The best free 10 Instagram widgets for websites, WordPress, etc to add on your sidebar or footer in 2024. HTML-coded responsive Instagram widgets for iPhone (IOS) and Android. Bring your Instagram content to your website.

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Before you bring Instagram content to your website using a widget, let me tell you something you have probably been turning a blind eye to…

Instagram may not be the best marketing channel for your business

  • If lucky, your Instagram content reach 5% of your followers. That’s crazily low! This is a massive issue affecting thousands of marketers in different industries. 
  • You have been trying hard to build an audience on Instagram that you do not even own.
  • You cannot transfer your hard-earned Instagram followers to your own CRM or another platform.
  • Your customer acquisition costs from Instagram ads are through the roof.

The solution

I can offer you tailored marketing strategy training that will help you:


Find below the best 10 Instagram widgets and slider image gallery feed for a footer, sidebar or HTML.


Instagram Theatre helps you to easily display photos from an Instagram account on a WordPress website. Plenty of customisation options for the Instagram gallery feed, including effect speed, delay interval, and alternate layouts. Publish different layout and feed options, including:

  • Fullscreen Layout: This mode turns your site into a full-screen gallery of your Instagram photos.
  • Thumbnail Layout: This mode creates a grid layout for your photos. If a user clicks on an individual photo, a larger version of it expands in a fancy box.
  • List Layout: This mode displays your photos in a list format. When a user hovers over a photo, a rollover effect occurs, revealing information about the photo including the photographer, time stamp, caption and the number of likes.
  • Tag Instagram Feed: This mode allows you to specify a hashtag to search and pull photos from using the Instagram API.
  • User Instagram Feed: This mode allows you to specify a user id to pull photos from a specific user. There’s also a multiuser mode for specifying multiple user ids.
  • Location Instagram Feed: This mode allows you to specify a location to pull photos taken at a given location.


Spotlight is a plugin for WordPress websites to easily display an Instagram feed. Spotlight is easy to set up and you have full control over the Instagram gallery. You can make your Instagram gallery match your brand by selecting your colours and styles. Add a “Follow” button to turn website visitors into Instagram followers or include a “Load More” button to give site visitors an entire gallery to browse through.

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Forever free Instagram widget for Websites. Embed your Instagram feed on any website with just one line of code with this Embed Social free Instagram feed widget.

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Juicer offers a super simple way to aggregate all of your brand hashtags and social media posts into a single beautiful social media feed on your website. Once you’ve created an account, you can add all the accounts and hashtags you want to appear on your social media feed on your website (note: Juicer’s free plan only allows for 2 source accounts or hashtags). Next, just copy and paste the embed code onto any of your web pages or if your website is hosted on WordPress, you can use Juicer’s WordPress plugin. AR: 95.3k

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6. LINKEIN.BIO Instagram image gallery is a way to embed your page on your website. And it updates dynamically, meaning you never need to worry about having stale social content on your site. AR:4.3k

  • It’s a great way to share user-generated content on your website
  • It helps site visitors become familiar with your brand and see your products IRL
  • It’s clickable, shoppable, and trackable (just like
  • Keep your website content fresh—no coding required Instagram widget for website Instagram widget for website

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Smash Balloon is one of the World’s Most Popular Instagram widgets for WordPress. More than 1.6 million websites use this Instagram widget. Smash Balloon’s “Instagram Feeds Pro” plugin lets you display completely customisable Instagram feeds on your WordPress website/blog. Instagram Feeds Pro offers you a customisable Gutenberg block that allows you to make use of WordPress’ latest CMS interface to add Instagram feeds anywhere on your WordPress pages/blog posts. Smash Ballons’ Instagram Feeds Pro widget offers a responsive design and has several different layout options like the grid, carousel, masonry, and highlight to choose from. AR:19k

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stackla logo png transparent background

Not free but worth having a look at as Stackla also help you turn your User-generated Instagram Content into ads. Below is “The Leading Hotels of the World – Trending Moments” UGC gallery powered by Stackla social media aggregation technology.

The leading hotels of the world trending moments ugc gallery stackla aggregation social media

The leading hotels of the world trending moments UGC gallery Stackla aggregation social media.

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TagEmbed is an Instagram widget tool that lets you collect and curate your Instagram content for your website. Tagembed is easy to use. You specify the hashtags, profiles, or mentions that you want to follow and TagEmbed provides you with a curated stream of posts from Instagram (as well as Facebook and Twitter).  You can choose which of the posts you want to showcase on your website. TagEmbed gives you an embed script that you deploy once and it gets automatically populated with the content you choose to showcase. TagEmbed has a free plan that lets you connect to one feed and is good for up to 1000 views per month.

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Taggbox offers you a script that lets you pull in a curated list of Instagram posts based on hashtags, profiles, channels, and mentions you specify. You can automate the entire process so that posts that meet the criteria are automatically showcased on your website, or take a semi-automated approach where the curation is automated, but you have to manually approve the posts before they get showcased. You can showcase customer testimonials, hashtag campaigns, or simply have a visual gallery on your website.  TaggBox has a ‘Startup’ plan that is free to use and is limited to two feeds.

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1. WALLS.IO offers you the option to showcase customer love during events or trade booths. also offers a widget for your website with content from Instagram. You specify a list of social media channels to curate from and moderate the feed to showcase the best of the posts. You can customise the look and feel of the widget to match your website theme. is free to try for 30 days, and their free plan lets you create one ‘wall’ from one source.

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Instagram widgets serve as powerful tools to extend Instagram content beyond the platform, increase engagement, build trust, and promote user-generated content. They offer numerous benefits for businesses, brands, influencers, and individuals looking to leverage Instagram’s visual appeal and engagement to reach a broader audience on their websites or other online channels. 

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