Find the world’s best 12 online course software & platforms in 2024 list. Build online courses with these well-ranked online course creator tools.

Written by Mau, a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist and Training Facilitator at eDigital.


Are you thinking about launching your first online course? or maybe you’ve already launched an online program and are looking for a better, easier way to teach and sell your course online.

Are you thinking of using powerful yet simple online course software to deliver engaging classes to students or clients and help them grow at a price that won’t break the bank? Perhaps you’ve already tried an online course software, or maybe you’ve even attempted to custom-build your online course using WordPress and a bunch of plugins.

You still have the same question:

What’s the best online course creator software that allows me to deliver an inspiring online course my students love completing and rave about the results they are getting?

You should be able to run your online course easily plus access a support team to help you design, launch and promote your online course. You want paying students and that’s why you need more than just an online course creator tool.

Below you will find some of the World’s best Course creator software and platforms you can review and start monetising your skills and knowledge and share your passion.

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As consumers spend more time at home due to the current global health crisis, they are all looking for novel online experiences with the brands they love, using all this time indoors to learn something new.

Below are some interesting facts and trends:

  • According to online publisher Wired, Shaw Academy had over 143,000 people registered for courses in 2019. But in 2020, they experienced an increase to 980,000 people registered for courses. Photography, graphic design and nutrition were the most popular courses.
  • According to the latest Coursera impact report, a whopping 87% of people who learned a new skill over the past year said it boosted their career financially. You can use this insight when communicating the benefits of completing your online course.

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There is only one online course creator software that wins all the rest. If you are serious about choosing only the best course creator, contact me and I will be happy to help you review the best online course software for your training business.


Accessally is a membership plugin and LMS for WordPress course creators who want deep marketing automation integration to sell, teach and engage with a single WordPress LMS Plugin. AccessAlly is one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins and automation marketing course creators. It also offers gamification strategies to keep your students engaged. Some of its key features include:

  • Built to sell. Nice built-in order forms, affiliate tracking, and 1-click up-sell functionality.
  • Multiple currencies. Start taking orders directly on your WordPress site with Stripe or PayPal payment gateways. With the built-in order forms you can accept multiple currencies, offer payment plans or subscriptions and add order bumps.
  • Affiliate program. Set up your own affiliate program with multiple affiliate tiers. Easily create affiliate links, set up an affiliate dashboard with stats and banners. Compatible with InfusionSoft & Ontraport’s affiliate tracking.
  • Quick check out. Reduce shopping cart abandonment with a simple, 3-step checkout process that lets you capture your visitors’ email addresses and follow up if they don’t complete the purchase – increasing sales through automation.
  • Mobile-friendly order forms. Beautiful order forms with customisable colours. You can add testimonials and guarantees to increase conversions. Order forms are also available in Spanish and French.
  • Easy course trial offer set up. Offer a free or paid trial period followed by recurring payments (monthly or yearly with Stripe or PayPal) and watch your membership grow. Increase revenue with 1-click upsells and order bumps.
  • Cross-selling. Show all of your courses and programs in a member dashboard with customisable icons and links to instant up-sell and sales pages of your choice.
  • Easily promote course coupons and discounts. Offer coupons & discounts as unique time-sensitive incentives for your customers. Email special offers to those who abandoned their cart and win them back.
  • Automatically apply taxes and or shipping fees. Keep compliant with the EUVAT and your local tax laws. The software settings apply taxes or shipping fees at the province/state or country levels.
  • Design your own metrics dashboard. Keep track of the key stats that drive your business with the drag-and-drop metrics dashboard. Drill down on a per-product basis, or see your aggregated business data all in one place. You can see stats at a glance or design charts to showcase trends in sales, subscriptions, refunds or abandoned carts.

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Coursecats allows you to build well-crafted online courses, grow your email lists and sell your online courses. Some of its key features include:

  • Concierge service. Their concierge service will manage the tech part – they’ll point your domain to your web host, install WordPress and install their theme. Not sure what this means? No problem, they can help explain that too!
  • Step-by-step tutorials to add content to pages, such as your sales page, homepage and nice-looking opt-in landing pages. The software allows you to add a blog too but I would suggest keeping your blog separate.
  • Easy course creator. Add courses and lessons including content, videos and any downloads you might want to provide to your students.
  • Customise it. Customise the look and feel of your online course.
  • Course content protection. When you’re ready to start selling your first course, they’ll show you how to protect your course content (so only your customers can view it) and set up your payment gateway (so you can get paid!).
  • Get more customers. They’ll explain to you how to make your online course live so you can make your first sale. From there, it’ll be all about continuing to grow your email list, selling your existing course and maybe planning your next course!

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LifterLMS can help you create (and sell) your online courses. Easily create & sell courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, download reports, and so much more! By using LifterLMS you have access to the latest e-learning industry trends for creating robust learning experiences. Some of its key features:

  • All-in-one LMS solution. All the LMS, reporting, e-commerce, membership, engagement, and gamification benefits are included and supported by LifterLMS.
  • Create “high-value” online training programs that include coaching and community, not just courses.
  • Different pricing settings. Simply set the price, choose the pricing model (one-time sales, subscriptions, memberships, bundles), and publish.
  • Reward your learners. Deliver certificates, points, and badges to encourage learners.
  • Drip-feed content. Automatically deliver content according to a predefined schedule.
  • Engagement triggers. Interact with learners based on the actions they do in your courses.
  • Manage learner progress. Set the learning path, mark tasks complete, and review submissions.
  • User groups. Group learners and assign a Group Leader to manage their progress.
  • Communicate clearly. Send course-specific messages and automatic email notifications.
  • Any payment gateway. PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and 300+ others with WooCommerce
  • Automatic renewal notifications. No renewal? Choose to remove access.
  • Refund protection. Scheduled content to lower your refund rates and increase revenue.

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9. Udemy

Udemy is one of the leading global marketplaces for learning and instruction. By connecting students all over the world to the best instructors, Udemy is helping individuals reach their goals and pursue their dreams. More than 130k courses and 40 million students.

Udemy helps organisations of all kinds prepare for the ever-evolving future of work. Their curated collection of top-rated business and technical courses gives companies, governments, and non-profits the power to develop in-house expertise and satisfy employees’ hunger for learning and development. Some of its key features:

  • High-quality content alone isn’t sufficient. Udemy marketplace content model ensures that we always have the most recent and high-quality content that makes learning enjoyable. We’ll always have the latest skills on the most important topics your employees need to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Personalised courses. Udemy sophisticated learning recommendations deepen skills and are personalized to drive employee engagement, creating a happier workforce.

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8. go1

go1 logo png

go1 logo png

go1 – backed by Microsoft & Salesforce – is an online learning platform focused specifically on professional training online courses (both those to enhance a worker’s skills as well as those needed for company compliance training). It sells online courses from some of the world’s top trainers and instructors. The company started out in Brisbane, Australia, and now operates out of San Francisco, California, USA. Key benefits include:

  • Expand your reach. Leverage our growing network of the most commonly used technology partners to reach a wide range of organisations across the world. Take advantage of the fast growth of the online learning industry with go1.
  • Reach students outside your network. Your content will be delivered to learners via the go1 platform, or through go1 partners such as SuccessFactors, Totara, or Microsoft Teams. Joining the go1 Content Hub provides distribution on a global scale, enabling your content to be at the fingertips of millions of potential users through our direct and affiliate channels.
  • Create your own online school. Use the go1 Platform as your personalised shop-front, allowing you to sell and distribute your content directly to your own customers, free of charge. 100% of the revenue earned is yours to keep.
  • Receive the best insights. go1 onboarding team will work with you to find the most appropriate solution and support you with automated billing and analytics, so you can spend more time creating amazing content.

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With Kartra, you can create, market and launch an online course without hiring a team of copywriters, web developers, designers or system integrators.

Do you want to create a full learning experience? Do you have knowledge to share?

Kartra Memberships is a feature-packed portal that enables you to organise and share your content with your customer base.

No matter whether you want to create a training course or a private community space or even a multi-topic content directory, Kartra membership gives you full flexibility to build it out while making sure the whole experience for your users remains intuitive and hassle-free.

Some of its key features include:

  • Course progression tracking Kartra Memberships’ progression bar tracks how far your customers have advanced within your membership content, so they can easily pick up where they left it.
  • Full analytical data such as average user progression level, the average number of days from registration to course completion, etc. But that’s not all.
  • Progressive content that leads students to a higher tier. The system knows when a user has completed your course, so you can configure a number of automated actions. For example: display a congratulations message, automatically unlock the next access tier, subscribe them to an “advanced user mailing list”, etc. In short, you pave the way beyond the training course itself.

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One of the most popular WordPress LMS plugins, LearnDash allows you to transform your site in less than 5 minutes! LearnDash courses are dynamic, engaging, and offer the latest in e-learning industry trends. Key features include:

  • Advanced quizzes. Single-answer, multiple-choice, sorting, matching, fill-in-the-blank, free text, survey, and essay questions are all supported.
  • Drip-feed content. Drip-feed lessons according to a specific schedule.
  • Flexible prerequisites. Set courses, lessons and quizzes based on prerequisites.
  • Dynamic forums. Private or public course-specific forums for your enrolled students.
  • Course points. Award points for completing courses and unlocking new ones.
  • Certificates and badges. Award course certificates and points for course activities or key achievements.
  • One-time purchase. One-time price, subscription and shopping cart supported.

Note: There one only one – by far – that I love using! Contact me and I will be happy to tell you. I can also train your team on how to best use it.


An initiative led by Arizona State University, Crash Course, and YouTube is taking aim at the remote student demographic by turning Study Hall (the college-level educational channel launched by ASU and Crash Course) into a fully accredited program.

Students have the option to take seven-week “College Foundations” courses in English composition, college maths, USA history, and human communication for college credit. Students who choose to go that route will need to pay $25 to enrol in the full course and an additional $400 to receive credit. (viewers who preregister before March will receive a $50 discount on the credit fee.)

YouTube won’t take a cut of student fees. Most importantly, the cost of College Foundations courses is still far less than typical in-person tuition rates.

That affordability is one of ASU and YouTube’s main goals for the project.

As YouTube Global Head of Learning Katie Kurtz said, the collaborators hope that students who “never believed there was a path for them” might find new learning opportunities via Study Hall.

“We’re meeting learners where they are. Ultimately, they’re on YouTube, and we’re excited to democratise access to education and opportunity.” Maria Anguiano, ASU EVP of Learning Enterprise.

“You can validate your online course demand by launching a simple landing page with Fastfunnels or other tools and running some Google ads or social media ads to it. If you see people registering for your course you can then choose one of these LMS platforms to build your online course”



With Thinkific you can make every decision about publishing, pricing, and promoting your education business while crafting amazing learning experiences for your audience.

Some of its key features:

  • Quick drag and drop. Thinkific is simple enough to launch a course quickly but powerful enough for the most demanding online schools – no coding required.
  • Customise your course: private and hidden courses, prerequisite lessons, multiple instructors, drip schedule content, cohorts, evergreen and expiring content and membership sites.

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kajabi logo png online courses software

kajabi logo png online courses software

Build, market and sell your online coursemembership site or coaching program with no coding. Kajabi is making waves within the creator economy. Kajabi’s signature DIY course creation platform offers some of the world’s best digital tools for creating, marketing and engaging online course participants.

When the 2020 pandemic hit, the demand for remote monetisation options began rising at a rapid pace. Suddenly, Kajabi was a needed tool for 60k+ instructors and creators who wanted to make an income from home. 

Course creators were able to earn a steady source of income thanks to Kajabi’s best digital course creation tools. In fact, since 2020, Kajabi has paid $5 billion to its community of course creators. 

The majority of Kajabi users who have earned at least $100,000 have as few as 400 customers on average (Source: PRNewswire). This means you do not need to be a celebrity instructor to make money with an online course. Anyone can do it. 

Key benefits and features include:

  • Best online course creator. Transform your expertise into polished, profitable digital products with Kajabi. Teach, coach, train, consult — and enjoy the freedom to think big.
  • Easy to use product generator. Quick and easy to create online courses, membership sites, subscriptions or start from scratch.
  • Build your student-gated community online. Your product can also be an online community where your students can connect with you and with one another. Gather with your audience in a community that’s independent of social media platforms.
  • No code is necessary. With Kajabi’s Product Blueprints, you always have a head start on creating polished online courses and launching them out into the market fast. No need to worry about coding or programming an online course.

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teachable logo png icon circle

teachable logo png icon circle

Teachable allows you to create engaging multimedia lectures. Add video, image, text, audio, and PDF files. Easily import content directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Build a beautiful website. You can work with your existing website or create new pages on Teachable, all with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

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podia logo png

podia logo png

Podia is one of the easiest ways to turn your passion into income. Sell online courses, memberships, and digital downloads. No technical headaches, zero transaction fees, and unlimited everything. Podia offers everything for your course: Online courses, memberships, digital downloads, email marketing and affiliate marketing.

  • womanschool Sell webinars with YouTube or Zoom – sell live classes and workshops using the world’s best video tools.
  • e-mail Email broadcast schedule – set it and forget it email marketing.
  • dollar Add a free trial to memberships – allow potential members to try out your membership community and products.

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Domêstika started as an online course marketplace for creatives who speak Spanish. Today,

Domêstika also offers online courses in English by creators from all around the world. You can generate income by teaching online courses in Domêstika.

Domêstika is helping thousands of people teach new skills and monetise their hobbies. Key features include:

  • You add the content and Domestika makes it happen. This will be the beginning of a project you will do with Domestika, side by side.
  • Get your community of fans interested in your course. Get inspired and inspire other creatives.
  • Anyone can publish a course. Any professional in the creative field can. A team of professionals is responsible for reviewing every proposal in detail to ensure that it meets Domestika’s quality standards.
  • You do not have to worry about anything. Domestika will take care of the production costs for your course and in addition, you will earn money.
  • Promote your creative courses. The courses should be aimed at creating a project in any of the Domestika areas: photography and video, illustration, 3D and animation, marketing, design, calligraphy and typography, craft and technology.
  • Great for short courses. a Domestika course has between two and four hours of content and they recommend that at least 60% of that content is in video format. But they will advise you in detail on all these topics in due time.
  • Get paid quickly and easily. You only need a PayPal account. As soon as Domestika verify it, they will send you the instructions so that you can receive payments.

Note: There one only one – by far – that I love using! Contact me and I will be happy to tell you. I can also train your team on how to best use it.


Below are some simple yet powerful strategies, tips and insights on instructional design to build an engaging, diverse, inclusive and interactive online course.

Diversity is adding a mixture of similar and different elements into your online course and inclusion means fully respecting and involving all learners.

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

  1. Craft your welcome greeting. Confirm course learning objectives and what to expect and encourage them to test out the platform’s features. This can result in technical kinks being ironed out even before the session formally begins.
  2. Use Multiple formats. Offer elements of your online course in multiple formats: PowerPoint, an interactive PDF, a SCORM package or an interactive game.
  3. Use characters and stories to hold attention. Putting a face and a story to the lessons makes them more relatable. Relatability should also extend to assessments, for instance, incorporating real-world scenarios to show that what a student is learning will also be of practical use.
  4. Make videos informative and brief. If you record your videos, make sure they’re informative and brief to hold your learners’ attention.
  5. Make your videos accessible to all. Use closed captions or a transcript for students with hearing issues.
  6. Reward small progress. Add badges students can unlock after certain achievements.
  7. Use a variety of visuals that reflect different student types. for example, a picture meant to illustrate students in a classroom could show one student in a wheelchair.
  8. Mobile design. In developing countries, it’s more common to find people using mobile phones to attend a class. Your online course content should be designed with smaller screens in mind – large chunks of text are broken into smaller bits, buttons, links are properly resized, etc. Mobile-first also means designing for both dark and light modes. A possible design adjustment for this could be to add white borders around icons in a presentation. Although it makes no difference in light mode, it makes icons more visible in dark mode.
  9. Rehearse the flow of your live sessions. Make sure you don’t exceed your allotted time. Not only are excessively long presentations inconsiderate to the students, but it also becomes harder to keep their attention.
  10. Have an action plan in case your connection goes down. This could go from approaching a backup instructor who can take over or giving students an activity to do. Maximising live class time lets students know there’s always something happening in these sessions and that attending is always worth it.

Additional tips for your online course:

  • Build empathy
  • Encourage interaction
  • Exhibit inclusive behaviour
  • Reach out to colleagues and teach together
  • Share knowledge, do research and have fun

To sum up, there’s no shortage of techniques that can make teaching your online course a more engaging and interactive experience. While learning is indeed serious business, there’s no reason fun and creativity should be left out – in fact, these are crucial components of learning itself.

Students will be at their best when they are given the right space and tools to succeed. With the tips provided above, creating that ideal online learning environment will be a lot easier.


Learn more about the TPER method when selling your online course.

  • Traffic: Get the right people interested in your first online course by successfully nurturing your audience with key useful content and promoting it using different social media channels.
  • Pre-sales: How to create and publish a high-converting landing page.
  • Scalable: Member zone. Record your content once and let it be seen by thousands of people.
  • Recurrent: Via Email Marketing.
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Some of the best online course software can serve as valuable content marketing assets.

Marketers can create and offer courses that provide in-depth knowledge, solve specific problems or address the pain points of their target audience.

This content can attract, engage, and educate potential customers, leading to brand recognition and trust.

Online courses can be your best lead generation tool to capture potential customers’ contact information.

You should require users to register or provide their email addresses to access free or gated courses, thereby growing your email lists and expanding their potential customer base.

eDigital can help you conceptualise, plan, develop, run and optimise successful digital marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales for your brand.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Strategic planning for social media and other digital marketing channels.
  • Online advertising management and optimisation: Google Ads Search, Display, Re-marketing and social media advertising.
  • Training: social media marketing training and digital marketing training. 
  • SEO strategy and execution. Including content development: articles, stories, eye-catching and SEO-optimised visuals.
  • Celebrity and influencer marketing campaign strategy. 
  • Brand development. Logo creation, brand personality development and design of marketing materials.
  • Consumer contests/competitions/giveaways.
  • Email marketing. Dip sequence design and deployment. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation. It is also called “path to purchase” optimisation. 

Contact us today and start boosting your leads and sales.

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Final note: Want to reduce customer acquisition costs and dependency on paid media? eDigital‘s marketing strategy training will unmercifully review your marketing, help you build a marketing engine with channels and assets you own, stir your team’s thinking, bring new ideas for new conversion paths and boost customer lifetime value.


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