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ikea logo png

ikea logo png

Tip: Ensure you use the IKEA logo in places where it is permitted. Contact your local IKEA branding department to find out more.

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ikea logo black white

ikea logo black white


Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has unveiled its updated logo, although the changes will only be spotted by those with a keen eye for detail.

Stockholm brand agency Seventy Agency developed the new IKEA logo identity, in its first redesign in 1983. It sees the blue block letters of the iconic IKEA logo subtly enlarged to snugly fill the edges of its surrounding yellow oval. The logo design brief given to the designers was to increase readability both in a digital and physical format and across different sizes. The challenge was to achieve these criteria without needing a re-registration of the IKEA trademark.

The new IKEA logo also had to be similar enough to the old IKEA logo design that both could be used in close proximity to one another for the time it takes to make the change across the stores, packaging and online, without the two logos clashing.

The Ikea team and its design agency wanted to maintain the unique characteristics of the original iconic IKEA logo design, but make subtle, yet impactful changes to the IKEA logo for a better experience across all formats.


I have never seen anyone so proud they have printed the Ikea logo to be shown on their house wall or office wall. And there is one single reason for that:

When you buy an Ikea product, you are not buying anything unique. You just went for the cheap with a decent design. 

Ikea stores’ claustrophobic and frustrating purposedly-designed maze (store floor) will make you buy things you do not need while stealing your precious time as you will need to assembly them.

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