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A Go-to-market Strategy Plan is the process of mapping out the way in which a business brings a product/service to a new market.

A great Go-To-Market strategy maps out the new market need or problem and the proposed solution a product offers.

A GTM strategy focused specifically on delivering a product or service to an end customer in a new market.

A properly crafted and carefully curated GTM strategy delivers actionable answers to some marketing strategic questions, including:

  • How to identify the size and structure of the new market including what the estimated number of potential customers is before expanding to the new market.
  • What is the current consumer environment (brand preferences, trends and opportunities) in a new market that a specific product or service can monetise from?
  • How will you offer a compelling unique value proposition?
  • What is the best pricing strategy to attract the most valuable consumers in a new market?
  • What are the key major competitors, their product offerings and performance in the proposed new market? and how to devise a differentiation strategy.
  • How will you connect with potential clients in a new market?
  • What are the latest economical, social, environmental and technological developments generating favourable market access opportunities?
  • How will you deliver on what you’ve promised?

You often hear go-to-market strategies are crucial for new product launches, but they are also used for business offering services as well.

Go-to-market strategies also help get your entire team on the same page with details and timelines to explain where your resources will be used. A go-to-market strategy is even more important when you manage remote teams because they ensure that communication is strong and execution is smooth.


A GTM plan may include a Market Opportunity Analysis Report commissioned to a marketing research firm.

A Market Opportunity Analysis may include:

  • Expert interviews. With market access experts, business executives, strategy managers, and industry leaders to help a business gain an in-depth analysis of qualified opportunities in the new proposed market.
  • Opportunity analysis. A detailed addressable market opportunity analysis of each down-selected best-fit opportunity in terms of market attractiveness, competitive factors, and end-user preferences. As a part of the market opportunity analysis, it is important to gather in-depth insight into the competitive landscape, potential customers, as well as the size and structure of the market. Besides, some marketers assess market access-related challenges to devise a robust go-to-market strategy.
  • End-user interviews to select the most attractive market segments (most valuable customer segments – picking the most profitable niches), what messages may resonate with them, how to reach out to them in places they spend their time and how these most valuable potential customer segments understand what the brand is, why it’s important, and how it will benefit them.

If you do not have access to a marketing research firm the writing your GTM strategy plan should include:

  1. Pick your most profitable niche. Define your target market (most valuable customer segments)
  2. Profile your target client/customer. including a brief description of the different type of customer involved: initiator, influencer, decision-maker, approver, user, and gatekeeper.
  3. Craft your value matrix against each client/customer type.
  4. Position your brand in the marketplace. including key messages (service offering), offers, pricing. Evaluate your ideas against those of your competitors and find more creative ways to communicate your brand’s value and stand out.
  5. Pick a price. Choose one that’s both in line with consumer expectations and realistic for your own goals.
  6. Choose a sales model. Options include self-service model, field-sales model, channel model (Inc affiliates).
  7. Execute your sales and marketing plan. Includes all your inbound and outbound strategies. Inbound strategies include website content, key landing pages, social media, online ads. Outbound strategies include cold calling, email marketing to potential clients, industry conferences.
  8. Optimise your lead funnel. Draft all possible buyer’s journeys and tie your marketing to support them in their journey with your brand.

Extra tips:

  1. Get everyone one the same page. Share key go-to-market strategy points with other customer-facing departments so they can get training or prep scripts accordingly.
  2. Solidify your budget not only for initial new market launch but also for ongoing outreach.
  3. Evaluate the volume and quality of your new leads. Take some time to convert existing customers.
  4. Increase engagement through social media or any other relevant marketing channel.
  5. Reevaluate positioning and cut out any low ROI marketing or sales activities to streamline spending.
  6. Check-in at regular intervals to see if everyone is still on the same page and to compare your goals to your new market penetration progress.


A successful go-to-market strategy that can turn your new market idea into a successful venture both for existing business or start-ups.

“Most angel investors and/or VC only review go-to-market strategies that are clear on demonstrating the specific value proposition the new start-up can offer to a specific customer segment. It is imperative you present a winning presentation” MAU.

Whether you’re starting a new small business or a solid start-up, the principles for creating a winning go-to-market strategy are the same. Get your customisable Go To Market Strategy Plan Template and open the doors to a fantastic start of your new venture!

This same template winning structure has been used by some of the world’s top marketers and start-up founders to consistently get a winning start of their new ventures and businesses.


A successful GTM Strategy plan should offer you insights on:

  • Potential barriers to market entry.
  • Distribution channels analysis.
  • Assess the market’s readiness for new offerings.
  • A go-to-market action plan to establish operations in the new market.
  • Understand the optimal set of opportunities that are the most attractive and best fit for your strategic imperative.
  • Develop a go-to-market and target company acquisition action plan (if needed)
  • Identify suitable partners to support their operations in the new market
  • Develop informed pricing strategies for your brands in the new market
  • Understand the current and future adoption scenarios of your industry in the new market
  • Get a deeper understanding of the needs and behaviour of the most valuable segments in the new market.



  • Business Summary
  • Overview
  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • Opportunity and Market
  • Technology and Processes
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales Plan
  • Financial RoadMap
  • The Team
  • Current Status
  • Funding Target
  • Summary
  • Questions
  • Next
  • Contact
  • FAQ
Go to market strategy framework ppt template banner

Go to market strategy framework ppt template banner


  • When you buy this template you will also get our Go-to-Market Strategy Gantt Chart template ready on Google Sheets so you can track all your activities in one collaborative sheet.
Go-to-market Strategy Plan Gantt Chart

Go-to-market Strategy Plan Gantt Chart


While there might other far “cooler” presentation tools; first and foremost you want to ensure all recipients can easily open and access your Go to Market Strategy Presentation. Google Slides presentations are fast and easy to access and most angel investors, venture capitalists are familiar with them. You can create a great first impression by offering your Go To Market Strategy Presentation in a format that it is easy for potential investors to receive, open and pass to other stakeholders.

Top benefits of using Google Slides for your Go to Market Strategy Presentation:

  • Access your Go to Market Strategy Presentation from anywhere in the World. Just login to your google account.
  • Send just a link to your Go to Market Strategy Presentation, instead of sending a heavy email with the presentation attached to it. Sometimes presentations with heavy images affect deliverability and recipients will not receive your Go to Market Strategy Presentation.
  • Google Slides offer hundreds of very useful add-ons such as Unsplash (free stock photography) and others.
  • Have ONE only master Go to Market Strategy template on Google Slides and replicate your basic presentation template for other potential investors.
  • Google Slides presentations are fantastic for cross-team collaborations as you can grant access to key stakeholders who need to input into your presentation ie. venture co-founders, Chief Operation Officers, Marketing Managers, CEO’s, etc.
  • Need your Go To Market Strategy Presentation on PowerPoint? Easy! it takes two seconds to save your Google Slide Presentation as a PowerPoint file or PDF 🙂

Last Tip: some investment deals and decisions are taken by mutual agreement of different stakeholders so you need to also ensure your Go-To-Market Strategy Presentation looks nice even if it is printed black and white.


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Implementing a Successful Go-To-Market strategy is more important than ever before, and the best way for companies to succeed with their Go-To-Market strategies is by generating actionable consumer insights, through a mixture of market research and data analysis – ideally led by the vision, experience and expertise of Consumer Insights professionals or Marketers with a strong background in consumer insights.

💡Last tip: Early Concept Screen tools will help you determine which innovations are worth prioritising and provides clear guidance on which Go-To-Market path is best from a long sustained launch to a short term uplift.

If you need a market research firm to provide a “Market Analysis” report, some of the below can assist:


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best go to market strategy template framework presentation ppt

best go to market strategy template framework presentation ppt