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Thousands of government officials and public servants are looking for new ways they can use social media to increase public trust.

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And, whether your Government’s department’s customer service has not been that great or your team is yet to meet your communications objectives, finding some great local government social media examples is a great way to train and inspire your team to become better at social media.

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City of Belmont, WA — The Adventures of the Belmonsters

The success of this project relied heavily on the involvement of the local community to develop the City’s very first children’s picture book. The project aimed to create opportunities that engaged the community in the arts and literacy and was highly shared on social media. Through storytelling, the book promotes the City’s local attractions whilst teaching children the importance of acceptance and community harmony.


local Australian government social media example City of Belmont Western Australia WA - Adventures of the Belmonsters

local Australian government social media example City of Belmont Western Australia WA – Adventures of the Belmonsters – Facebook post

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Manningham City Council, VIC — Powerful Stories

The Manningham City Council celebrates Women’s Day through a series of videos shared on social media that honour women in their community with powerful stories to tell. Pairs of women are invited to share their stories; reflecting upon their journeys, achievements and hopes for the future.

Manningham City Council victoria Powerful Stories Women's Day video

Manningham City Council Victoria Powerful Stories Women’s Day video

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Moreton Bay Regional Council, QLD — Cultivate the Arts Program

The Cultivate the Arts is a professional development program for local artists, crafters and hobbyists by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. Using social media channels, the program invited local creatives to participate in a range of workshops and low-cost creative studios that support the continued growth and development of arts and culture within the Moreton Bay Region and showcase the region’s talented and diverse art community.

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Moreton Bay Regional Council, QLD — Backstage Pass

Moreton Bay Libraries offer a backstage pass tailored for families living with autism, or who may require individual assistance. Residents can explore collections and activities. You can also get a sneak peek ’behind the scenes’ after hours. The FREE Backstage Pass program offers a welcoming, low-sensory and judgment-free space for all family members. Facilitated by libraries’ staff.

local Australian government social media example Moreton Bay Regional Council Queensland - Backstage pass

local Australian government social media example Moreton Bay Regional Council Queensland – Backstage pass

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City of Stirling, WA — Moorland Street Bicycle Boulevard

The Moorland Street Bicycle Boulevard has been a great social media content for the City of Stirling as it will offer healthier transport alternatives to more than six thousand properties accessible from connecting bicycle routes. The safe bike routes connecting two major activity centres have been designed to provide a safe riding environment for all levels of experience. The movement of bicycles has been given priority over the movement of vehicles. Travel by bicycle will become safe, direct and convenient with minimal impediment from traffic or pedestrians.

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City of Ryde, NSW — Safety Around Schools

Local primary school students created a series of colourful banners to highlight road safety around their schools in 2011. The banners were commissioned by the City of Ryde as part of the Council’s ongoing road safety awareness campaign and were shared on social media. Making the banners helped the students learn about good road safety practices and they will remind parents and other travellers to be extra vigilant in school zones.

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North Sydney Council, NSW — Take a Look Around – Ballad Rap Pedestrian Campaign

Have you seen the North Sydney Council ballad rap?

Ballad guy and Rapper girl tell you to stop and Take a look around” because if you don’t stop being distracted by looking at your phones and taking risks out on our busy roads, then you will “end up dead”. It’s a serious message, using humour through a music video with the hope it will resonate with residents and visitors of the North Sydney area.

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local Australian government social media example North Sydney Council NSW - Take a look around ballad rap youtube video

local Australian government social media example North Sydney Council NSW – Take a look around ballad rap Youtube video

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City of Stirling, WA — Kaleidoscope Initiative

More than 1 in 3 City of Stirling’s residents are born overseas = a very diverse workforce. Diverse workforces are proven to provide bottom-line benefits to businesses, as well as improved problem-solving, creativity and innovation.  The City of Stirling’s Kaleidoscope Initiative (KI) project aims to harness the economic benefits of its diverse population by helping newcomers to Australia secure employment in their field of expertise and support employers to benefit from this diverse workforce.  This project has been developed in partnership with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) and funded by the Office of Multicultural Interests, Government of Western Australia.

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Willoughby City Council, NSW — MOSAIC Multicultural Centre

Conveniently located in the Chatswood CBD, the MOSAIC Multicultural Centre runs a wide range of fun and educational programs and events. The centre has four rooms available for hire for a range of activities including counselling, casework, meetings, language assistance, seminars, workshops, gentle exercise, singing and social functions.

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Wollongong City Council, NSW — I Belong to the Gong

I Belong in the Gong safety campaign focuses on preventing alcohol-related crime. The successful campaign focuses on preventing alcohol-related crime at night through Wollongong’s key night-out areas. The first stage of the campaign saw retail venues nominated as ‘safe havens’ and security guards were extensively trained to support women if they felt harassed in the CBD.

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Wollongong City Council, NSW — Eyes on the Future

The “Eyes on the Future” program aims to support local Wollongong students with the potential to achieve a high level, but who need an alternative to traditional study programs to succeed in their final years of schooling and their transition into employment. Participants in ‘Eyes on the Future School-Based Traineeship Program’ undertake a school-based traineeship while completing their Higher School Certificate, working in Wollongong City Libraries and undertaking a Certificate II or Certificate III qualification. The program addresses the Council’s challenge of workforce renewal, by encouraging young people to consider a career in local libraries. It enables this diverse group of young people, to share their talents with the community, assisting in the delivery of digital literacy programs, story-times for children and families and events such as the annual Comic Gong Festival.

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Gannawarra Shire Council, VIC — ReSpark the Park

Gannawarra residents are benefiting from the redevelopment of Kings Park. Developed following months of engagement with the Lions Club of Cohuna, community groups and residents into a space the community can be proud of. The redevelopment aimed to increase the popularity of the park. Feedback received during this engagement period helped determine many of the new features that Council staff have installed in the park. The redevelopment included expanding a playground, which now features an adult and toddler swing, carousel and a playground log scramble balance area. Basketball enthusiasts will benefit from the installation of a half-court space, whilst increased picnic seating, log seating and stepping logs to cater for families visiting the park. The redevelopment was the second to use the popular ReSpark the Park process, which was highly commended in the Prevention and Community Safety category at the 2019 National Awards for Local Government. The “ReSpark the Park” planning process empowers the local community to take ownership of its play spaces.

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City of Fremantle, WA — One Day

One Day in Fremantle is presented by the City of Fremantle and is a free, family-friendly event that provides a culturally inclusive alternative to traditional Australia Day celebrations. The annual event is held in January.

Shire of Northam, WA — Bilya Koort Boddja Centre for Nyoongar Culture and Environmental Knowledge

The Bilya Koort Boodja Centre for Nyoongar Culture and Environmental Knowledge is located in the Shire of Northam on the foreshore of the Avon River in Northam’s CBD. This regional tourist attraction offers an interactive educational experience that recognises the rich Aboriginal and environmental presence in the Nyoongar Ballardong region. The Centre will protect, celebrate and share the culture of the Nyoongar people and highlight land management practices that draw upon the knowledge of the land’s traditional custodians.

City of Canterbury Bankstown, NSW — Sophea’s Story

This project offers a novel approach to workforce planning. It utilises a story-telling approach to develop a character-based narrative — Sophea’s story — to promote understanding of the Canterbury Bankstown Council’s four strategic workforce objectives. Using a relatable character and familiar language, Sophea’s story seeks to educate the workforce about the strategy and how they can be assisted to grow and develop their skills. The measures of success for the strategy are clearly defined around engagement, empowerment, planning, culture and leadership and will be tracked over time against agreed benchmarks. The development of Sophea’s story drew upon a strong body of research and an understanding of the Council’s diverse workforce, with its different needs and expectations. The narrative style used enabled the Council to address the question – what does success look like if the workforce objectives are met – by describing Sophea’s professional growth from apprentice to a leader.

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City of Swan, WA — Resource Sharing in the Resources Capital

Shire of East Pilbara, along with the City of Swan has been commended at the recent National Awards for Local Government for their joint project, “Resource Sharing in the Resources Capital“. Engineering graduates joined the Shire of East Pilbara to offer project support in several key engineering capacities, which would typically be fulfilled by contractors. Under the new agreement, both engineers received valuable experience working on complex engineering projects as well as garnering experience in a regional environment for a five-month secondment.


Following some of the best Australian Government departments’ social media campaigns is important for promoting transparency and accountability and fostering public engagement and participation.

By following Australian Government’s social media examples you can learn how to disseminate information, promote civic education and public services and building trust and confidence.

Some of the best social media activations for Australian government departments can empower local residents to stay informed, engaged, and involved in the democratic process, ultimately contributing to a more responsive, accountable, and effective government.

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