The world’s Income Tax-Free Countries in 2024. Find the countries with no income tax. Reduce your business and personal tax payments.

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13. Anguilla

There are no individual or corporate income taxes currently in Anguilla.

12. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda has no personal income tax, so no taxes are deducted from personal income.

The authorities made this move to attract foreign interest to its shores, as well as position themselves competitively among their Caribbean neighbours.

11. Bahamas

Citizens of the Bahamas do not pay taxes on income, inheritance, gifts, or capital gains. The Bahamian government uses revenue from sources like VAT and stamp taxes.

10. Bahrain

There is no income tax in Bahrain, nor is there any sales tax, capital gains tax or property tax.

The current rate of contributions to the SIO is 19% for local employees (12% employer; 7% employee) and 4% for expatriate employees (3% employer; 1% employee). These contributions to the SIO are to be withheld by the employer and remitted to SIO on a monthly basis.

9. Bermuda

Individuals in Bermuda don’t pay personal income tax.

Instead, the Government of Bermuda levies a Payroll Tax.

Payroll Tax is levied on all employers. However, an employer can withhold a percentage of your salary by way of a contribution towards the payroll tax.

There is no corporate income tax in Bermuda, and a company is considered a tax resident of Bermuda if it is incorporated in the country

8. Brunei Darussalam

Brunei does not levy any income tax on individuals and there is no sales tax or value added tax (VAT).

There are no social security taxes in Brunei. However, all citizens must contribute 5% of their salary to a state-managed provident fund

7. Cayman Islands

there is no income tax, property tax, or capital gains tax in the Cayman Islands, which makes it an attractive location for many expats.

6. Kuwait

The income tax rate Kuwait charges residents is zero.

Kuwait not charge social security taxes to Americans working in Kuwait, nor do they charge capital gains taxes. You will not owe any taxes to the Kuwaiti government while working there.

5. Oman

There is no personal Tax in Oman.

4. Qatar

Qatar does not levy income tax on individuals’ salaries, wages, or allowances.

This is regardless of whether you’re an expat or a Qatari national.

However, anyone who engages in commercial activity for profit will have to pay tax. This includes self-employed workers in Qatar.

3. St Kitts and Nevis

In Saint Kittsthere is no personal income tax levied on individuals.

However, it’s important to note that US citizens and green card holders living in the Saint Kitts are still subject to US tax laws and may need to file US tax returns, reporting their global income.

2. Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian tax system is very unique compared to many other countries, namely because there is no personal income tax. This means that if you are an employee in Saudi Arabia with no other forms of income, you will likely pay no tax on your earnings

1. United Arab Emirates

The UAE does not levy income tax on individuals. However, it levies 5 per cent value added Tax on the purchase of goods and services, levied at each stage of the supply chain and ultimately borne by the end consumer.

personal income tax free countries list

personal income tax free countries list

Monaco offers tax-free personal income, however, corporation tax is 33%, one of the highest in Europe. Plus you pay 19.6% VAT on every purchase, that’s why we did not include it on the above list. 


Reducing income tax can have many benefits for individuals, businesses, and the economy as a whole, including increasing disposable income, stimulating economic growth, encouraging investment and entrepreneurship, promoting fairness and equity, and fostering fiscal responsibility.

Lower corporate income taxes can improve the competitiveness of businesses by reducing their operating costs and increasing their after-tax profits. This can attract investment, encourage business expansion, and create a more favourable business environment.

Countries with lower income tax rates are often more attractive to skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Lower taxes can incentivise individuals and businesses to relocate or invest in a particular jurisdiction, driving economic activity and competitiveness.

Paying less tax means you can invest in marketing your business. 

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