Best Content Strategies to Increase visits Leads & Sales” Keynote by Sydney based Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer Mauricio Escobar from eDigital Australia November 2015 at Fishburners. Presented to the Digital Marketing Connection Meet up Group.

Learn Content Strategies and frameworks to Research, create, publish, amplify, engage and measure your business content plan.

Great presentation for business owners, marketing managers, social media managers and community managers or anyone interested to improve their business content campaigns and activities.


mauricio escobar edigital sydney digital marketing consultant social media trainer keynote speaker content marketing definition

Content Marketing defined by Mauricio Escobar from eDigital Sydney – Digital marketing consultant, Speaker and social media trainer


mauricio escobar edigital sydney digital marketing consultant social media trainer keynote speaker

Mauricio Escobar from eDigital Agency teaching the importance of content at aiding the customer purchase funnel.


Google consumer mobile moments graph infograph

Google Consumer Mobile Moments Graph – Info-graph


mauricio escobar edigital-sydney digital marketing consultant trainer best content strategies class

Mauricio Escobar eDigital- Sydney digital marketing consultant trainer best content strategies class

user generated content ugc fuels inspiration cycle-graph marketing

user generated content ugc fuels inspiration cycle-graph marketing


content marketing strategy class edigital fishburners setup podium stage

content marketing strategy class edigital fishburners setup podium stage


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mauricio escobar eDigital photo close up circle digital marketing consultant seo expert sydney speaker social media trainer instructor

Mauricio Escobar is the Global Head of Digital Marketing Strategy at eDigital 🏆 One of Australia’s Top 10 Most Visited Marketing Websites. Mauricio is Sydney based Top Linkedin Australian Marketing Influencer (over 5k connections) who trains marketing and agency teams with Best Digital Marketing Practice via Strategy Workshops, Campaign Management, templates & Training Sessions. Mauricio enjoys photography & teaching Digital Marketing. Certified Facebook/Adwords Digital Marketer – Social Media Specialist – Sydney SEO Consultant – StartUp Investor – International Speaker. Contact Mauricio or follow him on Instagram – Facebook. Subscribed to his e-newsletter


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  1. 1. T
 he The eDigital BEST CONTENT STRATEGIESTO INCREASE VISITS, LEADS & SALES Mauricio Escobar Digital Marketing Consultant / Trainer 18 Nov 2015 #edigitalclass
  2. 2. AGENDA •  What •  Why: Role in Purchase funnel •  Content frameworks •  Recap #edigitalclass
  3. 3. Win a Content Audit Session #edigitalclass #edigitalclass
  5. 5. #edigitalclass The process of researching, creating, amplifying, measuring and refining stories, topics and conversations that are valuable, cohesive and dynamic in order to acquire & retain customers CONTENT MARKETING DEFINITION
  6. 6. #edigitalclass WHY? •  Explosion of Platforms, Participants, Content •  Social Media: learn, seek, discover, decide. •  Third Party validation.
  7. 7. #edigitalclass WHY? •  Get customers back •  Establish authority •  Be top of mind. •  Leads, sales, retention.
  8. 8. TODAY Content Tsunami •  Web content doubles every year. •  Track Marven Study 78% increase on content 2013-14 60% less engagement. >8k brands >13 million pieces of content #edigitalclass
  9. 9. TODAY BuzzSumo & Moz Study 1 million posts 50% get 8 or less shares 75% gets zero links. #edigitalclass
  10. 10. LOW USER ENGAGEMENT Forrester Study 2014 •  3 million user interactions •  2.5k brand posts •  7 platforms Instagram: 4.2% Pinterest: 0.1% Facebook: 0.07% #edigitalclass
  11. 11. TODAY LindseyVon – US Ski racer – 2014 •  FB: 45m fans 20k likes = 0.04% •  Insta: 2.2m fans 70k likes = 3% #edigitalclass
  12. 12. Awareness of needs Brand consideration Comparison/Research Preference Trial Purchase Usage/Enjoyment Evaluation Recommendation Co-creation Education Disposal Maintenance/upgrades Nurture/Reward Retention & Development Brand awareness Acquisition #edigitalclas Lead Magnets Return Path Tripwires Profit Maximizes Ever-green Content
  13. 13. #edigitalclass Tripwire examples
  14. 14. #edigitalclass Co-creation examples •  Threadless • Unbox •  ModCloth Be the buyer
  15. 15. #edigitalclas STEP 6: PARTICIPATE, AMPLIFY & RESPOND 400k USC uploaded 2009
  16. 16. 11Extended Role… Shopping abandonment Live Person – Connecting with Consumers Report. P=5,700 UK, USA,Australia, France, Germany and Italy #edigitalclass
  17. 17. TODAY More branded content = benefiting less #edigitalclass
  18. 18. TODAY Content Today BC + UGC + PGC #edigitalclass
  19. 19. #edigitalclass Step 1 RESEARCH your most profitable customer •  Demographics & Psychographics •  Acquisition channels. •  Site behavior: most visited content, most shared content.
  20. 20. #edigitalclass Step 1 RESEARCH Your most profitable customer •  Spot and understand the popular desires and issues, frustrations. •  Brainstorm ideas on how you can be the “best answer” and/or find a way to surprise/delight them.
  21. 21. #edigitalclass “Food Inspiration” to “Vitality”. BRAND ESSENCE To make women feel great about themselves
  22. 22. #edigitalclass Step 1 RESEARCH Spot Popular topics & why they are resonating. wa-gnangara-120852849 5.9k fb shares
  23. 23. #edigitalclass Tools: •  Google:Trends, keyword tool, blog search. •  BuzzSumo, Sysomos, Radian6 Brandwatch, UberVU •  Followerwonk, SEM Rush •  Socialbakers •  Ikea •  Free camping •  Car hire •  Simone Callahan – Shane Warne •  Nike Free Spot Popular topics & why they are resonating contentmarketing
  24. 24. hl=en#date=2014&geo=AU Spot content Opps/gaps #edigitalclass Category content Product content Branded content Localized content competitor content provider brand content celebrity content
  25. 25. #edigitalclass Step 3 Create & Publish Being in the right place, with the right content at the right time
  26. 26. #edigitalclass Content Checklist 1.  Customer on center stage. 2.  Clear objective: Lead, sale? What method? 3.  Call to action: is above the fold and clear? 4.  Mobile responsive: text, images, forms, call to actions 5.  Quick scanning: Bullet points, key info as quotes? 6.  Title Magnet + thumbnail image impossible to resist clicking on it? 7.  SEO: top 2 target keywords, optimal meta title tags, meta description, internal linking, Authorship link to Google + 8.  Consistent branding: voice, tone, color palette, font type. 9.  Form variety: podcast, video, infographic, webinar, checklist, etc. 10.  Organic amplification: is it easy to tweet, pin, etc.? 11.  Paid amplification: elements for promoted posts/ pins, etc.? 12.  Creative trigger: Questioning a popular issue, participation for a social cause or event? Competition? 13.  Virality: Is the piece incentivizing conversation, sharing? 14.  Findability:Top 3 hashtags 15.  Evergreen content? Can it be used next month, next year? 16.  Recycling: User participation can be used as a new piece of content?
  27. 27. #edigitalclass Step 3 Things to consider •  Segment your content by audience, and/or by purchase funnel •  What Original content and why people should bother to consume it? •  What other content to curate and publish: Local content, UGC?, PGC? •  Can/Should be part of a bigger Coms Campaign or content series? FB LIKES 40% Increate Twitter followers: 20% Increase 1.8 million impressions Box Office target hit
  28. 28. #edigitalclass Surprise & Delight
  29. 29. Scheduling and Prioritizing Content #edigitalclass
  30. 30. #edigitalclass
  31. 31. #edigitalclass HERO
  32. 32. #edigitalclass HUB
  33. 33. #edigitalclass HYGENE
  34. 34. #edigitalclass Step 4 AMPLIFY •  Are users being rewarded by sharing your content? •  What content amplification levers you will be using? •  Celebrities •  Influencers: BuzzStream. •  Partners: ind assoc, councils, bodies, gov –local, national, SME (Subject Matter Experts),Affiliates. •  Paid Media: Promoted posts, pins. •  Publisher networks: tabola, outbrain, Nativo. •  Employees ( – Hootsuite Amplify) •  Email •  Video: Oneload •  Knowledge based: Slideshare – Quora – Reddit – Listly •  PR: PR Newswire, Haro
  35. 35. •  Competitiveness #edigitalclass •  Social media pressure •  Online narcissism •  Low barriers to entry Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis $5.7 Million 1.2m mentions on Facebook Virality
  36. 36. #edigitalclass
  37. 37. Most of the 5k posts are from fans. Over 54k USC #thefrankeffect 6 times a day: fb +insta + twitter Now: 4 times a day. #edigitalclass INVOLVE YOUR FANS
  38. 38. #edigitalclass Step 5 – Engage Respond, comment, share, thank, connect (follow- like), participate •  Surprise & Delight – Best way to engage •  Allocate resources. •  Close the conversation loop.
  39. 39. #edigitalclass Step 6 Measure Align your content goals to your business goals Visits/Days to Conversion
  40. 40. Recap 1.  Research 2.  Create 3.  Amplify 4.  Measure Win a content audit session #edigitalclass