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Static photography is only one of many format options these days. Professional photographers are also producing different types of visual creative formats. Just a few formats you can request or expect from photographers include the below.

Professional photographers generally offer the client direction on the best photo format. However, if you have a specific photo format, you should talk to your photographer about it.

Do you want the photos in a specific format? It is important to get your photographer to test before you use your paid talent or models.

Also, think about any extra equipment required to get the format right. Things like a specific camera or software.

Some of the most creative photo formats include:


Boomerangs are absolutely booming on Instagram. They’re quick, quirky and – let’s face it – addictive AF. Not quite a video and not quite a still, Boomerangs are a string of images that flash back and forth, creating a “boomerang” effect. Boomerangs are a great entertaining way to add a Lil’ fun and action to your summer marketing plan – think big splashes, clinking glasses and twirling sundresses. Delightful!

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Stop Motion videos are a compelling way to “Instagram” the attention of your social media followers. This technique is already trending on social media – even Instagram has incorporated a camera tool that allows you to take a long series of photos, turning them into a stop-motion video that you can post on your Stories. So if you’re not already on the stop-motion train, you better get a move on. Stop motion can work for almost any subject. People, cars, food: if it can move, it can be made into stop motion! This technique is great for nailing those foodie briefs or adding a unique spin to step-by-step recipes. You could even make two products do the Cha Cha Cha if you wanted to! Just make sure your content reflects the concept that you’re trying to put into (stop) motion.

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Also called Slow-Mo is a very cool video effect where it appears to be moving very slowly. Most recent versions of smartphones, photography and video cameras – allow content creators to play normally recorded footage at a slower speed. You might want your photographer to create some cool slow-mo videos.

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Cinemagraphs are the latest motion trend taking our socials by storm, and it’s not hard to see why – these illusions are seriously thumb-stopping! Simply a still image within which a minor and repeated movement occur. Cinemagraphs are something a little bit outside the box and are great for capturing your brand or product in a stunning summer light – think shimmering oceans and flickering bonfires. Mesmerising!

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Tip: It is important you learn about the best photo angles and how you can get creative using them for your specific photo format.


The potential for the most amazing content often lies in the least accessible of places. Thanks to drones, photographers can display your brand from an entirely different perspective – bird’s eye to be specific! Shot from above, drone footage can instantly transform an otherwise regular photo or video into something truly incredible. Think sweeping shots of breathtaking beaches, stunning landscapes, or glistening oceans.

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After Effects is a way of producing animations and special effects in video content. After Effects, high-quality compositions have been very popular for music videos, television programs, commercials and even feature films. After Effects uses a similar general workflow as most video editing software: Each project includes a collection of media assets that are arranged in layers on a timeline. Where After Effects differs from normal editors is that it is specifically designed for special effects. Although After Effects does let you perform the most common editing tasks, its real purpose is to create advanced effects and composites rather than just cutting shots together. After Effects is a tool that requires imagination from your photographer. If your photographer or content creator is wondering “how to edit in After Effects” they are probably missing the point. After Effects is like a canvas and some paint — you decide what to make with it.

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Since Instagram launched Hyperlapse, the app was designed to capture high-quality time-lapse videos in an easy-to-use format.  it’s no surprise to see thousands of time-lapse videos created by everyone including photographers, influencers, brands and celebrities.

Tip: It is important you learn how to write a creative photography brief to get the best results.


Jumping on Instagram Stories is a super effective, authentic marketing move for brands. Instagram Stories are an opt-in form of content – where people can actively choose to engage – which means that the interaction you receive is more meaningful, authentic and deliberate. Plus, it gives you the feeling that they’re getting a genuine, sneaky lil’ peek into their world, giving your brand even more cred. Some photographers are also able to create Instagram Stories content as part of your photography brief.

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Popular angle for natural landscapes, city architecture, hotel lobbies, restaurant seatings and interior decor as the viewer can see the ambience and atmosphere of a particular place.

Tip: Avoid using fake (faux) artificial plants in your photography as it will send a message you may also be using fake or artificial materials or ingredients in the making of your offering.

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Photography can also be curated with some type of art or illustration to offer a unique result. We work with a team of graphic designers and illustrators in case you need support on this front.

For marketing campaigns, selecting the right photography format can make a campaign more memorable and impactful.

For instance, a striking hero image in an email campaign or banner ad can significantly boost click-through rates and conversions.

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Different photography formats evoke different emotions and responses from viewers.

Marketers can leverage this to create images that resonate with their target audience, whether it’s conveying excitement, nostalgia, trust or aspiration.


You can also ask a photographer to do a well-produced “Panaround” or you can try it yourself with your phone by following this guide.

Photography formats can help tell a visual story.

Marketers can use formats like collages, slideshows, or panoramic images to convey narratives, showcase products, or highlight key features effectively.

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Photography formats that are optimised for various screen sizes and devices ensure that images look good and load quickly on desktops, smartphones, and tablets, enhancing the user experience.

Ready to brief your photographer?

A really good Photography Brief must cover all details needed to ensure a successful photo shoot and offer all information and insights to help your photographer deliver the best results.

Save time and get this Premium Premium Creative Photography Brief Template you won’t find anywhere else! formatted in Microsoft Word for easy customisation.


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✔  Images Technical Specs
✔  Creative Examples
✔  Inspiration Board
✔  Creative Brief
✔  Location Details
✔  Photography Copyrights
✔  Shooting Dates
✔  Final Photo Delivery Details
✔  Payment Instructions
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When purchasing your Premium Creative Photography Brief template, you will also receive the below templates:


Yes, that’s right; you will get five templates for the price of one!


  • Complete payment on Paypal.
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You can always contact us if you have any questions or issues.

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Creative and high-quality photography is crucial in capturing the attention of prospective and current customers.

Creative photography formats play a significant role in ensuring that images capture attention while being sharp, clear, and aesthetically pleasing, which can make marketing materials more engaging.

Whether it’s a minimalist look with clean and bright images or a vintage vibe with retro-style filters, a unique photography format can align with your brand’s personality and messaging.

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