As a Marketer you will be personally liable (up to $340,000) and your company could be fined up to $1.7 million if you do not comply with the new Australian Privacy Principles APP.

Australia will be following suit with Europe and Asia, where fines and increased enforcement are now the norm. Fab presented to us practical ways marketers can comply with the new APP which also happen to follow best practises.

Keynote Speaker: Fab Capodicasa.


  • Be more transparent with what you do with personal information.
  • Update your privacy policy
  • APP stipulates that your Privacy Policy should be readable to the average user.
  • Virgin Active Health Club is a good example of a great Privacy Policy. Because it communicates what personal information is collected and from where, how long will it be collected, the reasons why, what they will do with it and they security measures they use to keep it safe.
  • Important to allow users to access and edit their information allowing for great user control over their personal information.
  • Fab suggested all online forms should have a link to the Privacy Policy page.
  • Add a link to your emails confirming you have updated your Privacy Policy.
  • When using overseas providers, it is important to notify users that their information is hold on the respective countries and if they do not agree they can always delete their records.
  • Consumer/Client personal data should be tighten. Create data handling processes within your organisation and train your staff about them.


Virgin Active Health Club Privacy Policy Australia March 2014

Virgin Active Health Club Privacy Policy Australia March 2014

Fab Capodicasa – How to comply to new Australia Privacy laws 2014