Find the Best Mailchimp Marketing courses in 2024. The top Best Mailchimp Marketing Courses in 2024.

Brought to you by Mau, a Senior Email Marketing Specialist at eDigital.


Make the popular MailChimp email marketing platform work for you!

During this online training session, MailChimp expert Mau will help you squeeze the most out of your MailChimp account.

From basic tasks to advanced email marketing automation, list segments and group management to target your messaging for different types of audiences.

Mau will show you how to design successful email and newsletter templates for maximum engagement and how you should interpret the results that start flying in once you push the “Send” button

Because signing up subscribers to your Mailchimp database is such a big part of your email marketing success, you will also learn how to tailor signup forms for your web. offline and for your app.

You will learn the best Mailchimp practices and practical tips on how to grow your list and get subscribers engaged through surveys, videos, memes, photography, parodies and animation.

You will also find out how to use one of MailChimp’s most useful features —the autoresponder—which was just introduced to the free version of the Mailchimp app and get even more reach through social media advertising.

The top 10 most popular learning topics our clients include in their Mailchimp training sessions are:

  1. Setting up a free MailChimp account
  2. Adding and Importing subscribers
  3. Working with email templates
  4. Creating your first campaign with MailChimp
  5. A/B testing campaigns
  6. Adding a signup form to your website
  7. Managing subscriber lists
  8. Growing your subscribers
  9. Sending videos
  10. Adding automaton and ads

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  • Cities in Australia we service include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Hobart, Townsville, Darwin and Cairns.

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Learning Mailchimp marketing enables you to craft engaging and personalised email campaigns that resonate with your subscribers, leading to higher open and click-through rates.

Learning Mailchimp marketing with eDigital empowers you to leverage email as a powerful digital marketing channel, engage with your audience, drive conversions, and build long-lasting customer relationships.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Mailchimp is an excellent platform for both beginners and experienced marketers to enhance their email marketing strategies.

eDigital can help you conceptualise, plan, develop, run and optimise successful digital marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales for your brand.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Strategic planning for social media and other digital marketing channels.
  • Online advertising management and optimisation: Google Ads Search, Display, Re-marketing and social media advertising.
  • Training: social media marketing training and digital marketing training.
  • SEO strategy and execution. Including content development:articles, stories, eye-catching and SEO-optimised visuals.
  • Celebrity and influencer marketing campaign strategy.
  • Brand development. Logo creation, brand personality development and design of marketing materials.
  • Consumer contests/competitions/giveaways.
  • Email marketing. Dip sequence design and deployment.
  • Conversion rate optimisation. It is also called “path to purchase” optimisation.

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