The Conversation Prism 5.0 by Brian Solis.

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Conversation Prism 5.0 Brian Solis JESS3 graph

Conversation Prism 5.0 Brian Solis JESS3 graph

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It comes down to “experience” architecture. People need to design new ways of doing or seeing things so the outcomes become wonderful experiences that people didn’t know were possible. This field is for anybody who wants to re-create themselves as a relevant strategist or expert in the future.

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Some of the companies listed on the conversation prism no longer work. The Conversation Prism 5.0 includes 28 categories:

1. Connecting IRL

2. Social Networks

3. Blog/Microblog

4. Expert Q &A


6. Social Commerce

7. Social Streams

8. Location

9. Niche working

10. Enterprise messaging

11. Wiki

12. Discussion & Forums

13. Business networking

14. Service networking

15. Review & Ratings

16. Social curation

17. Video:, funny or die,, Vevo, tuurnt, YouTube, Vivo, Vimeo, (TikTok).

Please note that, liveleak and Vine no longer work.

Check out this list to find the top current and most popular online video platforms.

18. Content networking

19. Events

20. Music

21. Livestreaming

22. Imagery/album

23. Social bookmark

24. Influence

25. Quantify self

26. Messaging

27. Crowdfunding

28. Travel and hospitality

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Brian Solis is world-renowned digital anthropologist and futurist.

Brian is also a keynote speaker and an author. In his new book, Lifescale: How to live a more creative, productive and happy life, Brian tackles the struggles of living in a world rife with constant digital distractions. His previous books, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design and What’s the Future of Business explore the future of customer and user experience design and moderniSing customer engagement in the four moments of truth.

Brian Solis conversation prism

Brian Solis conversation prism


Social media continues to shape marketing communications to this day. The latest social media platforms, tools and trends have changed how we share, discover, and connect with other people and brands.

Furthermore, it’s still evolving, spreading, and becoming increasingly invasive in people’s lives.

To capture the state of the social landscape, Brian Solis partnered up with JESS3 in 2008. Then, they created the Conversation Prism.

The Conversation Prism is a graphic chart of conversations between people on online networks.

Every few years, Solis and JESS3 update the Prism as new entrants become popular in the social media landscape.

The Conversation Prism 5.0 which was created in 2017 was the first update in four years. The 4.0 version was established in 2013. 

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Are marketers still interested in the Social Media Conversation Prism?

The answer is an overwhelming YES!

The History of Conversation Prism

In 2008, Solis and JESS3 published the first iteration of the Conversation Prism. It was the same year when social media was exploding and would change everything about how we communicate with people, with brands and with the government.

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Version 1.0 was a visual map of relevant networks. The first version of the prism was a vital exploration of digital ethnography. Then, they documented all the established and emerging social networks.

Version 2 was organised according to how people used each one of them in everyday life. Fast forward to 2017, and we have Conversation Prism 5.0.

Breaking Down the “Prism”

The Conversation Prism is a visualisation of a cycle of renewal. Comprised of four concentric circles (halos), each one of them builds upon the other.

The Prism is designed to help marketers understand and appreciate the state of social media and how it’s evolving.

The prism helps marketers understand how some of the top social media marketing trends and platforms play a defining and productive role in shaping how people, educational organisations, businesses, and governments build mutually beneficial communities and engage.

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The centre of the prism

First, the centre of the Conversation Prism is the user, or “You” It reminds us that people and their online experiences are at the centre of the social landscape. We are the ones who shape our online lessons as well as the experiences of others. Social media is more than just a series of online networks.

  • Halo 1. The first halo shows how to add value to social networks and the online experiences of other people. We do this by listening, learning, engaging, and co-creating.
  • Halo 2. The second ring helps us understand how to think about the impact of meaningful engagement. It’s measured by the ReachRelevance, and Resonance (the 3Rs). It also includes Social Capital, Popularity, and Influence.
  • Halo 3. The third halo is the manifestation of your engagement. How you engage and what others take away becomes your persona, brand, and the basis for your community.

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About the Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism is one of the first social media infographics that was created and went viral.

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It represents an ongoing study in digital ethnography that keeps track of social media history and promising social networks.

There are significant changes between versions 4.0 and 5.0. The creators removed 84 companies and added 141 apps and networks. Also, they added four new categories – Messaging, Crowdfunding, Travel and Hospitality, and Connecting IRL.

The most significant addition is the Messaging functionality. It’s now a behaviour that permeated through generations.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and the new TikTok are big conversation channels.

Younger generations see TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat as their top social network. As for the older generations, they still define Facebook as their primary network.

The Conversation Prism has been featured in thousands of presentations, books, and classrooms.

How to use the Conversation Prism

The halos are designed to work together. It can help marketers improve their social media strategy and achieve their business goals, all to develop:

  • The way you work.
  • How you build relationships.
  • Your ability to create better products and services.

Also, you can use it:

It can also help you answer who the decision-makers in our new economy are and what they are doing or how this new social media tech stack actively participates in online conversations.

By analysing the Conversation Prism, you’ll be able to understand top social media marketing trends better. And with the right social media management tools, you can improve your results.

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The new Conversation Prism is a visual map of the social media platforms landscape.

The latest Conversation Prism graph is an ongoing study in digital ethnography that tracks dominant and promising social networks and organises them by how they’re used in everyday life.

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