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You and we know that building an authentic sense of community and engagement is one of the most important objectives for Facebook usage among Government departments, agencies and councils.

But there is one massive issue: some members of your community might have radically different opinions and feelings about your government department hard work, initiatives and efforts.


With the current COVID pandemic, Government departments are experiencing spikier, snarkier, quite rude, more sensitive and wholly sarcastic followers on Facebook. Luckily some Facebook followers are either busy with their lives or simply do not comment online.

But for the unaware or not trained government employee with Facebook page access, online and public tête-à-têtes disagreements are simply not a really good idea.

You are too strict, you may create gloominess around your Facebook followers. You are extremely optimistic, your followers may become cynical about your government initiatives.

From the view of an on-looker and someone who reports on social media best practices and follow a few different local council Facebook pages in Australia; I can say some people’s patience with the Government on Facebook is running thin.

Added COVID challenges, Government-led Facebook post/updates on COVID new and ever-changing regulations are sometimes seen as “ridiculous Gov demands” by the public.

Posting the wrong message or comment, you then create awkward online altercations or rants. Some people’s fuse seems exceptionally short and does not take too long for Government social media posting to light it.

Some of the top, most important and current issues and challenges when managing Facebook pages for Government departments, agencies and local councils are myriad and in no way solely down to arguments with followers.

Your government posts on Facebook cannot ignore or lightly treat a massive issue affecting your community. You’d be slammed for doing so. And, if your government department makes a mistake, hiding it is likely not sustainable. Governments are also learning they can open up on social media and people appreciate it. It is a cathartic process for your team, but that’s for another story.

In your Facebook training, we will uncover for you some of the most important things your government department should plan, do and avoid when posting on Facebook.  When planning it and managing it right, social media becomes a tool to boost followers, citizens and local residents alike – likely more so than one to air boring Government official announcements.


We understand most Government departments experience massive challenges with:

  • Criticism, non-sense demands and/or trolling on Facebook.
  • Trying to successfully manage multiple Facebook pages
  • Transform technical language into plain and exciting language Facebook fans easily can understand.
  • Brainstorm creative ideas for Facebook posting for high community engagement.

We can help you and your Government team navigate these critical Facebook communication challenges and issues. We have years of experience in delivering training sessions and workshops for government departments and local councils.


We can deliver your facebook training session at your office, summit or online/virtual via Zoom.


Facebook marketing for government training topics can include:

  • How to transfer your Government department brand identity, personality, tone and voice to your Facebook posts
  • From old style Government communications to the new way of Facebook publishing for Government departments. 
  • Creative ideas, tips and best practices when crafting the best Facebook post to the public and key audiences. 
  • Fb posts with images VS Fb post with videos VS Fb stories. What’s best?
  • Fb direct posting VS Posting via Fb Business Suite VS Fb Creator Studio. What’s best? 
  • How to respond and manage criticism and trolling on Facebook.
  • Results. What data you should check on Facebook Insights and share with your Government team.
  • The ideal Facebook monthly report for Government teams. What to include and omit. – Learn how to craft your own monthly report and get the metrics that matter the most to your Government department boss. 
  • How to publish a Facebook post across different Facebook pages.
  • Understand the different Facebook Analytics metrics. For example, the difference between reach, impressions and engagement.
  • Discuss what you should be measuring at your specific Government Department Facebook page.
  • Learn how to keep an eye on your industry leaders in Government using Facebook to their advantage.
  • Get a much better understanding of who your Facebook followers are and when they are online.
  • Ask the question: Are we getting ‘return on your investment from our Facebook activities? It really depends on what you are measuring!


Award-winning Senior Digital Marketing Specialist and Training Facilitator, Mau is an innovative pioneer and writer in the exciting world of Social Media Marketing. With fresh ideas and a penchant for predicting the next big thing, Mau has successfully transformed the social media strategy of various organisations. Mau specialises in offering hands-on practical workshops for government organisations, government departments, local councils and government communication teams.

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