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Not sure how to best brief a PR Agency, Consultant or Freelancer? Relax! The below tips will make the process of briefing a PR firm less painful and they will help you to make an informed and wise brief with the right information and instructions.

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Public Relations campaigns that include the work of a Public Relations (PR) agency, a PR consultant or a PR freelancer are very much a part of almost any company’s marketing and advertising activities.

Well produced and executed PR campaigns have the power to increase customer awareness , preference and change sentiment levels for your brand. These gains ultimately help you have more brand advocates and loyal customers.

It is important to remind you that when briefing a PR agency, you might not only want to influence general brand sentiment but also to change purchase behaviour. What this means is you might want your customers to buy more frequent, more volume or buy more premium versions of your products and services. Well briefed and project managed PR campaigns should also help and aid your other multi-channel marketing activities.

customers types marketing eDigital graph

customers types marketing eDigital graph

As professional public relations services have become integral to the way brands communicate with audiences, up until few years ago, utilising PR agencies was the only option for great publicity. Noticeably, though, there has been a shift in the way effective public relations services are sourced. Well known public relations consultants and freelancers with fantastic network and influence can give you direct access to key media editors, writers, journalists of your top industry media outlets. They can also offer you easier reach to top influencers in your category.

Before you hand your brief to your PR specialist, it is important you understand who they are and what PR is.


PR professionals are ‘earned attention’ and reputation specialists. They have the skills to understand what exact content and messaging earns attention from media outlets and how to orchestrate and deliver brand reputation and sentiment. PR specialists also understand influence and how to work with Influencer networks in which brand messages spread and get amplified in a more genuine way.


The Charted Institute of Public Relations defines Public Relations as:

  • Public Relations is about reputation – the result of a) what you do, b) what you say and c) what others say about you.
  • Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding, support and influencing opinion and behaviour.
  • It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics.

As it is a planned effort, it is very important you know exactly how to write a Public Relations Campaign Brief for PR agency, consultant or freelancer in order to get the specific results you want. 

Below are our top tips and key notes when briefing a PR agency.

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Having a professional PR brief read, reviewed and understood by your PR agency is even more important when you are briefing them with specific goals you want to achieve and ways to measure them. In addition, writing a professional PR Campaign Brief will ensure your PR agency minimise errors in the set up, execution, measurement and reporting of your PR Campaign. It is recommended you also offer room for their own ideas which can be written back to you in a formal proposal.

The goal when writing killer brief for a PR Agency is to allow you and your chosen PR Agency to:

  • Understand with total clarity your specific PR objectives.
  • Let your PR Agency know exactly how you want your PR campaign to be measured.
  • Help your PR Agency deliver an extraordinary work for you with no hassle at the right time and on budget.

Some of the top benefits of a well written professional brief for a PR Agency includes:

  1. Deliver the right PR mentions in the right channels at the right time.
  2. Reduce any misinterpretations.
  3. Ensure expectations from both parties (client and PR Agency) are clear.
  4. Agree on the exact expected results.
  5. Agree on timings.
  6. Agree on specific PR campaign tactics.


Before you embark in the process of spending time writing a professional brief for a public relations agency, we suggest you:

  • Ensure the PR Agency you are contacting have demonstrable experience delivering PR campaigns in your industry and ideally your chosen PR agency has proven contacts on the target media you want your brand to be mentioned or featured.
  • Some PR agencies might be extraordinary in a specific industries but not in all types of industries. Every industry requires different PR skills and contacts and bring different challenges. Some PR agencies experience might focused on fashion, B2B, etc.
  • Some PR agencies might work with global influencers. Hiring a PR Agency with direct contact to your top industry leaders and influencers not only will give you access to great traditional media amplification but also a great social media boost.

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  • When you hire a PR firm, decide what size PR firm is right for you. PR firms come in all different shapes and sizes, and the firm that’s right for you might not be the firm you’d predict. There are many reasons to go with large PR firms (global reach, massive relationship networks, long experience) and just as many reasons to choose a boutique PR firm (smaller, more closely knit teams, local expertise, niche industries, etc.). One thing to keep in mind is how much your budget dollars will mean to the firm you hire. For instance, often a $10k/month retainer could be one of the largest accounts if you hire a small PR firm, but a very small account if you are hire large PR firm. Keep in mind; the bigger clients usually get the A-team. If your budget is modest, you may want to consider a smaller boutique firm.
  • Make sure your potential PR Agency have at least one idea you’re excited about! In the pitch meetings, if the invited PR firms have done their homework and prepared properly, they will present a few different PR campaign ideas based on your RFP requirements. At least one of the ideas should be out-of-the-box and cool enough to get you excited!
  • Understand the PR contract. Make sure you review it carefully, with a lawyer if possible, and understand all key terms (cost/budget, duration, team, hours you receive based on budget, how they will report out results, etc.). I have yet to see a PR firm contract that I have not red-lined substantially. If something seems off, red-line it and negotiate. Most of the time PR firms are agreeable assuming your requests are reasonable.


✔  Your company, brand vision, mission and the exact target market you want your PR to influence. 
✔  Current major marketing and promotional campaigns and key visual examples.
✔  General PR campaign goals and timings.
✔ Specific PR campaign goals and objectives. You can choose one, two or more. Remember the more different objectives you choose the harder one single PR campaign will achieve them all. I recommend you focus on one or max two PR campaign objectives. 

  • Specific “featured content” objectives: specify target media where you want your brand to be featured prominently.  
  • Industry Mentions Objectives: specify industry media outlets you would like your brand to be mentioned.
  • Share of Voice (SOV) 
  • Sentiment Objectives: t. 
  • Digital Impact goals: expected increases in a) web traffic, b) organic rankings (seo) and c) social amplification (earned UGC mentions). 
  • Lead generation goals: expected increases in leads from this PR campaign.
  • Conversions goals: expected increases in actual close deals from this PR campaign. 
  • Total Generated Value Goal (TGVG): expected dollar amount generated by your PR campaign. Example: leads value, sales value, donations value, etc.

For the above Baseline and objectives. How it is currently measured and latest report.

✔ Past PR activity, visual examples of earned media and key learnings.
✔ Things you believe you would like your next PR campaign to do better. 
✔ Top two PR campaigns (same or different industry) you think you can learn and apply something from. 
✔ Proof references available: Customer references (testimonials) – Strong Data – Industry Awards

✔ Expected Competitive activity during our PR campaign period
✔ Payment Instructions


  • PR Campaign Contract Checklist – So you do not miss anything!


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In conclusion and after giving you all the above points; the way you brief you PR specialist will highly influence the success or failure of your PR campaign. I suggest you work on your brief with your team as there might be some interesting points your team as a collective can bring to the table.

Happy marketing!


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