MAU. from eDigital was invited to present and facilitate discussion and training in relation to the latest SEO Keyword Research tactics and strategies at Fishburners co-working space for entrepreneurs and Startups located in Ultimo Sydney.

Keyword Research Presentation topics/content included:

  • How to define your top keywords to target – advice and examples
  • Tips when using synonyms and misspells.
  • Training on how to decide for Singulars or Plurals
  • How to find out keyword search volumes
  • How to take advantage of competition traffic search terms
  • How to use Google keyword planner, Google webmaster tools, Google analytics for keyword research
  • Keyword research latest changes and trends.
  • Keyword Research AND topic modelling for website development, architecture and metadata optimisation.
  • Keyword Research to help your linking strategy
  • Keyword Research to improve your current Google Adwords strategy.
  • Advice on how to spot industry trends and find keyword gaps in the market
  • Explanation of latest Google user intent algorithm and semantics and what that means for businesses doing keyword research.
  • Customer lifetime value and keyword research – Reverse Engineering approach to keyword research.
  • Branded terms vs Generic Terms – What to look for.
  • How to spot potential national or local “celebrities” search terms and turn them into traffic to your website.
  • SEO Newsjacking content creation – is it worth the effort or better focus on steady keywords?
newsjacking cycle graph when to newsjack

newsjacking cycle graph when to newsjack


  • Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable and high return activities in Digital Marketing
  • By learning your keyword demand – phrases to target – you also learn about your potential customers as a whole.
  • It is important to identify and target the set of keywords that convert.

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  • Make a list of your top 500 keywords to research. List all possible variations: top key product names, services generic names, product types, product material names, colours, styles, geo, price: cheap, cheapest; quality: best, top, optimal; new and used variations, rental/hire, brand terms you sell.
  • Find ideas from Google Autocomplete, Bing autocomplete, Pinterest autocomplete, Google Trends
  • Find out what top search terms are driving traffic to your competitor’s sites. Tool: SEMRush
  • Brainstorm the most popular issues, problems your service or product resolves that people might be searching for solutions in google, commenting on forums or at conferences.
  • Predict up-coming products, services or trends no-one is talking about yet. you can build landing pages now so they get indexed in Google before they become popular.
  • Brainstorm top educational/informational searches: guides, how to’s, steps, templates, DIY, tips, updates, results, forecast.
  • Review comparison searchers: this vs that, year 2019 vs 2020, etc.
  • Check out other search terms tools such as ubersuggest, keyword tool or Dominator tool.

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eDigital "keyword research on the new SEO rules" keynote Presentation Positive feedback comments - Dec 2014

eDigital “keyword research on the new SEO rules” keynote Presentation Positive feedback comments – Dec 2014

The rise of the ‘Small housing” movement in Australia

If YOU work in PROPERTY or REAL ESTATE; YOU need to know this: People searching about real estate listings are 5x more likely to search about planning for retirement and 4x more likely search about finding child care. Small housing-related terms have been on the rise in the last two years in Australia predicting Millennials are looking for cheaper alternatives for housing.

More insights from Google here:

The rise of the "small house" movement in Australia - search terms trends by MAU. eDigital

The rise of the “small house” movement in Australia – search terms trends by MAU. eDigital


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