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This is what normally happens:

  • You start a website or a blog
  • You start giving free advice in the form of articles, infographics or videos.
  • If you are not an SEO expert, your content gets buried in the massive universe of millions of related content on the web
  • You keep writing content pieces
  • With luck, you may get some readers and some enquiries.
  • You then move to affiliate programs, you partner with some vendors and write amazing content pieces with the hope people will purchase your affiliate partner’s products or services to only realise that in 98% of cases you get nothing! nada!
  • You then try adding banners ads into your website to just realise it pays peanuts.
  • You know people are reading your amazing free content to solve their exact issue and then piss off; you notice in Google Analytics most of them will never come back.



All those happened to me, I was giving money away for many years in the form of free articles, free Slideshare presentations, free templates, free guides, free infographics, etc.

Until one day I decided to try something totally different!

In this premium guide, I will teach you not only how I made my first USD$10K letting people pay for my tips but also I will share with you how I had to unlearn and delete some thoughts that were not helping me seeing the opportunity of monetising my expertise.

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