Are you an Australian Retailer who badly want to succeed and get new insights and knowledge on Digital Marketing and other key Retail topics?
You can join this Future Retail Leaders Program which I was invited as a keynote speaker this month in Sydney.

The Australian Retailers Association’s (ARA) in collaboration with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) is supporting the future leaders of SME retailers to drive productivity levels.

The ACCI Future Leaders Catalyst Program launched in February 2014, and it is heavily subsidised through a Federal Government Productivity Education and Training Grant. The program is valued at $2500 per participant, however with the support and subsidy this is made accessible with a fee of $400 per participant.

This initiative has a clear objective to make strong productivity increases accessible to the retail sector through engaging the mid level leadership channels and skilling them to adopt the role of a productivity catalyst, understanding, embracing and controlling productivity drivers.

The program offers face to face workshops and a dedicated online platform of tools, education and communication, ideal for businesses located in regional locations. Participants benefit from face to face or online innovation workshops delivered a four day intensive

[1 day per month].