Find below how to promote an event on TikTok in 2024. The top event marketing tips to use on TikTok: practical, effective, creative ideas & examples in 2024 from top TikTok creators.

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According to Statista, TikTok is visited by over 1+ billion users globally.

While TikTok is a younger social media platform targeting Gen Alpha and Gen Z, several global premium brands are already running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns on TikTok and experiencing success promoting their events.


10. Name your event

Ensure you give one single brand name to your event.

An example of a popular event promoted on TikTok was:

#ChrisRockLive: Selective Outrage – Netflix’s First Live Global Event

Chris Rock Selective Outrage Netflix's First Live Global Event

Chris Rock Selective Outrage Netflix’s First Live Global Event – Netflix is one of the world’s most popular brands on TikTok

9. Announce your event

ESPN TikTok Live college Football CFP National Championship event

ESPN TikTok Live college Football CFP National Championship event – ESPN is one of the world’s most popular brands on TikTok.

8. Get relevant companies to sponsor your event

Real Madrid F.C. TikTok Live event promotion video Federico Valverde UEFA Champions League final 2022

Real Madrid F.C. TikTok Live event promotion video Federico Valverde UEFA Champions League final 2022 – Real Madrid F.C. is one of the world’s most followed brands on TikTok.

7. Launch a TikTok challenge that promotes your event

if you can add your spin on a challenge to the established hashtag then there’s every chance that it’ll get you noticed and lead people onto your page which should drive engagement.

  • Offer prizes to the winners

6. Partner with TikTok influencers who would love your event

TikTok is full of personalities. Whether people are making dance routines, informational videos or are just generally joking around, they have huge platforms and communities. Getting in touch with influencers relevant to your event demographic can help drive sales if they give you a shout-out in one of their videos.

You can draw them in with free event tickets. You don’t need to be getting in touch with D’Amelio’s, target names with decent followings who post about interests similar to those who you expect to attend your event. Micro-influencers (around 100 and more followers) and major influencers can spread your reach substantially, there are even marketing agencies specialised in influencer marketing to help you out if needed.

Influencer promoting TikTok's Live Talent Show event

Influencer promoting TikTok’s Live Talent Show event – TikTok is one of the world’s most followed brands on TikTok 

5. Share fun videos about your event on TikTok

Respond to comments, host Q+A’s and hold live streams. It’s important to make people feel like their voices are being heard and the more you engage, the more likely you are to persuade them to come along.

The Burner Show video recap by Overtime on TikTok sponsored by Adidas

The Burner Show video recap by Overtime on TikTok sponsored by Adidas. Overtime is one of the word’s most popular brands on TikTok.

4. Promote the key benefit of your event. The “Money can’t buy experience”.

Most event marketing on TikTok think their brand is just their event – stage time – and yes this is the core of the product but not the whole customer experience.

To enjoy an event, participants have to:

  • Find out who wants/can join them: friends? family? colleagues? partner? date?
  • Check the weather forecast, other activities and commitments and choose the best day and time.
  • Make a payment.
  • Find out how to get to the venue and pick up other friends or family members.
  • Allocate enough time to get to the venue on time. Either driving or taking public transport, uber, etc.
  • Get inside the venue. This only sometimes can be a nightmare.
  • Find their seat: a seat that is comfortable and easy to watch and listen from.
  • Get comfortable with the sound and light. Your show can be great but if the sound is poor – people cannot hear you properly – it will affect the experience.

It is important to respect your audience by offering the best experience possible.

For people who paid and missed it, can they have access to an exclusive live video recording?

3. Run some TikTok ads that promote your event

TikTok is in the early phase where only minimum investment is required and returns are almost guaranteed thanks to the sheer number of users.

With a budget of less than $1K, a paid TikTok promotional campaign can boost your event.

Utilise In-Feed Native Ads on TikTok to directly lead people to your page. This appears as people scroll down the For You section of their feed. A 5-15 second eye-catching video could entice people to click and discover your event, which is a great way of gaining more traffic, especially as it seems like everyone and their nan is on TikTok, it’s a great way to get big engagement numbers.

2. Plant seeds of curiosity and anticipate objections

Try an intro story about your event to plant seeds of curiosity and end with a strong call to action.

  • The story does not end here. Secure your ticket.
  • But the best part of this story will be shared at the event. Get your ticket.
  • Want to know the rest of the story? Get your ticket today!

Your event is one of a million options people have to entertain themselves. Some of the most typical objections people may have to not going to your event include:

  • I do not have anyone to go with.
  • I have other commitments: yoga class, gym sessions, dinner with friends/family, looking after the kids, tv shows they do not want to miss, sports finals they want to watch, etc.
  • Too expensive.
  • Too hard to get to the event’s venue.
  • I prefer watching comedy on Netflix or YouTube that day.
  • The venue may get too busy I hate crowds.

1. Make it easy to buy tickets for your event

The key question here is:

What is the easiest way to get people to pay and book your event from TikTok?

You know the answer: online.

However, few event marketers take the time to double-check the payment platform.

Is it easy to choose the date and time?

Think about all kinds of information people want to know before they spend their hard-earned money on your event ticket:

  • seat allocation
  • refund/return policies
  • the venue location
  • car parking information
  • public transport information
  • access for people with disabilities, etc.

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