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  1. Do not let anyone make you feel inferior. Sign of inferiority complex: someone who cannot handle a situation will stomp their feet, slam the door and run away.
  2. Make an inventory of past successes in relation to your health, your skills, your personal and professional qualities
  3. Read about successful people you admire.
  4. Take short easy steps
  5. Not just finish a job but finish it well.
  6. Make friends with your enemy because even good people can – sometimes – behave badly. Bring the enemy or discussion to the same side or to a negotiated result.
  7. Learn from failures. Get help if necessary, keep trying or pivot quickly.
  8. Improve your public speaking skills.
  9. Improve your appearance if it helps you with your self-esteem.
  10. Honesty, not scare tactics.
  11. Great input = great output. Treat well people = get the best results from people.


  • Do not sell the price, sell what the product can do for the buyer: solve an issue, make you laugh, prevent an issue, etc.
  • People do not reject you personally. They just reject the business offer.
  • People will believe you if your entire career has been built on honesty, ethics, integrity, trust, love and loyalty.


  • Make a list of all things you are grateful for.
  • The picture you have of yourself is exactly the way you will perform. You cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself. You will perform exactly the way you see yourself.
  • You see yourself as a champion, you will perform like a champion! You are designed for accomplishment, you are engineered for success!
  • When you are in something, get it in. When you believe you want/can do something, you do it.
  • You can be a great one, an elegant one, a stylish one, a beautiful one, a friendly one; just believe in it.
  • You are unique and special. The future will be bright and success will come from your talent, capacity and effort.


  1. The way you treat people can make a dramatic difference in the way they handle life. Parenthood is that fine balance of guiding and also letting kids make their own mistakes so they can learn on their own.
  2. A key to winning relationships is to let the other person feel important. Make the other feel charming, bright, smart, well-informed and friendly.
  3. To create an authentic human connection, share your life story as your story may be similar to other people’s life stories.


  1. Treat people around you in terms of potential than just performance. Be an encourager. Believe in people’s potential.
  2. Use powerful words: you did a good job, what is your opinion? would you please…
  3. People get an infinitely better chance of doing something if you tell them they can.
  4. Criticise the performance but praise the performer. “For most people, this performance may be acceptable but you are… you know how to… I am sure you can do better than this”
  5. The best way to get our talent out is to find talent in others.


  1. You can change who/where/what you are by changing what goes into your mind.
  2. Listen to people who build up and encourage people
  3. Smile and offer sincere compliments to people
  4. Help someone for free with no expectation of return.
  5. Break a destructive habit
  6. Draw a picture of the person you want to be.
  7. Two choices: be a bonsai tree or a sequoia tree (General Sherman)
  8. If you have an ability and/or position that goes beyond just earning a living and providing for your own needs and the needs of your family; you must offer some of your time, resources and contacts to help people who have fewer skills, less opportunity, less ability than you have. If you do not start lifting these people up with better education, better direction, better opportunity and better motivation; the day will come, by the sheer weight of numbers they will start pulling you down.
  9. See the good in people and situations.
  10. Treat people with dignity whatever their position or situation.
  11. When people are rude, nasty and mean, they are hurtling themselves. Just be kind and that will take the sting out of the words or situation. Forgive and move on.

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