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Sales and marketing co-operation is considered as one of the most important business directives for 2018. To get an insight of where this ongoing action stands globally, LinkedIn surveyed thousands of sales and marketing professionals from all around the world to get their viewpoints.

Learn how Sales and Marketing alignment makes your business unstoppable with this “Sales and Marketing Alignment Power Couple” ebook by LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn survey revealed broad gaps and weaknesses, with ambiguous consequences. But the findings also highlighted some key opportunities for improvement in the coming year. The ebook and infographic below summarise some of these insights.


  • Sales and Marketing professionals confirmed the top actions to get right to ensure collaboration between sales and marketing are:
    • Have shared objectives and KPIs
    • Generate better customer insights and understanding
    • Ensure clear accountability and workflow
    • Adhere to a schedule of regular team meetings
  • Sales and Marketing collaboration most likely to be measured by:
    • Revenue growth
    • Pipeline growth
    • NPS / customer satisfaction
    • Employee engagement
  • Surprisingly 55% of marketing and sales professionals of the same company are not connected via LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn members exposed to a company’s marketing on the platform are 25% more likely to respond to a Sales Navigator InMail from one of that company’s salespeople. Meaning a prospect that has been nurtured by a company’s marketing is more likely to respond to that same company’s sales reps.
LinkedIn Marketing boosts Sales Team effectiveness graph

LinkedIn Marketing boosts Sales Team effectiveness graph

  • On the other hand, prospects who are connected to one sales rep on Linkedin are 2.2 more likely to engage with that sales rep company’s sponsored marketing content.
Sales Team engagement on Linkedin boosts Marketing effectiveness graph

Sales Team engagement on Linkedin boosts Marketing effectiveness graph

  • 85% of sales teams and marketers rejected the notion that a shared budget would improve collaboration between sales and marketing.
  • 54% saying both departments confirming key alignment boosts financial performance.
  • 8 out of 10 (79%) respondents confirming a culture of collaboration between sales and marketing departments.
  • Over half (52%) of sales and marketing teams confirmed that sharing goals and KPIs help them improve collaboration.


Research shows LinkedIn Sponsored Content helps sales teams become more effective because prospects nurtured by marketing are more responsive. Also the more connected a sales team is with LinkedIn members, the more effective Linkedin Marketing campaigns can be.

Implementing a collaborative culture between sales and marketing require a commitment to shared objectives and understanding of the customer, ensuring clearer workflow, and simply adhering to a schedule of regular team meetings.

How to Align Sales Marketing Goals LinkedIn Infographic 2017

How to Align Sales Marketing Goals LinkedIn Infographic 2017


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