Find below the best WordPress design plugins for web designers. Whether you’re looking at your own WordPress site or creating a client’s one, these plugins have a wide variety of benefits that most site owners are looking for.



This anti-spam plugin will keep your comments clean and free of malicious content. It checks every comment that your site receives to identify whether or not it’s spam. Not sure if you want it to do all the work? You can still manually mark comments as spam, or approve comments that may have accidentally been flagged. It also shows URLs in the comment, so you’ll be able to catch “hidden” links right away (instead of site visitors accidentally clicking something they shouldn’t).

WHY IT’S GREAT >> Nothing ruins a site faster than spam. Installing this plugin is a simple and straightforward way to help keep spammers away! A beautiful design starts with a beautiful experience for your visitors.


If you’re familiar with WordPress, you’ve probably heard of Jetpack already, and for good reasons. All around, it’s just a solid plugin with some great, basic functionality. From powerful tools that help you customize the design of your site to intuitive services that help boost your marketing efforts, it comes packed with options to optimise each and every WordPress site.

WHY IT’S GREAT >> Sometimes it’s just nice to have multiple features all in one place, instead of navigating several plugins. That’s exactly what Jetpack provides, and it’s a great way to simplify WordPress work.


Have you ever filled out a form and had to verify you’re not a robot? That’s what Google Captcha provides, as an added layer of security for your site forms. By adding this simple, extra checkbox, you have a much better chance at blocking attacks that try spamming your form.

WHY IT’S GREAT >> This WordPress plugin is outrageously simple to implement. If you’re looking for some intuitive ways to boost security, it’s a great place to start!


To create an exceptional mobile experience, we recommend WPtouch, a plugin all about optimising for smaller screen sizes. It’s even recommended by Google (which is good news, since they’re ranking your site) and allows you to make simple customizations.
WHY IT’S GREAT >>Having a mobile-friendly site is not only important for any business. By having a mobile-friendly WordPress design (and having easy tools to help you build them), you will succeed this new mobile-friendly website learning curve.


SEO is incredibly important, both for you and your clients! And the Yoast SEO plugin can help you optimize every post and page for maximum exposure. While you’re editing content, this plugin will help you preview how it’ll display in search engine results and also make suggestions to increase rankings.
WHY IT’S GREAT >> It’s no secret that there’s a lot of competition in the world of web design. Yoast SEO will help you optimise your own site to out-rank other designers while also empowering you to offer SEO benefits for your clients. A win-win!



WPForm is the most beginner-friendly drag & drop WordPress forms plugin. Why stop at contact forms? You can collect payments, signatures, and survey results. You can build your email list, conversational forms, and more.


You’ll want a few plugins at your disposal to help polish up your own portfolio site. From galleries to sliders to full-blown page builders, these plugins will help you customise your design portfolio, which will in turn help book new business. Note: A few of these plugins have similar functions. We recommend experimenting in a free local environment or a staging site to see which one works best for you!


Divi is technically a WordPress theme instead of a plugin. It’s so feature-packed. This drag-and-drop theme makes it easy to customize every single page of your website, and it’s perfect for visual creatives.
WHY IT’S GREAT >> If you just want to focus on designing instead of worrying about functionality, Divi is a fantastic WordPress tool to speed up the site creation process and let you focus on how things look!


This live page builder allows you to design WordPress sites in real-time and view the updates. With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, it’s incredibly easy for you to quickly design sites for clients (or teach them how to make simple changes themselves!).

WHY IT’S GREAT >> If you don’t like dealing with code and just want to focus on designing WordPress sites, Elementor might be just what you’re looking for!


Every designer needs an easy way to build a portfolio on WordPress and display the work you’re proud of. With Envira Gallery, a photo gallery plugin, you’ll have full control over the display with an easy drag-and-drop editor. Bonus: It’s already optimised for mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry about responsive design!
WHY IT’S GREAT >> A great gallery plugin will make it super easy to update your portfolio in real-time, meaning potential clients will always see your best work!


This gallery plugin is a powerful option for showing off your most impressive images. With the ability to batch upload photos, group galleries into albums, and more, this is a great option for any designer looking to overhaul their current portfolio.
WHY IT’S GREAT >> If you have an extensive portfolio, the functionality of NextGen Gallery will help speed up the
work and display your projects beautifully!


Soliloquy is another slider plugin that will help you create impressive first-experiences on your website. It’s optimised for mobile devices right out of the box, and also provides options for including videos. If you’re creating webinars or video courses for your clients, give it a look!
WHY IT’S GREAT >> Like the other plugins in this section, Soliloquy is just easy. It’ll help you quickly design the vision in your mind so you can focus on the next project instead of learning how to develop responsive sliders on your own.


Grab your viewers’ attention right away with a slider plugin! Smart Slider 3 makes it easy to design a fully responsive, SEO-optimized slider that works with any WordPress theme. It’s a great way to show your best work first, or maybe hook visitors in with a free offer.

WHY IT’S GREAT >> This plugin makes it incredibly easy to create dynamic sliders for your WordPress site, without ever worrying about the code. If you’re trying to optimize your homepage, we highly recommend checking this one out!

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Now that you’ve got your portfolio in order, let’s take a look at a few WordPress plugins that can help you achieve your business goals! Whether it’s collecting data so you can be more
informed or collecting email addresses so you can nurture leads, these WordPress plugins are perfect for business owners.


If you’re supplementing your design business with blog content or trying to increase traffic to your website, this plugin is perfect for encouraging social media engagement! AddToAnyShare
Buttons can share your site content to over 100 different platforms and has plenty of display options to keep everything on brand.

WHY IT’S GREAT >> Engaging with your favourite online communities is a great way to grow your business. By using the power of social media right on your personal website, you’re sure to keep bringing in new visitors that might become customers! Use online communities to grow your business and drive engagement


Take the guesswork out of your business by displaying your Google Analytics data right in WordPress. By housing everything in the same spot, you’ll be able to keep these stats front and centre every time you log in to make a change, and in turn, monitor how those changes affect your site traffic.

WHY IT’S GREAT >> When you’re focused on growing your business, having accessible data can make the difference between guessing what works and knowing what works. By pulling Google Analytics right into your site, you’ll be able to keep it top of mind!


In order to grow your business, you need a foolproof way for potential clients to contact you. And while you could just list an email address and phone number, using a form can be a more efficient way of weeding out the clients you want from those you don’t. Gravity Forms makes it easy to customize forms on your WordPress site, plus it integrates with a bunch of other tools you might already be using, like Trello or Slack.

WHY IT’S GREAT >> In order to create a seamless experience on your website, you’ll want a form plugin that’s full of customisable options and can blend in with the rest of your brand.


Whether you already use Hubspot or are just getting started with it, their plugin is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone growing a business on WordPress. It’ll help you capture new leads with forms and pop-ups, build your email list, and track visitor behaviour on your site. The best part? There’s zero codings required, which makes this plugin easy to use and saves you time!

WHY IT’S GREAT >> Unless you really feel like becoming an expert in APIs, form authentication, and email list management, Hubspot takes care of all of this for you in one single plugin.


If you’re interested in using pop-ups and content upgrades to grow your email list, OptinMonster is a great option for displaying those short forms. You’ll be able to customize the look of each opt-in, plus it integrates well with email providers for seamless list building.

WHY IT’S GREAT >> OptinMonster features a wide variety of opt-in styles with plenty of customizable options, meaning it’s pretty easy to make it fall in line with your brand. Plus, their dashboard provides plenty of data, so you’ll always be informed about which design decisions matter!

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The below WordPress plugins will help with collaboration and communication, and plugins that can make your clients lives easier and hopefully, they’ll help solve some simple problems to help out when it comes to clients’ management.


Have you ever thought about creating a group or forum for your clients? Whether it’s a place they can connect to each other or a streamlined way to contact you for help, a membership plugin like BuddyPress is a great way to create an “exclusive” experience for your clients.

WHY IT’S GREAT >> Scaling client communication is one of the most difficult tasks for any creative business owner, but a plugin like BuddyPress might be just what you need to keep it easy!


If your clients aren’t the most tech-savvy, the Enable Media Replace plugin will be your new best friend! Instead of deleting, uploading, and renaming new files, you can simply replace them. Instead of contacting you to replace the feature on their homepage, they’ll be totally empowered to replace it themselves.

WHY IT’S GREAT >> By taking advantage of plugins like this that make life easier for your clients, you’ll save yourself tons of billable time in the long-run.

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In a similar theme, Regenerate Thumbnails solves a simple task that your clients will greatly appreciate. Let’s say you’re rebranding an existing WordPress site. The client wants a new site design, but also wants to reuse and resize some of the existing images. This plugin will automatically regenerate the thumbnail sizes for images already in the media library. That means neither you nor your client has to do that work manually!

WHY IT’S GREAT >> Revamping old sites for clients can always be a challenge but Regenerate Thumbnails can help solve one piece of the puzzle in a quick and efficient way.


This is another plugin that’s great for redesigning WordPress sites. It has one simple function: to show the name of the current theme file being used by the site in the toolbar. If you’re not quite sure what theme is being used (and your client doesn’t know either) this plugin has your back!

WHY IT’S GREAT  >> When you’re redesigning a site for a client, the last thing you want to do is waste time trying to figure out what WordPress theme you’re actually working with. This plugin will remove any uncertainty, so you can focus on solutions, not questions!

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