Find below our best 7 tips for how to work with influencers in 2024. The best influencer marketing tips for working with influencers. 

Written by Mau, a Senior Influencer Marketing Specialist at eDigital.


Influencer marketing is now a $5 billion industry in the U.S.A. – and is expected to grow to $7 billion by 2024 – and marketers who already work with creators are now committing more budget to it. Meanwhile, some marketers from industries not usually associated with influencer marketing are leaning in and asking for the best tips on how to work with influencers


7. Commit influencer marketing budget to TikTok

For new marketers, now is the time to start your Influencer Marketing on TikTok as prices remain low. Existing marketers should evaluate their TikTok influencer investments to see whether to allocate more spending on TikTok.

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6. Focus on Instagram Reels

Static posts aren’t going away, but Instagram is prioritising Reels. Marketers should follow suit with their influencers to ensure their content gets in front of audiences.

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5. Branded content deals should include Youtube Shorts 

Creators can now easily convert part of their long-form videos into Shorts using YouTube’s native tools.

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4. Create shoppable branded content

When negotiating influencer contracts, ensure your influencers add shopping tags or other calls to action in their content. You (marketers) should do the same when boosting that content as ads or reposting on your social media accounts.

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3. Make sure influencers are disclosing paid partnerships

This should be a no-brainer at this point, but given the recent controversy over nondisclosure in crypto partnerships, it’s worth this reminder. 

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2. License trusted creators

Licensing (or “whitelisting” as it was previously called) gives brands direct access to a creator’s accounts to easily boost creator posts as ads, including several targeting options to optimise your influencer marketing reach and conversions.

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1. Measure influencer marketing results

Marketers finally have a baseline from the Association for National Advertisers (ANA) on which to judge the effectiveness of their creator campaigns. Use it and iterate accordingly. 

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