Your business has multiple locations and you would like to add those locations/addresses to Google Maps?

This guide will help you do exactly that.

Your business will need to have a Google “My Business” account and from there you will be able to set up your multiple locations.

This way, when people look for your different business locations on Google, they can then find your business locations, offices, shops and stores easily!

Need support setting up your multiple locations or simply do not have the time to do it? Our Google My Business specialist can help you. Contact us today!


Follow the below steps and instructions to create multiple locations on Google Maps:

  1. Login to Google My Business with your business Google account login details. Once you are logged in, click on the three horizontal lines symbol.
Create Multiple Google my business locations step 1

Create Multiple Google my business locations step 1

  1. Click on “All locations” at the top left of the screen.
Google My Business setup multiple locations step 2

Google My Business setup multiple locations – Step 2

  1. Click on the pink circle symbol located on the bottom right of the screen.
how to publish Google My Business locations on map step 3

how to publish Google My Business locations on map – Step 3

  1. Two symbols will appear:
    • The “Add a location” symbol (For less than 10 locations)
    • The “upload locations” symbol ( For more than 10 locations – use this one) You will need to have your location data in a spreadsheet. Google will give you instructions on how to set up your Excel sheet.

For less than 10 locations, please click on the “Add a location symbol” it is a pin with a “plus” sign inside it.

how to add my business google maps multiple locations step-4

how to add my business Google Maps multiple locations – Step 4

  1. A new window will appear where you will be asked to type your new location. Type your new complete address. As long as you type your new address Google automatically will try to find a business located at that address – sometimes will bring your business name with your current address – obviously, you do not want that one – you want a new one so please click on ‘Add your business” link (number 2)
How to add my business google maps sydney cbd australia step 5

How to add my business Google Maps Sydney CBD Australia – Step 5

  1. When typing your business name in the new form – Google will try to bring your current business name and location – Do NOT select it as it will bring your current location – This is not what you want – You want to create an extra location, therefore do NOT choose the automated generated one and just keep filling the form.
Google my business create multiple locations maps how add name step 6

Google My Business – create multiple locations – Google Maps – How to add names – Step 6


Business name choosing google maps adding multiple locations step 6

Business name choosing Google Maps adding multiple locations – Step 6

In the case Google cannot recognise your exact location, then click on “set marker location” then you will be able to place the pin in the exact right location.

Set marker location drag drop pin google my business map step 6

Set marker location drag drop pin Google My Business – Map Step 6

You will get to a point where Google will try to match your new address to the address of the existing listed business. Likely, you do not want to be associated with any of these businesses on that list, therefore, you must click on the “Keep the information I entered” link.

none of these match keep the information entered google my business maps add locations step 6

none of these matches keeps the information entered into Google My Business  – Google Maps – Add locations – Step 6

Once you have filled in the form set the right marker location for your new business location details, then click on Continue…

  1. A new window will appear where you are asked to define the area where you can service your customers. In the below example, the whole of Australia has been chosen as the service area. If you only serve customers at your physical location (office, store, shop) then choose “no” in the first field (” I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location) You have the option to choose both: a) servicing customers at your business address OR b) servicing customers at your customers’ locations. You can always edit these options, so do not worry and then click ” Continue”
add service area google my business maps step 7

add service area Google My Business – Google Maps –  Step 7

  1. You are almost there! You are in the confirmation step. Now Google will ask you to verify that you are authorised to manage this new Google My Business location and that you agree (you must tick the empty box) to the Google Terms of Services.

Click on the “Continue” button…

confirm business verify you are authorised manage page maps step 8

confirm business verify you are authorised to manage the page on Google Maps – Step 8

  1. In some countries, the only option for Google to verify your business is via sending you a letter to your new location address. In some others, Google can send the verification code via SMS (text message sent to your mobile phone number). You can always verify later but remember that it might take up to 30 days to receive the letter so the quicker you agree on this verification step, the quicker you get the letter to finally get your new location listed on Google Maps.
How you like verification code mail google my business location create maps step 9

How you like verification code mail – Google My Business location – create maps – Step 9

  1. Finally, you can enter the recipient’s name to ensure that a specific person receives the postcard and activates the listing via the code inside the postcard.
Add postcard recipient name verify your business google maps location last step 10

Add the postcard recipient name and verify your business Google Maps location last step 10


Once you finish the process of creating your multiple locations, Google My Business will send you an email follow-up/reminder asking you to complete your listing by adding opening hours, photos at your office, photos of your team and more.


  • Start with your official business Google account. lots of errors are by letting your receptionist create your google my business new locations with her own Gmail account!! crazy, totally wrong and happens all the time!
  • Ensure you read properly all the steps and read carefully all the options Google is giving you.
  • You can always edit/change and or delete Google My Business listings. However, do it right the first time so you do not have to do it 2 or 3 times.
  • If you do not have time to do it properly, we can help you create, manage and optimise as many Google My Business locations as your company requires. Contact us

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