Health, financial and fitness goals are always high on the list of New Year’s resolutions. This is the time of the year when we all want to make a commitment to improving the way we live, enjoy, nurture ourselves and others around us. But few times we think of New Year’s resolution ideas that can also benefit some the people who are close to us: our friends.

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Below is a list of some of the best New Year’s Resolution ideas we think a friend or a family member will thank you for.

Share this list and pass some some inspiration to your besties!

  1. You will only get better! Visit a friend in hospital on that day and time that will make a lot of difference.
  2. #veganuary is on! Help a friend become vegan for a month!
  3. Become a philanthropist not with poor people in Africa but with that friend who hastily needs some cash. Lend some cash to your friend who is on an economic hardship and more challenging, with no expectation of return.
  4. Sweat it off baby! Take a friend – who never exercises – for a workout session even if it is a 20 min one
  5. It takes time to like someone. Help that friend of a friend who you don’t necessarily fancy
  6. Zen times! Build your natural high with a friend:  less coffee more meditation sessions.
  7. #healthyfoodchallenge Invite a friend – who eats badly – for a healthy challenge of eating great for a month.
  8. Do you know a friend selling something another friends needs? Get both together.
  9. Never stop dancing! Invite a friend for a surprise “dance night out”
  10. Help a friend find a better job by either mentor him or making introductions.
  11. Become a venture capitalist / angel investor of a friend’s new venture.
  12. Teach a young friend the importance of saving money
  13. Be a #dryjanuary partner in crime of a friend who is having issues with alcohol.
  14. It is time to take that friend out! Book more time out with friends – less time on the couch
  15. #Savewaterchallenge #saveelectricitychallege. Invite a friend to join you in a save water or save electricity initiative.
  16. Invite a friend to discover with you a new neighborhood or city
  17. Sing “happy birthday” to a friend who didn’t expect you to remember her birthday.
  18. Candles and relaxation night. Get a couple of essential oils and a nice sofa bed and spoil a friend with an unforgettable massage.
  19. Give away party time! Showcase all the things you no longer use at home and invite friends to party at your place and take anything the want.
  20. Find out when your friend has holidays or time off and book that trip you dream of having with your bestie.
  21. Surprise your friend with a “volunteer visit” Yes, you know that day she is always crazy busy. Rock up and say I am here to help you with anything!
  22. Tell the world you support your friend’s charity or non-for profit. By making a great non-expected donation.
  23. Translate for me please! Hire a friend for a couple of hours a week to teach you that language you always wanted to learn.
  24. Give a genuine compliment to a friend’s physical imperfections. Tell her how much you love the fact we are all not that perfect and the joy you have with her/his imperfection.
  25. Quit your job and join the excitement of building a new venture with your best friend. Take the plunge and risk this year! if it does not work, well you can then get another job.
  26. Miss you letter! Send a real letter to that amazing friend that you have not seen in ages.
  27. Sweet and nice with the planet! Invite a friend to join you on a sustainable day. “No plastic month” “no car day” etc.
  28. Sing until you die! Invite a friend for a surprise “karaoke” night out.
  29. Get your freedom out! Go out naked with a friend on a rainy day, skinny dip in the ocean, river or lake.
  30. Serenate your bestie with a surprise “I Love you” announcement. Yeah it is time to tell your bestie how much you love her/him.
  31. Music yeahh! Hire a friend to teach you how to play an instrument, she might never knew she can actually be a great teacher.
  32. Invite a friend to live with you for a season. Start with a “one week” invitation with a last day gathering to announce you would love to have him/her as a house mate.
  33. Offer a new year mentorship support to  a friend of the son or daughter of a friend.
  34. Invite a friend to mentor you in an area you want support: work skills, communication skills, leadership, negotiation, business skills, spirituality, life coaching, etc.
  35. Enrol your bestie in a course she/he always wanted to participate and make it a surprise trip day.
  36. Donate a weekend of your time to help a friend build her house or complete her/his renovation.
  37. Share the comfort of your house with that friend who might not have it.
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Best New Years Resolution Ideas Poster image jpg eDigital

Best New Years Resolution Ideas Poster image jpg eDigital


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