Learn how to find Linkedin members nearby with the mobile phone Linkedin app. Discover Linkedin members near your physical proximity in 2024.

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For your privacy, you’ll need to opt-in to use this feature and you’ll be able to control how long your location is shared with other members.

For this feature to work, you will need to have your “Bluetooth” able on your mobile phone.

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Before you find Linkedin users nearby, let me tell you something you have probably been turning a blind eye to…

Linkedin is not helping your business 

  • Your Linkedin content may reach a max of 5% of your followers (if you are lucky). This is a massive issue affecting thousands of marketers.
  • You have been trying hard to build an audience on Linkedin that you do not own.
  • You cannot transfer your hard-earned Linkedin followers to your best CRM software.
  • Your customer acquisition costs from Linkedin ads are through the roof.

The solution

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Discover Linkedin members and connections nearby when you assist at conferences or any event around your physical proximity.

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Note: finding and connecting with other LinkedIn users nearby requires both users to have:

  • LinkedIn App installed on their mobile phone
  • Have Bluetooth on

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  • Step 1: Open your LinkedIn app on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Click on “My network” at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 3: Turn on “Find nearby” button at the top of the page.

Tip: Bluetooth should be on, on your phone and on the people’s phones you want to connect with. 

Note: If it does not work, then Linkedin for whatever reason has decided to turn off this feature. You can ask them to put back in by emailing Ryan Roslansky (Linkedin CEO): 

Copy and paste the below message: 

Hello Ryan,

I hope this message finds you well.

I wanted to inquire about the timeline for re-activating the “Discover members nearby” feature.

This feature has proven particularly valuable in facilitating connections with other LinkedIn users at events, conferences, trade shows, and similar gatherings.

Your insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and best regards,

[Your Name]

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LinkedIn app find nearby members off mobile phone

LinkedIn app find nearby members off mobile phone

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  • Step 4: If your Bluetooth is off, LinkedIn will ask you to turn it off ( as per the screenshot below)
LinkedIn app discover nearby members bluetooth off message mobile phone

LinkedIn app discover nearby members bluetooth off message mobile phone

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  • Step 5: Once your Bluetooth is “on”, Tap again on the “Find nearby” button at the top of the page.
  • Step 6: Wait until LinkedIn finds other nearby members who also have this functionality on.
  • Step 7: Get connected with your new LinkedIn users who are nearby you.
  • Step 8: Share this article with your sales and marketing team, it surely will help them when attending conferences, seminars and other events 🙂
LinkedIn app connecting with nearby members functionality mobile phone

Linkedin app connecting with nearby members functionality mobile phone

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  • Network quicker and easier
  • Know the names of people who are around you.
  • Invite people you found to become a Linkedin connection.
  • Let people around you know what you do and your achievements.
  • Make conversation starters easier.
  • Find potential clients, providers or partners who are just around your physical proximity.

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LinkedIn connections are an important component for professional networking, career growth and business development. Your contacts on Linkedin provide access to a wealth of knowledge, opportunities and resources that can benefit your career or the company you work for.

Building and nurturing meaningful connections on LinkedIn is a valuable asset for your professional and business success.

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  • Celebrity and influencer marketing campaign strategy. 
  • Brand development. Logo creation, brand personality development and design of marketing materials.
  • Consumer contests/competitions/giveaways.
  • Email marketing. Dip sequence design and deployment. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation. It is also called “path to purchase” optimisation. 

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