Find below the Best 9 Email Marketing Tips and Trends for 2024. Make people open your emails with these email marketing tips and trends for 2023.

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It’s time to look ahead to see what kind of trends we can expect in the world of email marketing.

Marketers are experiencing more and more creative approaches to email marketing campaigns to ensure compliance without sacrificing snappy content and great branding.

Email subscribers are also more likely to share content on social media than leads acquired through any other channel, boosting your brand awareness and reach massively.

Email surely can still pack a powerful marketing punch.

Let’s take a look at what the coming year brings and talk about some tips to get ahead.

9. Retention

Generating more direct traffic to your website or app is an important priority for your business, with email newsletters a particularly favoured tactic for retaining subscribers but also for attracting new users.

For example, The Washington Post operates around 70 different newsletters and has found that recipients consume around three times as much content as those who don’t use email alerts.

8. App notifications

According to the latest Digital News Report by the Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford, email remains extremely effective with older, highly engaged users, However, by contrast, mobile notifications tend to be used by younger groups and have shown considerable growth.

7. Personal Touch 

It might sound simple to get customers to open and read emails, but in today’s world of jam-packed inboxes, overzealous marketing campaigns and scam and phishing messages it is harder than ever to entice such action. Your email will be jostling for position among many other promotional messages, so you need to think carefully about who you want to read your email when you want them to read it and what kind of effect you want it to have on them.

You need to get personal with your carefully chosen audience as time goes by studies show that marketers should aim for ever-narrower targets.

You’ll need to engage immediately with a snappy subject line and then consolidate it with great copy, glorious design, and a valuable story.

6. Go Mobile

More traffic than ever is being generated by mobile devices, and even though purchase percentages don’t quite match up, purchases made via mobiles and tablets are still on the rise – almost 25% each year.

Customising emails for mobile devices is crucial in running a successful email marketing campaign – just looking around on the bus or train you can see that most people are there, consuming content, on their mobiles. The design of your emails and e-newsletters must be mobile-focused, and links with SMS marketing strategies are crucial for 2020.

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5. Interactivity

Interaction equals engagement.

Your emails should have a clear purpose and a clear direction. This is where your call to action comes in – you’ve got your recipients to read your email and now you need them to respond in the way you’ve asked them.

Calls to action should be clear, easy to use and well-designed.

Even streamlining the wording of the call to action can help increase click-through percentages – like the subject heading you need to keep the copy snappy and enticing.

Animated buttons work well, as do accordion-style emails, to make those long-form messages work visually. Being able to quickly navigate each section of the email is vital for engagement. 

4. Artificial Intelligence email marketing

Some of the best email automation platforms that use AI can provide the most relevant content at the most suitable time to a specific individual or group, be they existing or potential customers. All in all, this will benefit everyone involved, leading to a much smoother and well-defined customer experience, with more relevant emails delivered.

3. UGC content

UGC has turned the world of marketing on its head – whereas before the marketers had to produce content, now a product’s end-user can provide their own, and to great effect.

UGC drives real-time engagement with customers and influencers alike, meanwhile encouraging other users to provide content of their own. It’s been proven that this motivates your client base and improves conversion rates.

User-generated content also encourages the creation of an inclusive community – the feeling of togetherness around your product or service.

Marketers are no longer shy of sharing low-produced content as if they were users of their brands, creating more authentic communications.

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2. Accessibility is a must

Email recipients want a clear and concise copy, without laying the buzzwords and jargon on too thick. The ideal copy length is 50-75 words depending on the large audience. Speak directly with a voice that they understand and relate to. Use short, snappy sentences and always keep things trimmed of fat and compelling. For your design stick to real text HTML. Keep the font sizes and line spacing appropriate and optimize line spacing.

1. Be relevant

Once your email recipients have become customers or clients, avoid the obvious temptation to carpet bomb their inbox with marketing messages – consider limiting them to one per week.

The average office worker gets well over 100 emails in their inbox each day. People start their morning by clearing out their emails and the usual suspects will go into the trash bin – you do not want to become one of those usual suspects.

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By staying informed about and following email marketing trends, you can adapt your email marketing strategies to better meet the needs and expectations of your subscribers, leading to more effective email marketing campaigns and better business outcomes.

By staying up-to-date with email marketing trends, you can better understand what resonates with your subscribers. This allows you to create more engaging content and campaigns that are tailored to their preferences, leading to higher open rates, click-through rates, and ultimately, conversions.

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