For the word “Meaning” to have meaning, spaces between characters are needed. Space brings meaning. Plant leaves are space out helping photosynthesis; so the plant can grow, bear flowers and fruit. Space is already in you. You have space, therefore you have always had meaning and you can only grow. You do not need to ask for space. it has always been there for you. Realising space is in everything, you realise all have meaning. With space, all situations and circumstances no matter how great or bad they are, have a place, a reason (meaning) to be. Space gives the kids who is learning to cycle, the joy of pedaling, the time to stop the tantrum if he falls off, or the opportunity to give up cycling and learn to fly. With space you will breath air that belongs to no-one else. Space will keep you outside the boxes of someone’s beliefs. Space will find a balance between creation and breaking of tradition. Space gives rip currents the force to take you and the release you can get back to shore. Space welcomes you and lets you go. Space helps you make your own road.


  • Curcumin
  • Garlic
  • Vitamin C
  • Probiotics
  • Methyltetrahydrofolate
  • Cobalamin
  • Glutathione
  • Taurine
  • Epsom salt
  • Sulphur: arugula, coconut milk, bok choi, broccoli, nuts.
  • Manganese: raw spinach, collard greens, pumpkin, seeds, fish.


Tiny house steps: Design > Chassis > walls > roof > windows > Isolation > external covering > electricity /plumbing > finishes, floor, kitchen, toilet.



Farming is ecology.

Optimising for the plant: reduce pets, nutrient balance is important.

All herbicides and many pesticides are nutrient chelators.

EPSPS Enzymes: mamals do not have it.

Keys to using nutrition to manage desease: rotation, tillage, seed rate herbicide, ph, moisture

Scheme of microbe aggregate. Soil biology and mineral availability is killed by glyphosate, reduces the natural chances to kill desease.

raw sauerkraut is good and or raw fermented foods.

Bruker Portable XRF Analyser: will tell what nutrients a plant needs.

Abraxis test strip for glyphosate.


  • Care of earth: cause and effect
  • Care of people
  • Fair of share: return of surplus
  • Philosophy: work with nature, work with weeds, cooperation not competition.
  • Western wealth: assets, money, prestige, power.
  • New wealth: clean air, clean food, clean water, adequate shelter, healthy community, free time to follow passions.
  • The blind, the disable has an offer in a healthy community.
  • Once you are aware you can act.


  • Relative location: elements, plants, structure
  • Each element performs many functions. Plant: wind break, food, forage, fuel: firewood, erosion control, building materials, fire control, soil compost, wildlife habitat.
  • Deciduous plants: shedding its leaves in winter.
  • Each important function is supported by many elements. Water: dam, creek, bore, well. Electricity: solar, wind, water, grid. Fire management: agapanthus plant.
  • Efficient energy planning: zone 1: veggie garden and small animals. zone 2: fruit tress. zone 3: nut trees, dairy cows, sheep. zone 4: timber lot, large animals, beef cows, 5 zone: wilderness.
  • In japan they build houses with no screws, glue or nails.
  • Sector analysis: look at the sun agle, wind, flood: flash, backflood. Frost: some fruit trees need frost, Tsunami, noise, view. slope.
  • 180 degrees slope is the optimal maximum for agriculture.
  • Using biological resources: plants and animals to do the work. Vetiver grass
  • Energy cycling: valleys are more fertile as they move water inside. Swale: a water harvesting ditch on control.
  • Small scale intensive systems. 40% Russia grows its own food. Herb spiral: dry plants at the top, wet plants at bottom. .
  • Accelerated succession and evolution
  • Diversity
  • Edge effect: some crops may like to be on the edge. Strawberries may like to seadust on the pathway.
  • Attitudinal principles: information and imagination intensive.
  • Resources: those that increase with modest use. Those unaffected by use.
  • You want a evobic soil
  • Bio-fertiliser in anaerobic soil.
  • Warm pee is aerobic at the beginning then when becomes smelly is anaerobic, not good.
  • New saw dust will need more nitrogen, air so you will put gust a tiny bit of it.
  • Compost: carbon: 25 Nitrogen:1. Cold compost is bacterial orientated, good for gardens. Hot compost. Berkley method. You need lm3 for getting hot. 33% brown, 33% green 33% manure or nitrogen.
  • Water and huma pees is nitrogen good.
  • Dead animal will be good between brown and green.
  • Bottom: brown, middle: green, Top: nitrogen.
  • If a soil is too acidic: add calcium
  • If a soil is too alcaline: add sulphur
  • We compost manure to move nitrates to nitrates, so it is ok for the garden
  • When there is too much nitrites things will rot and get smelly, it will need to add lots of carbon such as wood chips.


  • Trees prefer to be in a fungal system.
  • Climax species: trees
  • Support species: plants provide nitrogen to the climax species.
  • Ways trees get nitrogen: from support plants, from chop and burn, from dead roots.
  • A fallen forest lives on a fallen forest.
  • When rainfall is higher than evaporation is when we do chop and drop, in the opposite we will need shade.
  • Comfrey, clover, mint plants are great for chop and drop.
  • Sun: accelerator
  • Fertility: fuel
  • Water: radiator
  • Pidgeon pea, popcorn cissia, leuceana, icecream bean, pinto peanuts, sweet potatos.
  • In dry soil you need high organic matter.
  • A sustainable system produces more energy than it consumes


I still remember that day I landed in Sydney and took the train to my homestay in Pymble, I straight passed the Opera House through the bridge and through the window I was in awe with the harbour and its beauty.  Someone who also got off in Pymble decided to help me with my too big suitcases, took me to his car and gave me a lift to the home where I was supposed to be for one month.

I knock the door and to my surprise the family was not expecting me and again I was driven to another house which was finally the right homestay for me.

The homestay was a massive house between the turramurra bushland, it had maybe 3-4 levels, lots of space and rooms and there were another two students living there. We were downstairs. I remember there was a vintage car maybe that look very expensive. The first surprise was breaky time. I was given some cheap supermarket cereal, access to bread and milk and fruit. Lunch was not paid as part of the homestay deal and the second day was public holiday and most cafes and restaurants were closed. My only option was Pizza Hut. I could not speak English and my only option was to finger point the Pizza I wanted.

A korean student who also was going to my English college and took me to school on the third day he patiently show me how to buy my train card and explain the timetable to me. I remember going through the allies of Wynyard station towards Hunter street. It look so cool to feel like there was another city underneath the streets.

I found my school was owned and run by a Chinese lady who could not speak English. It was called “AG Mate” academy. I always wonder what the  “AG”meant. Maybe the initials of the Chinese lady owner. The teachers were nice Australian ladies and sometimes the receptionist cover the teachers when they were sick. I did not care, I was in Sydney!

The first beach I went to see was in North Curl Curl and the first library I used a computer to send an email to my family back home was the Turramurra library near home. At that time the home family seemed to care more.

On those initial months in Sydney, things looked big, organised, clean and safe. The host family made attempts to speak basic stuff to me I felt like a stupid kid who had a mental disorder. However I remember that 7 year old girl who love teaching me new words and in exchange I was teaching her Spanish. She was the grandkid of my hosting family.

The most important mission was to find work. There were no google maps, no facebook. Just basic mobile phones. I remember my attempts to call but soon I was sad I could not understand what they were saying back to me. Calling was not an option yet.

After 3 weeks and when money was about to run off, I saw a guy who look latino, cleaning floors in a shopping mall. He put me in contact with his boss and in no time i was mopping a basketball court at 5am in the morning in The Rock for $10 cash an hour. I was very good so I got promoted to water spray clean the streets of “Fox Studios – now Entertainment Quarter” at midnight. As a cleaner there I had to wear an uniform, I hated it but who gave a shit, no-one knew me in this new city.

After my homestay I moved to a student apartment in Bondi Junction where even the balcony was livable by a Japanese girl who help me find a new job at her souvenier shop. The manager who interviewed say she did not care if my english was not that good as long as I could smile, be servicial and sell. I had to carry customer’s baskets so they could comfy buy more and more souveneirs for their friends and family back in their countries.

I remember creating unique stories about the didgeridoos and boomerangs that people loved to listen and then buy them for. The cashier was a Canadian girl called Vessi. She annoyingly always corrected my English with her clean canadian accent. She lived with a korean family in Burwood. She had a peircing in her vulva and that was so new for me.