Find below the top 8 most important leadership skills. The 8 Cs of a leader. Top leadership skills for success. The best personality traits to master leadership.

By Mau, a Leadership enthusiast and writer at eDigital.



Find below the top 8 most important leadership skills you can learn today.


A confident leader maintains the same demeanour whether things are going well or everything around them is crumbling. Leaders that can maintain consistent outward behaviour inspire far more confidence in their teams than leaders who noticeably panic.

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Creative leaders are capable of critical thinking that gathers different perspectives, opinions and possibilities. From those critical thinking skills, creative leaders come up with new and creative solutions to challenges, issues and opportunities. Curious and creative leaders are always finding creative ways to hit their goals and develop their teams along the way. People expect new ideas and insight from their leaders to thrive at work. A creative leader who can think outside of the box is highly successful.

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It is important for leaders to follow through with what they agree to do. Real leaders are willing to put in the extra hours to complete an assignment; employees will see this commitment and follow their example. A leader cannot expect employees to commit to their jobs and their tasks if he or she cannot do the same.

A leader who displays a commitment to a project or team – and the overall organisation – is more likely to gain the trust of their team members. No one likes to work for a non-committed leader or in a non-committed team. The commitment shown by a leader will help foster a team spirit that will differentiate an outstanding team from a mediocre one. A leader’s tenacity and commitment could well be the difference between success and failure when a team runs into problems. Importantly, showing commitment keeps team morale high.

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People readily follow leaders who can clearly explain what they want and expect through written, spoken, and non-verbal communication avenues. Strong leaders are able to connect with people through clear and honest communication.

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8 Cs leader graph personality traits

8 Cs leader graph personality traits

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Courageous leaders are inspirational. That isn’t their ambition. It’s simply a positive by-product of their character and powerful work ethic. A courageous leader will tackle problems head-on instead of running away. They may not know the outcome but will still stand up to problems wherever they arise. This doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid. Fear is natural when facing the unknown. Conquering fear and moving forward to face it and tackle the problems ahead is what takes real courage. People will not follow a coward. Great leaders aren’t cowards.

Being courageous can be risky, but courageous leaders are always remembered with honour.

Some people see their reality with fear, judgement and negativity. Many people stay silent and look away, just trying to get themselves by. We need Courageous Leaders.

It can be uncomfortable to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done, especially when it involves risk to yourself. Being afraid of what others think is common, but it is not going to help you make a difference. Leaders are brave and their courage is what changes things for the better.

Courageous leadership benefits yourself and everyone around you, from your team to your colleagues and your managers. The only way to create change in yourself and your organisation is by demonstrating courageous leadership. It’s how you influence others by leading by example and creating the trust necessary to form positive relationships.

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A leader generally challenges the process and is a critical thinker.

With many teams working from home or virtually, we’re re-writing the process for communicating, collaborating, and getting our work done effectively. Great leaders “Doubt the Default”—thinking past the default option of internal workspaces, 1:1s, and meetings, and looking for ways to be more effective as virtual leaders.

A leader searches for opportunities to change and improve the status quo at his or her organisation. Leaders who challenge the process are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve through experimenting and taking risks, then learning from any mistakes or failures along the way.

Fantastic leaders take the initiative to doubt the default and look for a better option. They’re continually pushing for the better by refining and testing ideas without fearing failure.

Ultimately, it comes down to refusing to be satisfied with what’s always been done. Leaders aren’t just content with the status quo, they are inventing and reinventing—even when they make a mistake or an idea doesn’t end how they hoped, it’s a lesson and a learning opportunity.

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The connected leader is friendly, sociable, easy to talk to, and relatable. People appreciate and will react more positively when they feel they can trust their leader, communicate in a friendly open way, and do not fear saying the wrong thing. A strong leader is one that people feel connected with, knowing they will get an honest answer.

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Finally, a leader commands but the respect for commanding is earned. When commanding is delivered with integrity, openness and empathy, leaders gain full trust, appreciation and respect of those they lead.


During this great interview (minute 43:50) Andy Robertson, a popular Liverpool football player remembers in the Melwood (the old Liverpool training facility) changing room, there was a famous manager’s quote that reads:

“I want a young player that can nutmeg someone in training but then hold the door open for them”

These types of quotes set on a wall (where anyone can easily read them) set the tone of your code of ethics and leadership style in your organisation.

The above quote, for example, demonstrates the football club is open to letting a player fully express their talent on the training pitch – which may sometimes produce feelings of embarrassment, humility or humiliation to another teammate; – as long as the player can also demonstrate acts of respect to the same shamed player. 

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Leadership skills are crucial and essential for success in any career. Effective leadership can have a massive impact on individuals, teams, and organisations, and can make the difference between success and failure.

The top 5 reasons for leadership skills:

  1. Inspire and motivate your team. Good leaders have the ability to inspire and motivate their team members, which leads to increased productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. When team members are motivated, they are more likely to work hard and achieve their goals.
  2. Encourage creative and critical thinking. Leaders who encourage creative and critical thinking help drive the development of new or improved products, services or processes.
  3. Build trust and respect. Effective leaders can build trust and respect by communicating openly and honestly, being transparent, and showing empathy and understanding.
  4. Make better decisions. Leaders who possess decision-making skills can help their teams resolve complex problems and make sound decisions. They can weigh different options and evaluate risks effectively to make informed decisions that benefit their organisations. 
  5. Develop future leaders. Great leaders also develop the future leaders of their organisations. By mentoring and coaching their team members, they can help build a strong pipeline of talent to ensure the organisation’s long-term success.


Leadership skills are important skills to have because a good leader can bring out the best abilities in his/her team members and motivate them to work together to achieve a shared goal. A good leader is also organised and keeps the team on track to reach their goals. 

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