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Jump into the world of mobile marketing and reach customers on the go. Understand basin mobile marketing concepts and trends, develop a strategy that works for your business, and then implement and optimize the strategy following industry best practices.

Mobile marketing expert Michael Becker shows how to prep your webs. and ernalls for mobile visitors, launch SMS campaigns, find development partners, advertise on mobile, and measure results.
This course Is part of a Learning Path approved by the American Marketing Association.

Gain the skills you need to become an AMA Professional Certificate Marketer (PCM) in Digital Marketing by using the industry-leading courses and resources In the Learning Path.

Take the AMA certification exam to show that you have what it takes to lead the digital transformation.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the mobile marketing purchase funnel
  • Auditing your mobile readiness
  • Testing your email and web performance
  • Creating a strategy
  • Establishing a basic mobile web presence
  • Setting up a OR code program
  • Building your mobile phone number database for an SMS campaign
  • Planning a mobile app
  • Setting up a mobile display ad campaign
  • Understanding government regulations on mobile marketing


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