Increase sales for your brand and business by choosing the right influencers in 2024. Pick the right content creators on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

Written by Mau. Senior Influencer Marketing Specialist at eDigital.


Find below eDigital’s “The 6 Factor Influencer Assessment Framework” to help brands assess the influence of someone they are thinking of working with.


Are the prospect influencers influential in your category? Are they seen as experts at using products and services in your industry? If you are using one of the best influencer marketing platforms you should be able to find their social media authority and influence. 

PewDiePie popular Youtuber influencer gaming

PewDiePie popular Youtuber influencer gaming

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Being influential is great, but if the influencer is not relevant to your brand then working with them may not help your business unless their audience offers a close demographic/psychographic fit to your most valuable customers. 

Check the content published by the influencer is relevant to your potential audience. Here are a few things you can check.

  • What is their top content? Check their top content with Google Advanced Search, Buzzsumo or Ahrefs. Google Advanced Search – use the advanced search operator [ site: ] to search for specific content; e.g. [ content upgrades ]
  • Check how many social shares their top content receives. Use Buzzsumo to find out.
  • Check the most popular content published on their blog over the last year. Use Ahrefs to find out.
  • Are the influencers ranking for your target keyword/topic on Google?
  • What is their average engagement rate? Check their last 5/10 blog posts to see how many likes, comments or social shares they receive.
  • What is the size of their email list? Some bloggers mention how many subscribers they have as a form of social proof.
Adam Milardovic popular Australian TikTok creator influencer pranks

Adam Milardovic popular Australian TikTok creator influencer pranks

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Do they appreciate what you are selling/going to write about? Is this something they are passionate about? Have they already bought your product and already using it?

unrealistic influencer comparison Australian women Youtube feel inadequate funny meme

unrealistic influencer comparison Australian women Youtube feel inadequate funny meme

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Do they have a proven track record of success working with brands? If so, what type of content have they produced and what type of results can they present to you? 

media kit influencer dogs smell like a scam funny meme

media kit influencer dogs smell like a scam funny meme

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What kind of authority does a website have and how much traffic do they get for new content (this gives you an idea of the reach you can get for a new piece of content on that website). check and to grade the traffic of your targets. Note: Treat these tools as traffic indicators. The data that is used on Alexa comes directly from the use of their toolbar. Not everyone uses that toolbar, so the results can become skewed. Similarweb also uses a variety of data input sources. You can also use Moz Open Site Explorer or the free MozBar to check their DA.

Another way of looking at influencers is by Influencer types as in the Influencer pyramid tiers below:

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Has the influencer already partnered and published work for a competitor in the same category as you? If they are new to your category, they can likely be far more influential than other influencers who have worked with your competitors.

Influencer types tiers pyramid funny dogs worth followers worth

Influencer types tiers pyramid funny dogs worth followers worth

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Marketers with tight influencer marketing budgets should try to first find influencers who are similar to their most valuable customer segments and who are more likely to create positive marketing results. Their paid content will be more likely to result in sales, while the influencers themselves will benefit from an engaged audience that fits their brand. To learn more about how to choose the best influencer cohort, you can contact us today. 

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