Find below a list of all Chinese states and provinces translated into English. Highlighting your presence in multiple Chinese provinces can differentiate your brand from competitors. It demonstrates your broad reach and commitment to serving diverse markets.

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When participating in trade shows or exhibitions in China, featuring the province name in your booth or marketing materials can help attendees identify your location in China. 


Different provinces in China may have specific regulations or requirements.

Mentioning the province in your marketing materials can communicate that you are aware of and compliant with local rules, fostering trust with customers.

china map provinces english

All china map states and provinces in English

For marketers aiming to conduct market research in China, using province names is vital.

Chinese province names in English allows you to target and gather information from specific regions, which can be valuable for market analysis and decision-making.


北京 – Beijing

上海 – Shanghai

天津 – Tianjin

重庆 – Chongqing

安徽省 – Anhui Province

If you’re promoting an event or location-based promotion in China, including the Chinese province name in your marketing materials helps attendees or customers identify the venue’s location quickly and accurately.

福建省 – Fujian Province

甘肃省 – Gansu Province

广东省 – Guangdong Province

广西壮族自治区 – Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

贵州省 – Guizhou Province

Using Chinese province names demonstrates a localised approach to marketing.

Local content and advertising in China can resonate more with regional clients and help establish your brand as one that understands and respects Chinese local differences.

海南省 – Hainan

河北省 – Hebei Province

河南省 – Henan Province

黑龙江省 – Heilongjiang Province

湖北省 – Hubei Province

Mentioning Chinese province names in digital marketing content can improve search engine optimization (SEO) on Chinese search engines such as Baidu or Sogou. When Chinese users search for products or services in a specific province, your content will be more likely to appear in search results.

湖南省 – Hunan Province

吉林省 – Jilin Province

江苏省 – Jiansu Province

江西省 – Jianxi Province

辽宁省 – Liaoning Province

Different provinces in China may have unique customer segments and preferences.

By tailoring your marketing campaigns to specific provinces, you can better address the needs and interests of those segments.

内蒙古自治区 – Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

宁夏回族自治区 – Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

青海省 – Qinghai Province

山东省 – Shandong Province

山西省 – Shanxi Province

If you’re marketing to a global audience, highlighting Chinese province names can be beneficial. It helps international customers understand your reach and presence in different regions of China.

陕西省 – Shaanxi Province

四川省 – Sichuan Province

台湾省 – Taiwan Province

西藏自治区 – Tibet Autonomous Region

When collaborating with local businesses or organisations in specific Chinese provinces, mentioning these provinces’ names in your marketing materials can emphasise your Chinese regional partnerships.

新疆维吾尔自治区 – Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

云南省 – Yunnan Province

浙江省 – Zhejiang Province


If your business sells to or operates in specific regions of China, mentioning Chinese province names in your marketing materials helps you geographically target your potential clients. This list is particularly useful for marketers who sell products in Chinese physical locations or services in regional areas of China. 

China is a diverse country with significant cultural variations between provinces.

Acknowledging and respecting these cultural differences by mentioning province names can help your marketing efforts feel more locally relevant.

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