Find below how to make money with YouTube shorts. The best YouTube shorts monetisation tips. The top strategies to increase YouTube Shorts ad revenue. Find how much money YouTube shorts pays to creators.

How much money can you make from YouTube shorts?  

By Mau, a Senior Youtube Shorts Specialist at eDigital.

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Starting in 2023, Youtubers will be able to monetise Shorts.

YouTube keeps 55% of revenue and grant creators only 45%. According to YouTube, its larger share will help cover music licensing costs.


Not much at the moment (March 2023)

According to Zach King (One of the world’s most popular Youtubers), a monthly total of 196.4 million Shorts views translated to $2,918.10 in February 2023 ad revenue.

That means the YouTube creator’s Shorts made less than two cents for every thousand views received.

Is this number consistent for most of the top YouTube Shorts creators? 

We do not know.

But some top YouTube Shorts creators—including Rillo and SpaceGod —have reported YouTube Short earnings ranging from 4-5 cents per thousand views.

How much Youtube Shorts views worth Rillo revenue monetisation

How much are YouTube short views worth? Rillo revenue monetisation – Twitter video

Rillo mentioned that short revenue payouts may increase enough for YouTubers to “be able to make a living as short-form creators”.

If you read Zach King’s tweet, you may jump to the conclusion that there is an upside to YouTube Shorts monetisation:

YouTube shorts pay better than TikTok videos.

But, please do not believe us.

Do your own research and tests. 

Zach King expressed that his February 2023 Youtube shorts earnings added up to about twice as much as his TikTok ad revenue—and far exceeded what he made through Instagram Reels. But for Zach King, monetary value isn’t the only perk of posting YouTube shorts:

“When I look at almost 197 million views in a month, I don’t look at the payout I get from the platform, I look at exposure and what my cost per thousand impressions (CPM) were to get those views. Right now it’s extremely low cost when compared to the exposure which is why it’s not about the payout, it’s about brand building.”

Zach King has a point about all that exposure: according to the World’s top 50 most-followed Youtubers ranking list, 33 of the 50 most-watched YouTube channels focus on Shorts.

Youtube Short revenue Zach King February 2023

YouTube Short revenue Zach King February 2023

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There is a warning for creators: don’t become “overly reliant” on Shorts.

Reed Duchscher’s memo, The CEO of Night Management – who manages top social media stars like MrBeast – marked the beginning of VidCon 2023 by confirming that long-form YouTube videos still hold way more value than short-form clips on any platform.

Duchscher noted that YouTube CPMs have fallen about 10% year-over-year, but still, YouTube remains the best platform through which to build a brand and company.

His argument:

Long-form YouTube videos generate better revenue shares, the platform is popular among young viewers, and TV has become an integral part of YouTube’s growing presence.


Listen to YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan discussing YouTube’s new product: Shorts (TikTok’s competitor). Mohan is bullish on Shorts, which he connects to YouTube’s earliest days as a way to quickly share personal videos.

YouTube remains the default social media platform for video in a way that can feel almost invisible. It operates a linear TV service that competes with cable providers (Netflix) and a music streaming service. And, of course, there are YouTubers, the influencers at the centre of the creator economy — the people who have turned YouTube into not only careers but multimillion-dollar businesses that extend into everything from some of the top luxury fashion brands to restaurants or some of the  best skincare brands.

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A quick question for you: Is your YouTube channel generating sales and profit for your business?

Start a successful social media strategy with clear and defined objectives that will make you grow your business.

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  • Share your YouTube shorts and get discovered. Connect with the millions of fans already watching YouTube shorts. Share recipes, tips, tricks, dance moves, funny videos and hacks or start a movement.
  • Use YouTube videos as your soundtrack. Pick your favourite video, sample the song or audio clip and put your twist on it!
  • Join the #PermissiontoDance challenge. Dance your heart out to the new BTS song! Then, show off your moves exclusively on YouTube shorts.

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In March 2023, YouTube Global Head of Music Lyor Cohen announced Analytics for Artists, a new product that will track viewership across multiple video formats. This means music artists on YouTube gain access to a snapshot of the size of an artist’s audience on YouTube. YouTube’s Analytics for Artists tracks the rising number of Shorts that include popular music. Musicians will be able to analyse their own Shorts while keeping an eye on Shorts uploaded by fans who use their music.

In her announcement blog post, Cohen mentioned artists like Oliver Tree and Selena Gomez, who have promoted new music by uploading auxiliary videos on Shorts. One of the biggest short-form music success stories is Miley Cyrus. The American female pop music icon a the top of the charts for multiple consecutive weeks after her song ‘Flowers’ became a viral smash, appearing in more than 600k YouTube Shorts videos.


YouTube Shorts means marketers can engage a wider audience demographic with on-trend short videos -with the added benefit of connecting Shorts content to already established YouTube channels. 

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