Are your customers ignoring your “End of the Year” sales messages?

If so, it is unsurprising.

As many industries have flattened or shrunk this year, marketers and sales teams feel they need a tsunami of “end of the year” promotions and deals to persuade their audiences and reach their December sales targets.

The retail sector in Australia, for example, is expected to grow only 2% this Christmas.

Source: Australian Retail Association / Roy Morgan

You can provide value while better promote your business by balancing your sales messages with content that offer support or inspiration to some of the “End of the Year” realities, issues or challenges your customers are struggling with.



You have experienced it.

Most December marketing messages are the same:

  • Buy now/Buy cheaper: a message that creates urgency, you buy now otherwise you will miss out.
  • Buy more: a message that rewards buying higher quantities. Buy two, get the third for free.
  • Buy premium: a message that persuades people to buy a premium version of your standard product.
  • Buy more often: a message that reminds people to enjoy your product or service more often.

What you (as a customer) get:

  • You receive hundreds of “End of the year” sales emails, printed catalogues, vouches you throw in the bin.
  • You get inundated with lists of the top products to buy this Christmas.
  • Annoying email sequences hit your inbox alluring you to buy a “special” or “exclusive” Xmas gift you cannot buy anywhere else.
  • You receive dozens of online Xmas cards you did not bother to open


Below are the most popular barriers that may stop you from publishing meaningful, useful content during the end of the year period:

  • Thinking December should be around deals, sales and offers.
  • Thinking you have to be an “expert” to offer tips no directly related to what you sell.
  • Thinking content that does not promote your products or services is useless.

If you think as per above, I would like to share something with you:

When your most valuable customer prospect is ready to buy (not discount seekers), they will only remember (brand awareness) one or two brands that created a positive impression on them (brand preference).

Your goal is: create positive impressions and experiences.

You will then be rewarded at the counter when customers choose to buy your brand.

Content that helps people become better humans and try to solve their December realities or issues can create that positive impression on them.


You can explore a different approach to your “End of year” content and messages and have a distinctive voice by helping with some of the most popular “End of the yearrealities, issues and challenges affecting some of your customers.


December dark realities issues challenges

December dark realities issues challenges

Your brand could provide support to some of the below December realities:


According to job-seeking websites and portals, December/Jan is the most popular time people are looking for a new job.

Deciding whether or not to quit, how to quit and how to secure a better job brings higher levels of anxiety in people, especially when there is strong economic commitments: family members to support, home loan payments, etc.

There may be many reasons you may want to find a new job in December:

  • Bored-to-death tasks that make people feel stuck in a “meaningless” routine.
  • Office environment. People want to stop feeling they are chained to a desk in an artificially lighted and sick polluted air-conditioned office.
  • Pressure. People may have enough of dealing with a bully boss
  • Frustration. Many years of hard work with Unreachable KPI’s.
  • Lack of recognition. Your hard work has not been recognised or the recognition for your hard-work given to others.
  • Working conditions. The job did not bring you the promised “extra” freedom or autonomy.

How your content can help:

  • Promote content that helps people in the process of quitting a job and securing a new one. Suggested content could include: “Top signs you should quit your job now” or “How to craft the best resignation letter“, ‘How to know it is time for career progression“, “The 9 steps to finding a job you love“,  “The perfect job for me – Quiz“, “how to write a resume to “best interview tips“.
  • Share tips and tools on how to set up your own business and how to get your first initial clients. Publish stories of how people started a new business venture from the most adverse situations. The Shopify blog is pretty good at promoting interesting stories of new entrepreneurs.

For example, these articles are experiencing an increase in readership: how to write a memorable “Goodbye message” to your colleagues and the most popular questions you will be asked in your next job interview 

The below “I am quitting my job now” funny notification to all employees has gone viral with over 10 million views on Youtube…


Sadly, domestic violence and abusive behaviour surge over Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Calls to police are unstoppable, mainly due to alcohol, drugs, stress and frequency of family gatherings propelling the fire🔥 .

Some of your customers will find handy having tips on how to negotiate family disputes and successfully overcome abusive behaviour or violence at home.

How your content can help:

  • Offer tips on how to negotiate and solve family conflicts even when people feel their dignity and values are compromised.
  • Promote tips on how to avoid heavy discussions and/or fights, especially when alcohol, drugs and stress are present.
  • Offer ideas on how to enjoy healthy “End of Year” celebrations with no alcohol or drugs.
  • Share tips on how to find the best space and time to resolve family issues.
  • Promote ways people can find meaningful Xmas gifts that do not break their bank account and therefore generate stress that may lead to violence.
  • Recommend ideas on how to handle “difficult” family members during Christmas and New Year celebrations.
  • Suggest ways on how to detect domestic violence against men, which is a topic not many brands talk about.

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Below is one of the most powerful domestic violence awareness campaigns. A woman takes a picture every day until the point where her physical abuse becomes unbearable.

domestic violence against men 1in3 awareness campaign australia

domestic violence against men 1in3 awareness campaign Australia

Note: Domestic violence against men is also a growing issue, however, there are not as many awareness campaigns about it.


Your customers are feeling exhausted after all those long hours of video conferencing with colleagues, customers or family members. They feel drained after those online training sessions.

These online meetings are taxing on people’s health during December too.

How your content can help:

  • Encourage your customers and team members to have shorter video meetings and with fewer participants.
  • As much as you can, bring back physical events your customers love to attend.
  • Content that sparks the conversation about the pros and cons of video meetings. You may be surprised by how just a quick standard call can avoid a tiring video call.


The lockdown love or lack of love this year plus the social distancing rules has stirred up too much the “love” pot. It is been a year full of intimate relationships drama: cheating, breakups, ghost boosting, forbidden romances, secret visits to sex workers, experimenting with all sort of sexual orientations (LGBT), etc.

We all have learned – the hard way – we are social animals and miss so much the physical connection.  According to dating apps and websites, the most popular time during the year to find a partner/lover is the Xmas and the New Year period, confirming some people do not want to join “End of Year” celebrations alone or start the new year feeling lonely.

You may realise your business could own an active voice on this topic and help customers navigate these “intimate relationship” challenges.

How your content can help:

  • Share your views about the benefits of “self-love”: the happiness of being single during the silly season.
  • Share unique tips on how to to find an ideal partner.
  • Provide funny dating tips from real-life stories from your team members.
  • Provide suggestions on things to avoid when bringing a new potential partner to their “end of the year” family gatherings.

Tip: When writing content, do not think you need to be an expert. People value honest opinions about an issue they want to solve.


Obesity has become a global epidemic and some people cannot stop eating during December.

The problem may not only be their poor eating habits or lack of physical exercise but also their overweight denial: Obese people like to think they are just “over-indulging” for a few days during December to make it sounds less-guilty.

Consumers get bombarded with messages related to new diet programs, diet books, liposuction/abdominoplasty procedures, gym memberships, personal training, etc.

Some of your customers may realise the “fast-burn” promises are unreachable and their unhealthy eating habits extend to the whole of the next year.

How your brand can help:

  • Tell authentic stories about how some of your employees have successfully managed to control their weight.
  • Write content that inspires people to exercise a bit more or eat healthier.
  • Offer events where your customers can learn about healthy food and/or how to cook healthier.
  • When running consumer competitions/contests, your prize could be a tool or program that inspire them to eat healthier or work out more often.


The “blissful” obliviousness to care for nature ramp-ups in December.

During December, some of your customers may buy or gift things they never or hardly ever use, just to realise they keep accumulating things on their shed to eventually end up paying money to be placed at the tip.

Happily unaware of how their buying habits destroy nature and slowly make them fall ill, they prefer to keep ignorant and feel nonaccountable for their actions.

If your brand values recycling, upcycling, reusing, sharing, etc; you have a great opportunity to help your customers minimise waste during December.

Why is reducing waste during December so important?

Australians produce 76 million tonnes of waste every year. This means 3 tonnes of waste per capita per year. This is nuts! making Australians one of the highest per capita polluters in the world.

Reducing waste means less environmental impact, fewer resources and energy used and can save your customers money.

For instance, Your December content can help your customers in different ways:

  • Inspire people to think differently about Christmas gifting and its waste.
  • Send a list of your local plastic exchanges/refunds schemes to your customers or promote a fundraiser by collecting plastic containers and earn money for a charity.
  • Publish content that inspires people to buy less this Xmas.
  • Share wrapping ideas that care for the environment.
  • Promote tips on what to do with any extra food: how to pack and store food so it can be consumed at a later date or a list of food-related charities to give it away.
  • Give away ideas for “planet-friendly” December decorations: show customers how to avoid plastic decoration that pollutes their homes or offices.
  • Promote content that shows how to optimise the water used for swimming pools/kitchen/bathrooms during the silly season.
  • Show your customers efficient ways to keep their house cool or warm and reduce energy bills during the “End of the year” season.
  • Share your views on how to plan holidays and choose stays that care for their local environment.


  • December is an intricate, sometimes difficult “love or fight” season, paradoxically. Your brand can share an honest opinion, a new perspective, tip or idea to a popular issue or at least trying to contribute.
  • Think about your top brand values. What are your top 3 topics you want to contribute apart from making a profit? Do these topics are popular during December, Jan periods? Ensure your Xmas and New Year stories you publish align to your brand values.
  • Every customer is different but you may find some have the same needs, struggles or bad habits during the end of the year season. If not sure, run a fun quiz or survey.
  • Once you know the topics, start experimenting with different content types, from articles to photo galleries, video, infographics, interviews, podcasts, etc.
  • Progress is more important than perfection. You do not have to be an expert or be a perfect writer to have a voice on a specific topic.
  • If you feel there is a topic that may be too “uncomfortable” to discuss, it is ok. Some marketers do not like to take risks as some topics may generate controversy. Minimize the risk with a plan. That plan may include doing some online research and see how other companies are discussing the topic and the type of commentary they are getting.
  • Think creatively: can you bring humour, fun or laughter to one of those “End of year” challenging issues? make customers laugh or smile – sometimes that’s the best way to provide help –
  • Do not be afraid of experimenting with your content. Most content online never gets popular and it is fine. The most important rule here is to keep progressing with your content strategy, learn from both the content pieces that resonate and did not resonate.
  • Think of all possibilities when creating new content and polishing existing content.

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