The new BMW logo white and blue PNG in 2024. The latest BMW logo white colour large and small icon badge aesthetic. The current official BMW logo aesthetics. 

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The new BMW logo white colour on a transparent background.

You can use the latest BMW luxury car manufacturer logo.


Click on the below image to get a large size of the new BMW logo PNG white in 2024.

BMW logo PNG white large

The new BMW logo PNG white on a transparent background – large pixel size

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The history of the name BMW – the Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works – dates back to 1917.

BMW emerged from a renaming of the aircraft engine manufacturer Rapp Motorenwerke, located in Munich, the capital of the State of Bavaria in southern Germany.

Although the company name changed, the technical equipment, assets and workforce initially remained the same.

When the name BMW was first included in the commercial register in July 1917, there was no company logo.

Similarly, the first ad from the same month lacked any BMW symbol or emblem.

What it did feature alongside aircraft engines, however, was its future planned product range: Engines for automobiles, agriculture and boats. 

“In the early days, the BMW logo and its meaning were by no means as present to a broad public as they are today, as BMW had no end customers to solicit,”

explains Fred Jakobs, Archive Director, BMW Group Classic.

The main business was the production and maintenance of aircraft engines for the German Air Force.

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On October 5th, 1917 the young company received a company logo.

The first BMW badge, which was registered in the German Imperial Register of Trademarks, retained the round shape of the old Rapp logo. The outer ring of the symbol was now bounded by two gold lines and bore the letters BMW.

The company’s home state of Bavaria was also to be represented on the company logo.

The quarters of the inner circle on the BMW badge display the state colours of the State of Bavaria – white and blue.

But they are in the inverse order (at least as far as heraldic rules are concerned, where you read clockwise from the top left).

The reason for this inverse order of blue and white in the BMW logo was the local trademark law at the time, which forbade the use of state coats of arms or other symbols of sovereignty on commercial logos.

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The new BMW logo PNG white in 2024 – small size

BMW logo PNG white large

The new BMW logo PNG white on a transparent background – large pixel size


The first key to the meaning of the BMW logo is its colours: white and blue are the colours of the State of Bavaria in Germany, home of BMW.

A 1929 BMW ad depicts the BMW emblem, complete with the four coloured quadrants, in a spinning aeroplane propeller.

The interpretation that the BMW logo represents a propeller has endured ever since.

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Even today, many people still believe that the BMW logo depicts a rotating propeller.

How come?

The myth of the BMW propeller came about years after the first company logo.

A BMW ad from 1929 showed an aeroplane with the BMW logo on the rotating propeller.

At the beginning of the global economic crisis, the ad was trying to promote a new aircraft engine that BMW was building under license from Pratt & Whitney.

The propeller interpretation fit very well into the advertising image of the young company, as it underlined the company’s roots and its expertise in aircraft construction.

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Then, in 1942, BMW itself linked the propeller to its company symbol.

An article appeared in a BMW publication called “Flugmotoren-Nachrichten” (Aircraft Engine News) which backed up the story of the BMW badge as a spinning propeller.

The story was illustrated with a photo of the BMW logo overlaid on a rotating propeller.

So the story of the BMW logo is based on a legend – a legend that still lives on today.

“For a long time, BMW made little effort to correct the myth that the BMW badge is a propeller,”

explains Fred Jakobs of BMW Group Classic.

So according to Fred, sticking to the story that the BMW emblem is a propeller would not be entirely wrong.

It’s not strictly true that there is a propeller in BMW’s company logo, though.

Constant repetition has made this explanation a self-propagating urban myth.

“This interpretation has been commonplace for 90 years, so in the meantime, it has acquired a certain justification,”

Jakobs explains

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BMW has become a relationship brand.

The new BMW logo radiates openness and clarity.

With this new transparent variant, the automobile manufacturer wants to invite their customers more than ever to become part of the BMW world.

In addition, the new BMW brand design is geared to the challenges and opportunities of Digitization for brands.

The latest BMW logo flexibly fits a wide variety of contact points.

The new BMW logo symbolises the significance and relevance of the brand for mobility and driving pleasure in the future.

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