Find below the top 10 benefits of using Google Ads to promote your business and increase your leads and sales.

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Google Ads benefits not only online stores and e-commerce websites. Professionals in different occupations and business owners and marketers in many industries are also using Google Ads to reach their marketing and sales goals: brand awareness, preference, purchase and loyalty.

Find below the top 10 reasons and benefits of using Google Ads:

  1. Reach people actively looking for your product or service. Connect with prospective customers when it matters. Google Ads has an innovative targeting system that helps your business show your ads to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. Your business can use keywords, location, demographics, and more to target your prospective clients.
  2. You control and decide your daily budget. You have complete control over your Google Ads budget. You choose how much you spend per month, per day, and per ad. There’s no minimum.
  3. Free and great tools to improve performance. You have real-time access to data showing how many people see your business ads and what percentage of them click to visit your website. With Google Ads tracking tools and reports, you can even see the actual sales your website is generating as a direct result of your Google Ads. If you want to change your strategy, you can tweak your ads, delete or try new keywords, or pause your campaign and restart it whenever you’d like.
  4. Access a massive reach for free. Even if your ads do not get clicked, you get access to Google’s massive reach. Millions of people around the world use Google on a daily basis.
  5. Get quicker results than SEO. Most professional marketers like to test Google Ads campaigns first before embarking in the long journey of optimising websites and pages. A Google Ads campaign can confirm the keywords and search phrases worth creating content for SEO.

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  1. Build brand awareness for free. Even if your Google ads do not get clicked, some of the people exposed to your ads become aware of your brand for free.
  2. Worth the effort. Google Ads are worth it because they provide a cost-effective way for your business to reach the people who are ready to buy your product or service. The Google Ads system is extremely flexible and you can pause or delete your campaigns at any time. You can set spending caps so you can be sure you do not overspend.
  3. Instant results. As long as your website and app are up and running, people clicking on your ads become prime prospects ready to complete your desired action: complete a purchase, call you, email you, etc.
  4. Language and geography targeting. With Google ads, you can reach people in any specific geographic area in the world with ads relevant to their search in their language.
  5. Google Ads is scalable. You can increase your PPC budget and your leads and profits will increase accordingly. This makes Google Ads highly effective for businesses that need a lot of leads but are short on time.

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