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Find the Best Content Marketing Courses in 2018. This 2018 list of Top Best Content Marketing Courses has been curated by eDigital sourced from the world’s top best academies, universities, colleges and schools.

In the new marketing world, content is not only king, but also a necessity for any company; making content marketing strategies an important element on any successful marketing team.

Having a content plan and an effective content strategy that communicates and engages consumers is vital to the success of a brand or business. Content Marketing courses will help you learn to design a content plan, create and implement a successful content strategy that effectively engages potential and current customers at every phase of their purchase cycle (see graph below). Some of these courses will also delve you into content creation – including copywriting and how to leverage social networks to engage consumers.Discover the full scope of content marketing and learn all elements of an effective content strategy with the below courses.


customer cycle dream plan book experience share graph

customer cycle dream plan book experience share graph




About this course:

A well structured blogging and content marketing strategy has become a key asset of big brand websites and creative individuals across the digital world alike and they’ve undoubtedly become a useful addition to your digital marketing artillery. The Diploma in Blogging and content Marketing You learn what proven content marketing techniques to create your brand audience and community. Interactive and On Demand Lessons over the course of (8 one-hour lessons spanning) four weeks, you will learn to blog successfully. This course provides a solid understanding of what is required to make your content marketing strategy a success. You will learn key unique skills and tips required for you to excel at creating engaging and compelling content. There is no way to create a successful content marketing strategy without creating content that is well constructed and engaging.


Trainer: Dayna Rothman

About this course:

Create messaging that breaks through to buyers and tells the story of your brand with content marketing. Expert Dayna Rothman explains fundamental content marketing concepts and benefits, and then explores how to craft a content marketing strategy in organizations of all sizes. The Content Marketing Fundamentals course explores creating a content plan, choosing content types, and developing an editorial calendar. It also explains how to write, edit, and design content, as well as choose the right mix of content and curate it for maximum impact, and closes with tips on measuring the impact of your content marketing efforts.

Topics include:

  • What is content marketing?
  • Hiring a content marketing team
  • Creating buyer personas
  • Developing a brand voice
  • Setting goals
  • Creating a content plan
  • Writing, editing, designing, and curating content
  • Promoting content on various channels
  • Tracking performance


Trainer: Megan Adams

About this Course:

The Content Marketing with eBooks course will help you learn how to leverage ebooks as content marketing materials. Ebooks can be a compelling tool to reach new audiences, whether your goal is sales or email signups. Online marketing strategist Megan Adams shows you the ins and outs of using ebooks for marketing. Learn how to choose the right topic, write and format your ebook, price it correctly, and promote it to your target audience. Finally, find out how to incorporate your ebook into your content marketing strategy, to promote your business, brand, and credibility in your market.

Topics include:

  • Deciding on an ebook topic
  • Choosing a title
  • Writing an ebook
  • Publishing an ebook
  • Pricing an ebook
  • Adding an ebook to a content marketing plan


Instructor: ADMA – Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising

About this course:

Learn how to connect with your customers in a way they’ll love your brand by discovering social media and content marketing and cover all elements of an effective content strategy.

In the modern marketing era, content is king, which is why content marketing training is so important. Having a content plan and an effective content strategy that communicates and engages consumers is vital to the success of a brand or business.

In this online content marketing certificate, you’ll learn to design a content plan, create and implement a successful content strategy that effectively engages consumers – and you’ll receive a content marketing qualification. You’ll also delve into content creation – including copywriting and how to leverage social networks to engage consumers.

Duration: You have up to 6 months to complete this online certificate at your own pace.

What you will learn:

  • Create engaging content that cuts through and drives engagement
  • Understand the social media landscape and major channels
  • How to develop and implement an effective content strategy
  • Channel plan and recognise the most suitable channels for your business
  • Measure and optimise content
  • Facilitate a connection with customers based on their purchase decision
  • The relevant marketing techniques for effective content
  • Understand and use content planning, distribution and amplification

Price: AU$2845


Instructor: ADMA – Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising

About this course:

Want to learn the role of content and how it drives engagement and sales? Content marketing courses are essential to stay ahead of the content marketing game. In this content marketing strategy course you will examine all areas of content marketing, including content planning and strategy and the role it plays in digital, marketing and business strategies.

Best practice case studies will walk you through all the components of an effective content marketing strategy. You’ll also focus on how to create, distribute and manage content.

This content marketing training covers content creation and strategy, content publication processes, how to manage content and how to optimise content.

Consumers prefer to be engaged with a brand via a story or conversation, so the power of content is immeasurable. Through both in-class discussion and practical exercises, you will explore how consumer behaviour fuels this power and how you can develop your content marketing strategy to be just as powerful. Plus, learn how to properly measure its effectiveness.

You will learn to:

  • Map content strategy to the customer life cycle
  • Understand how content facilitates a connection with customers online throughout their purchase decision
  • Explore content publication processes and technologies
  • How to measure and optimise content

Price: AU$750


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