Find below the Best 7 Email Marketing Tips and Trends for 2020. Curated by MAU. Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at eDigital.

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As 2019 draws to a close it’s time to look ahead to see what kind of trends we can expect in the world of email marketing next year. Using email marketing has been declared by some to be all but redundant due to the multitude of new channels available to the modern digital marketer, not to mention the tightening of laws to clamp down on spam emails and phishing scams. But in reality, these challenges have seen more and more creative approaches to email marketing campaigns to ensure compliance without sacrificing snappy content, great branding and cutting edge technological aspects. Email is still the preferred form of communication for businesses and can still pack a powerful marketing punch. Let’s take a look at what the coming year brings and talk about some tips to get ahead.

Personal Touch 

Getting the customer to open and read the email. It might sound simple, but in today’s world of jam-packed inboxes, overzealous marketing campaigns and scam and phishing messages it is harder than ever to entice such engagement. Your email will be jostling for position among many other promotional messages, so you need to think carefully about who you want to read your email when you want them to read it and what kind of effect you want it to have on them. You need to get personal with your chosen demographic – and choose that demographic carefully – as time goes by studies show that marketers should aim for ever-narrower targets. You’ll need to engage immediately with a snappy subject line and then consolidate with great copy, glorious design, and a great product.

Go Mobile

More traffic than ever is being generated by mobile devices, and even though purchase percentage doesn’t quite match up, purchases made via mobiles and tablets are still on the rise – almost 25% each year. Customizing emails for mobile devices is crucial in running a successful email marketing campaign – just looking around you on the bus or subway you can see that most people are there, consuming content, on their mobiles. The design must be mobile-focused, and links with SMS marketing strategies are crucial for 2020.

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Interaction equals engagement. Your emails should have a clear purpose, a clear direction. This is where your call to action comes in – you’ve got your target demographic to read your email, now you need them to respond in the way you’ve asked them. Calls to action should be clear, easy to use and well designed. Even streamlining the wording of the call to action can help increase click-through percentages – like the subject heading you need to keep the copy snappy and enticing. Remember your mobile optimization here – your audience is most likely reading on their phone or tablet, so make sure your call to action is geared towards them. Animated buttons work well, as do accordion-style emails, to make those long-form messages work visually. Being able to quickly navigate each section of the email is vital for engagement. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a frightening prospect to some. The robots taking over – not in an exciting science fiction sense- but as a threat to traditional marketing techniques (and traditional marketers themselves). However, AI should be seen and used as a problem solver, concentrating on the automation of processes. Marketing automation is centred around providing the most relevant content at the most suitable time to a specific individual or group, be they existing or potential customers. All in all, this will benefit everyone involved, leading to a much smoother and well-defined customer experience, with more relevant emails delivered in an, ironically, less robotic way.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC has turned the world of marketing on its head – whereas before the marketers had to produce content, now a product’s end-user can provide their own, and to great effect. UGC drives real-time engagement with customers and influencers alike, meanwhile encouraging other users to provide content of their own. It’s been proven that this motivates your client base and improves conversion rates directly. User-generated content also encourages the creation of an inclusive community – the feeling of togetherness around your product or service. Don’t be shy of sharing your own content, as if you were a user, this level of direct communication is also a sure-fire way to secure purchases. Email subscribers are also more likely to share content on social media than leads acquired through any other channel, boosting your brand awareness and reach massively.

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OK, so your email looks great, works well on mobile and has a great, snappy headline. Now its time to turn your attention to the rest of the content. More than ever the audience welcomes clear and concise copy, without laying the buzzwords and jargon on too thick. Ideal copy length is 50-75 words depending on the large audience. And speaking of that audience, make sure that your copy speaks directly to who you are targeting, in a voice that they understand and relate to. Localize the content, use short, snappy sentences and always keep things trimmed of fat and compelling. For your design stick to real text HTML. Keep the font sizes and line spacing appropriate and optimize line spacing.

Limit Your Output

So, people have responded to your calls to action, they’ve signed up to your newsletters, created an account on your website or purchased a product. They are already engaged with you and clearly have an interest in your brand. Avoid the obvious temptation to carpet bomb their inbox with marketing messages – consider limiting them to one per week. The average office worker gets well over 100 emails in their inbox each day. As many of us start our morning clearing out our emails the usual suspects go into the trash – you do not want to become one of those usual suspects.

As 2020 appears on the horizon it’s clear that email marketing is anything but obsolete. If anything it reflects and takes the best from other marketing channels, and looks set to keep changing and developing over the next twelve months.

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