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Written by Mau, a Senior Digital Marketer at eDigital.

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With the best Business Model Canvas, you can sketch out new business ideas or visualise existing businesses.

This top Business Model Canvas  template can be used in teams as a shared business language to have better strategic conversations or individually as a tool to structure your entrepreneurial thinking.

You can use this Business Model Canvas PDF Template

business model canvas template png image

business model canvas template png image


  • Don’t write on the Canvas: By using sticky notes to describe your business model you will be able to move things around, onto as well as of the Canvas. This way ideas stay mobile and you keep things flexible.
  • One idea per sticky note: Don’t make bullet points on a sticky note. For instance, use two sticky notes to describe two different channels, like your sales force and your company’s website. This will allow you to play around with the elements of your business model.

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  • Start sketching out your business model by creating sticky notes for each one of the nine building blocks. Some people prefer to begin by listing their customer segments or value propositions.
  • Add all elements relevant to your model: Ask yourself what all the elements are that your business model requires to create, deliver, and capture value.
  • Create a sticky note for every single element that is important. Check completeness and coherence: Make sure you don’t create “orphan” elements in your business model. For example, for each customer segment and their jobs to be done, you should have a corresponding value proposition. Or, for instance, for each value proposition, you should list the key resources and activities that are required to create it.
  • Tell a story: When finished sketching out your business model try telling the story of your model one sticky note at a time. Take all the sticky notes down and explain your business model by putting up one sticky note after the other on a blank Canvas. This will force you to tell a coherent story element after element.


  • Colour coding: Use different colour sticky notes to highlight certain aspects of your business model. For example, use different colour sticky notes if you have two very different customer segments in your business model with very different jobs to be done (e.g. advertisers and users). Then continue to use the same colours for the corresponding value propositions, channels, etc.
  • Visuals & words: Combining images and words to describe business model building blocks is more powerful than just using words. The human brain processes visuals quicker than words. Hence, images will allow viewers of your Canvas to grasp the big picture of your model.
  • Granularity: Don’t add too many sticky notes when you are sketching out the strategic overview of a business model. Too many details hide the big picture. On the other hand, adding detail is appropriate when you work on the refinement of your business model, to test it and consider customer development.


  • Orphan Elements: Make sure you don’t create “orphan” elements in your business model. For example, every Statty in the revenue streams box needs corresponding sticky notes in the customer segment and value proposition box that highlights who is willing to pay for what. You should not, for instance, have “advertising” as a revenue stream, without having an “advertiser” who is willing to pay for “an audience”.
  • Mixing present and future: Make sure you clearly distinguish between presently existing business models and future ideas. Mixing them can be confusing. You can easily distinguish between the two by using colour coding or by using separate Canvases.
  • Too many ideas in one Canvas: Describing too many different ideas in the same Business Model Canvas can lead to confusion. Try using separate Canvas to sketch out individual ideas. If necessary you can always bring them together in the same Canvas later on.

What is Statty? Statty notes are sticky notes that have already printed one letter character on them. Users can move letter characters to form words.

Learn > How to find product-market fit – Checklist

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The Business Model Canvas template is a great business tool for entrepreneurs and start-up foudners, helping them design, refine, and communicate their business models effectively.

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