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By Mau, Global Head of Marketing Strategy at eDigital.


What is the “Diffusion of Innovation” curve in Marketing?

The Diffusion of Innovation curve in Marketing is the technology adoption process most new products and services go through.

The “Diffusion of Innovation” curve is made up of 5 key types of consumers or customers.

  • Trailblazers
  • Enthusiasts
  • Practicals
  • Cautious 
  • Doubters

You are about to learn the latest and most useful “Diffusion of Innovation” curve that divides the curve into those 5 clearly defined customers.


What is the interesting part of the diffusion of innovation curve?

Mau – Global Head of Marketing Strategy at eDigital – has re-purposed the old “Diffusion of Innovation” curve and customer names to make it easy for marketers to understand and take into consideration when designing their marketing campaigns.

diffusion of innovation curve

The “Diffusion of Innovation” Curve – Edit this design on Canva and make your own curve.

Your job – as a marketer – is to design marketing campaigns to target the different customers in the “diffusion of innovation” curve to buy and use your brand or brands.

Yes, that’s right, your boss will love that you have nailed every single customer in the “diffusion of innovation” curve and then designed successful marketing campaigns that make it easy for all customers in the curve to buy your brands in the shortest time possible.

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Do not get confused. This popular curve is also called:

  • Product adoption life cycle
  • Product adoption curve
  • Product diffusion curve
  • Technology adoption life cycle
  • Technology adoption curve
  • Technology diffusion curve
  • Roger’s diffusion curve
  • Diffusion of innovation theory

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The top 10 companies using the “Diffusion of Innovation” curve

  1. Apple: there is always an iPhone or an iPad available for anyone, regardless of who you are in the “Diffusion of Innovation” curve. Apple makes sure anyone can make a noise in their cash register.
  2. Samsung: they caught up with Apple and now the Korean brand knows they can compete at the high end of the market while also offering affordable options for the late majority (cautious) and doubters who finally want to make an investment in those old tried-and-tested models.
  3. Microsoft: different versions of desktop and laptop computers and game consoles (Xbox) target different consumers in the “Diffusion of Innovation” curve.
  4. Bosé: Do you still think Apple earphones are the best? Think twice. Bosé has earned the right to price its earphones for the top end of the market: those trailblazers customers who want the best and latest earphones.
  5. Breville: not only them, but Nespresso (DeLonghi ) also do the same. They keep launching different versions of coffee machines for different types of customers. The most expensive ones are always bought by trailblazers.
  6. Dyson: Who would not like to have the latest Dyson fan or vacuum? Well, every year Dyson keeps launching new and better products in order to bring cash from the trailblazers and enthusiasts.
  7. HP: Every year HP releases different laptop computers for home, business and gaming. Each product targets different customers in the “Diffusion of Innovation” curve.
  8. Sony:  Sony targets all customers in the “Diffusion of Innovation” curve with different versions of their mobile phones, cameras and PlayStation game consoles.
  9. Amazon: different versions of the Kindle tablet target different consumers in the “Diffusion of Innovation” model.

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If you have booked one of my digital marketing strategy workshops, you already know that sometimes “practicality” is not enough reason to get Practical and Cautious consumers to buy your brand.

Marketers may have to use other behaviour-change influencers such as:

  • Status. Products and services can offer people a better stand in society. This means they may buy your product just for the chance to be part of a selective group of people.
  • The madness of Crowds. The madness of Crowds means all those collective delusions and temporary flights from rationality. This is especially true when trends push consumers toward inefficient, burdensome, or even harmful practices. Examples: Fashion (High Heels), hairstyles, gummy vitamins – automated vacuums (easier to get a broom and get corners and ceiling done).
  • The pleasure of novelty. Trying something that is unusual or unfamiliar may get a big chunk of the market (Practical and Cautious) to change their thinking and give it a try. That’s why most tech companies at some point – within the “Diffusion of Innovation” model – have to open retail stores to get everyone to touch, test and feel their products.


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The diffusion of innovation curve guides marketers in tailoring their messaging to resonate with different segments of the market. Early adopters may be more interested in innovation and novelty, while later adopters may be more concerned with practicality and reliability.

The curve provides valuable insights into how innovations are adopted, enabling marketers to make informed decisions about product development, best go-to-market strategies and optimal resource allocation.

By understanding and leveraging this curve, marketers can increase the likelihood of successful innovation adoption and market penetration.

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