Learn how to block someone on Linkedin in 2024. Fast and easy steps and instructions. Stop harassing, unwanted posts and comments from a LinkedIn member.

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Some of the top weirdos are – right now – looking at your LinkedIn profile and I know how you feel.

  1. Ex-partners, ex-lovers, ex-gf who cheated on you.
  2. Randoms you “scarily” dated
  3. Your former boss – you never agreed with – who now wants to be your LinkedIn friend.
  4. Sales reps who don’t leave you alone
  5. Bad people pretending to behave nicely

You want your profile to essentially disappear from all those familiar “strangers”.

But before I show you how to block someone on Linkedin, let me tell you something you have probably been turning a blind eye to…

LinkedIn is not helping your business 

  • If you are lucky, your organic LinkedIn posts are reaching an average of 2% of your followers. That’s crazy! This is a massive issue affecting thousands of professionals on Linkedin.
  • You have been trying hard to build an audience on Linkedin that you do not even own.
  • You cannot transfer your hard-earned LinkedIn followers to your own CRM or another platform.
  • Your customer acquisition costs from LinkedIn ads are through the roof.

The solution

I can offer you tailored marketing strategy training that will help you:

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Yes, you can block someone on Linkedin by following the below steps:

  1. Visit her/his LinkedIn profile page
  2. Click on the “More…” button
  3. Click on the “Report/block” option
  4. Choose from the three options presented:
    • Block the person. You will no longer be connected (if you were before), or have endorsements and recommendations from this person. You will also no longer see any suggestions to interact with each other on Linkedin.
    • Report the LinkedIn profile. Choose one of the 11 reasons presented.
    • Report a photo.  You can only report his/her profile photo or profile background photo (also called Header photo)
  5. Viola! You have successfully blocked someone on Linkedin.
How to block someone on linkedin steps

How to block someone on LinkedIn steps

Expert note: LinkedIn has not built a way to block all employees – from a specific company – from contacting you. The issue has been sent already to the LinkedIn product team and it may be released very soon.

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Blocking LinkedIn members can help stop unwanted or harassing messages, connection requests, or comments from individuals who are inappropriate, spammy or irrelevant to your LinkedIn professional network.

It’s important to use the LinkedIn blocking feature carefully and only when necessary.

The LinkedIn team encourages professional networking, so blocking should typically be reserved for instances where communication is unwanted, inappropriate, or potentially harmful to your experience on LinkedIn.

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