The new Gucci logo black png in 2024. The latest Gucci black logo on a transparent background. Free official Gucci logo download. Gucci black logo large pixel size. 

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Find below the new Gucci logo black PNG on a transparent background in 2024


Click on the latest Gucci black logo to download for free a large pixel size. 

Gucci logo png

The new Gucci logo PNG 

Gucci is one of the world’s top 25 luxury fashion brands on Instagram


Aldo Gucci designed the interlaced double G logo, representing his father’s initials. According to Aldo, it also represented the links of a bracelet, demonstrating luxury. To avoid confusion, the initial logo often included the name of the brand situated above the emblem.

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In 1923 the first logo was created, in italics, inspired by the signature of the founder that was quite simple. In 1929, the Gucci logo added a few flutters and put Guccio’s “G” before his surname. This logo remained one of the longest-running for the brand but, in 1934, a tall and edgy one was introduced, in which an elegant hotel porter appeared with his little marsina and with two suitcases in his hand. The unusual brand did not last long, because in short, it became the basis for the next logo of the Maison.

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In the 1950s Gucci’s brand and its logo looked quite different.

The first Gucci boutique in Milan was opened in 1951 and in 1953, the transfer of power to the death of Guccio in the hands of his son Aldo took place that same year. Two main events took place on the level of the logo: the first was that the actual logo on the label was replaced by a knight in the heraldic field, who held the same suitcases as the bellboy in the 1930s logo, evoking a world much higher than that of hotels, with, on his head, a rose and a rudder, to symbolize aesthetic sense and commercial avidity; the second was that the “double G” designed by Aldo Gucci in the 1960s spread over scarves, suitcases and accessories of all kinds.

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In 1958, however, under the knight returned the name Gucci, in a linear and spaced character, which then became more full-bodied and equipped with thanks from 1971. It was the birth of the brand’s modern logo. 

Over time, Gucci’s monogram of the “Double G” became increasingly famous and was re-proposed in an infinite number of different forms and versions.

Finally, in the early 1990s, the “double G” became part of the official Gucci logo and remained the same until the arrival of Tom Ford at the helm of the Maison, who introduced a new version with only the most tapered and spaced letters and characters.

At the time the Gucci logo was printed on a black label, but only with the arrival of Alessandro Michele in 2015, the label expanded and turn white.

The latest innovation introduced by Michele in 2019 is a new version of the “double G” with the two overlapping and right-oriented characters – unlike the original monogram, this is the first to also appear as a corporate brand. 


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The latest Gucci logo black is more than just a visual fashion symbol; it’s an important marketing tool in establishing brand reputation, building trust, and creating positive emotional associations for the Gucci brand. 

The new Gucci logo black PNG is a great addition for marketers who re-sell Gucci products.  Always check with Gucci when using its logo for commercial purposes. 

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