Find below the best New Year’s resolution ideas for 2024 – list.

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Some marketers do not like New Year’s resolutions.

They even tell customers to “forget resolutions”! as per the below message on an online flower site.

Bloom and Wild home page Do not change for anyone forget resolutions

Bloom and Wild home page Do not change for anyone to forget resolutions

Others vocalise their “hate” for New Year resolutions as this fitness trainer posting on Instagram…

Hate New Year resolutions Instagram

Hate New Year’s resolutions –  Instagram post

It is a valid stand why not?

But, the end of the year is also a great time to reset, change, remove those bad habits, reduce stress or put more effort and time into the habits or behaviours that need a lot of improvement.

Good people – sometimes – do bad things and no one is exempt from making big mistakes even when having good intentions. Even if you feel you are doing great, you still have amazing opportunities to become a nicer human not only with yourself but also with others close to you.

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It feels like this new year has already arrived!

Doesn’t it?

You have already started to make changes that will improve the way you live, enjoy, nurture yourself and love the ones around you.


A New Year’s resolution is a firm intention to do something better during the new year.

You do not have to do something memorable every day or be self-obsessed with a resolution idea: Get fitter, earn more money, find a better job, find new love, etc.

It is about becoming a bit of a better human. You set the pace and frequency. You want an intention that is achievable, easy to measure and that you are convinced is great for your development.

Even others can benefit from your New Year’s resolutions!

The more you can contribute to the well-being of others, the more meaning and enjoyment you will find during the new year.

Below is our top list of some of the best New Year’s Resolution ideas for 2024 we believe could help you and the people close to you.

Enjoy the list and share it with your friends and family.


  1. A surprise video call to a sick friend in hospital. If a visit to a loved one in a hospital is not possible, why not make a video call?
  2. Team up for #veganuary or #dryjanuary. Invite a friend to join you during #veganuary or #dryjanuary and make a team party at the end of the month.
  3. Offer financial aid. Do you have a friend who hastily needs some cash? Start lending an amount of cash you do not care if you lose it. Want an extra challenge? Let your friend decide on payback options.
  4. A fitness buddy. Ask a friend – who never exercises – to be your fitness buddy for a day or a week. Make it fun for your friend. Fitness can also mean a walking routine or a cycling trip.
  5. Help someone you do not fancy. This is a challenging one. Help that person you don’t necessarily fancy at the office or that friend of a friend you do not really like that much.

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  1. Zen times! Forget about drugs to reduce stress or anxiety this new year. Invite a friend or partner to an 8-week no-coffee meditation program near where you live.
  2. #healthyfoodchallenge Start the new year by sticking to healthy food habits. Get a friend or partner to join you on a healthy food month challenge: you can choose from no salt, no sugar, no carbs, no processed food, etc.
  3. Be the connector. Do you know a friend who is desperately trying to sell something this new year? You may know of someone who could buy it. Get them together.
  4. Go to dancing school! Ask a friend to join you at a dancing studio you always wanted to join in.
  5. Help a friend find a job. Help a friend find a better job by either making introductions or mentoring your friend.

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  1. Become an investor. Have a friend with a fantastic entrepreneurial idea? Become an investor in your friend’s new venture.
  2. Show a friend how to manage money. Make time to share how you successfully manage finances with your friends who are not financially savvy.
  3. #Savewaterchallenge #saveelectricitychallege. Invite a friend to join you in and save water or electricity. Some ideas can be to set up a dry toilet and use it for a year. This means if you go to the toilet at least once a day (2 litres in a conventional flush will be saved) this means 730 litres of water during the year. If you are doing this challenge with a friend, this means you two will be saving around 1500 litres of water in a year.
  4. Sing “Happy Birthday” to a friend who didn’t expect you to remember her/his birthday.
  5. Take your “besty” for a massage class. Invite a friend to visit your local massage school and learn the art and science of body massage, either Thai, relaxation or remedial styles, there will be something you both will enjoy.

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  1. Private garage sale party! Showcase all the things you no longer use at home and invite friends to party at your place and take anything they want.
  2. Local holiday together. Find out when your friend has holidays or time off and book a local trip you dream of having with your bestie.
  3. Volunteer for your friend’s event. Rock up and say I am here to help you with anything!
  4. Donate. Support your friend’s charity, not-for-profit or support us so we can keep publishing free content.
  5. Hire a friend to teach you a language or a musical instrument! You are not only benefiting from it but helping out your friend, Generally, musicians and artists do not have a lot of cash and they will appreciate your support.

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  1. Give honest compliments to people’s imperfections. Give a genuine compliment to a friend’s physical imperfections. Tell her how much you love the fact we are all not that perfect and the joy you have with her/his imperfection.
  2. Become a business partner. Join the excitement of building a new venture with your best friend. Take the plunge and risk this year! if it does not work, well you can then get another job.
  3. Write a “Miss you” letter! Send a real written letter to that amazing friend that you have not seen in ages and that you genuinely miss so much.
  4. Be a bit more sustainable! Invite a friend to join you on a sustainable day. Join popular initiatives such as “No Plastic Month”, “No Car Day” etc.
  5. Sing until sunrise! Invite a friend for a surprise “karaoke” night out.

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  1. Be naked! Go out naked with a friend on a rainy day, skinny dip in the ocean, river or lake.
  2. Offer accommodation. A friend coming to town who may need free accommodation? offer them that extra space you have.
  3. Mentor a friend’s child. If asked, offer free time to share your knowledge or experience.
  4. Invite a friend to mentor you. This can be of extreme value for both parties. You could get help for improving a specific skill i.e. communication skills, leadership, negotiation, business skills, spirituality, life coaching, etc. By making the space for a friend’s knowledge and experience to be listened to and valued, you are indeed helping your friend too.
  5. Gift a friend with a course. Enrol your bestie in a course she/he always wanted to participate in.

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  1. Build up together. Donate a weekend of your time to help a friend build her house or complete a renovation project.
  2. Share the comfort of your house with that friend who might not have it, do you have the most amazing cinema room in town? Invite that friend who does not even have a small tv for a movie night at your house. The same applies to your swimming pool, etc.
  3. Whistle songs more often. Not a good singer? no worries. You can easily whistle these songs 🙂

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This Sydney, Australia-based nutritionist got 10+ million views on her New Year resolution video shared on TikTok.

New Year resolution TikTok video post liv kaplan nutritionist

New Year resolution TikTok video post liv kaplan nutritionist – 10+ million views


  • Aim for great learnings and progression far more than success or perfection with your New Year’s intentions.
  • Sometimes the best resolution is to not obstruct and let others flow. If you cannot bring value to a situation, simply do not obstruct and move away.
  • When completing your resolutions you either want to be humble and keep them to yourself or be proud and announce them to the world. You cannot be both. The concept of being proud of being humble does not work out.

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Please use the above list as a guide. Not the ultimate only formula. You can work out your intentions and resolutions with what you know, what you have and who you want to serve.

Write your best intentions, even if there are few. Keep them visible somewhere you can easily see them during the year.

Happy New Year!

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