraft Education, meeting the Mayor and a community of experts who will share important information to aid students on their journey.

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Find below the current official Minecraft logo PNG large size on a transparent background.


  1. Right click on the logo
  2. Select “Save as”
  3. Viola!
  4. You now have the new Minecraft logo PNG large size.
Minecraft logo PNG large size

Minecraft logo PNG large size – 900 x 154 pixels


Because of the many ways you can express yourself playing Minecraft. You can build your own house or any other building. The number of materials that exist in Minecraft allows you to build almost anything. And if you are not into building, you may be surprised by the survival element of the game. 

Since August 2023, Minecraft now restricts gamers to running promotions, sponsored content to video titles and branded builds. Creators of Minecraft worlds, mods, and servers are now prohibited from using those entities to promote brands, products, and services. A quite different approach to rivals like Roblox, which has embraced popular brands and creators.

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The latest Minecraft logo represents creativity, freedom, expression and equality.

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The newest Minecraft logo PNG is used by companies that sell products and services related to this popular virtual game. 

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